Apple on Tuesday released the first beta of iOS 10.2 to public testers. The software comes just a day after it was seeded to developers, and a week after iOS 10.1 was released to the public. You can install the new beta via the OTA update mechanism in the Settings app.

As discovered in yesterday’s developer beta, iOS 10.2 contains a number of user-facing changes. There is over 100 new [Unicode 9] emoji, a new Preserve Settings option for saving your Camera app settings, new wallpapers, and a new widget for the stock Videos app.

If you’d like to try out today’s 10.2 beta, you can sign up for Apple’s public testing program here.

  • therealjjohnson


  • Rondog

    Just when I thought we were getting a jailbreak.

    • been without a jailbreak for over a year…

    • Justin de Vreugd

      I’m not even waiting for a jailbreak anymore if there is a jailbreak for the version i’m on i will jailbreak but i gave up on waiting i’m already over a year without a jailbreak and not even missing it

      • Rowan09

        If it comes it comes, but the only thing I miss is ifile. I already sideloaded moviebox, cartoon HD and Kodi to my 7 Plus, so I’m fine.

      • MMA Rules

        Me neither don’t miss it, and you know why they haven’t released it because the jailbreak community is too cheap, everytime they talked about charging for a jailbreak everyone was so mad because that’s not what the jailbreak community stands for then there you go no developer is going to waste their time doing something for free, I’ve always said it if I had to pay for it I will do it no matter how much!

      • :D

        They still get loads of money from donations

  • Paul John Schoenmaeckers

    They said you get new wallpapers is it only for certain iPhones ! I have iPhone SE running 10.2 beta 1. Has anyone else not get new wallpapers ?

    • Looks to be iPhone 7 and 7 Plus only currently. Doesn’t mean they won’t be available for the other devices in a later beta or GM though.

      • Paul John Schoenmaeckers

        Cheers thanks for that

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Apple FINALLY fixed the Notification Center bug where it will only and always open in Notifications view even if you last opened it in widgets / today view since the debut of iOS 10. Thank you Apple, only took you over a month and a half and over two dozen big reports.

    • leart

      I’m pretty sure that reporting its not equal bug fixed instantly lol

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        Not saying necessarily saying that it did, but the bug is now finally fixed. Maybe it helped or maybe they found the error of their ways.

    • besrate hogsa

      bug reports

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        Autocorrect woes. Fixed. Thanks.