Here are the first pictures of Apple’s new MacBook Pro. MacRumors spotted the images of what is believed to be the company’s new laptop hidden within the just-released macOS Sierra 10.12.1 update, and we have no reason to believe otherwise.

The images appear to confirm the rumors that the refreshed MacBook Pro will feature an OLED touch bar, in place of the function keys, and Touch ID. The above photo shows how to use Touch ID to authenticate an online purchase via Apple Pay.


Aside from these two features, though, the images don’t do much to confirm or deny other circulating MacBook Pro rumors. From this point of view we can’t tell if the new laptop is any thinner than its predecessor, and we can’t see if the trackpad is larger.

Still, these are fairly revealing images that seem to spoil one of Apple’s big surprises ahead of their Hello Again event. On Thursday, the company is expected to unveil the new MacBook Pro, alongside a new 13-inch MacBook and possibly other hardware.

Source: MacRumors

  • ready1take1

    they’re bring back the “macbook pro” text on the bottom of the screen, has that been rumored or have I just missed it?

  • Cones1r

    Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

  • Jamessmooth

    Wait, these images were somewhere in the update? that seems strange.

    • Chris Owen

      They could very well be a resource image for a tutorial on how to use the touchbar in macOS

  • Manor

    No escape key :O

    • Ángel Javier Esquivel

      Shit, didn’t noticed that.

    • Rolf Bause

      Once again design seems to be more import than practicality…

    • Iulian Bozeanu

      You have a “cancel” button on the magic toolbar.

      • Zohar

        Which is not as practical as having a real escape key. Tactile feedback is important when you want to keep your eyes on the screen.

      • Iulian Bozeanu

        You`ll learn the cancel button position in time, also.

        It`s all about getting used to something new. Sucks at first, then it gets “normal”.

      • Zohar

        Being a developer and using the escape key a lot, I’m pretty sure I won’t find it as practical and natural as a real key. Again, tactile feedback is very important when you don’t want to look at the keyboard. Check out the thread about the new Macbook on Hacker News and you’ll see there are A LOT of developers concerned about that.

      • Iulian Bozeanu

        I`m a developer too and I`m not worried at all. Maybe you have some haptic feedback when pressing the button or you can just rebind another key if you don`t like it that way.

        I`m more concerned about how many usb ports this laptop will have. I just hope that it has more than one.

      • Zohar

        Yeah, my bet would be 2 USB C with Thunderbolt + 1 USB 3. I guess they’ll get rid of MagSafe and I’ll be very sad about that.

  • the magic toolbar is going to use Watch OS

  • Agneev Mukherjee

    It’ll probably have 4 USB-C ports…