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Apple is reportedly teaming up with homebuilders to inch its way into the market for Internet-connected home furnishings in an effort to “bring home automation to the mainstream,” according to Greg Joswiak, who is Apple’s Vice President of Product Marketing. Bloomberg quoted Joswiak as saying that “the best place to start is at the beginning, when a house is just being created.”

The Cupertino firm is ostensibly partnering with various building companies to integrate support for HomeKit platform directly into houses.

One example mentioned in the article includes a HomeKit-enabled four-bedroom stucco house in Alameda, California which integrates some $30,000 worth of HomeKit devices, such as multiple Lutron’s $349 automated shading system devices, Schlage’s $199 Connect Touchscreen Deadbolts and other home automation hardware.

By integrating HomeKit into homes, building companies hope to attract more buyers who may not necessarily want to go through the complex ordeal of setting up things like smart blinds and locks.

“The gamble is that pricey wireless home devices will be an easier sell when bundled into the home itself,” explains Bloomberg. “Builders market granite countertops and brushed-nickel fixtures at thousands of models homes across the U.S. Why not video doorbells?”

Consumers will buy about $24 billion worth of connected home devices in 2016, according to Strategy Analytics, with sales estimated to nearly double by 2020.

I haven’t used any HomeKit devices yet because I find the current crop of HomeKit-compatible appliances a bit on the pricey side. That said, I’ll be making sure to outfit my home with smart bulbs, door locks and other smart devices in the future.

Have you used HomeKit and if so, what was your experience with it?

Source: Bloomberg

  • Hussain Alsanona

    Haven’t bought anything yet, but I think in the future I will.

  • sshadowssin

    This was my exact approach when building my home this past year. If I wasn’t able to afford the hardware at the time, I prepped for it.
    Schlage deadbolt as well as a few other HomeKit items and wired/Wire free Arlo camera system.

    • Jamessmooth

      Same here. have you installed the Schlage and/or Arlo? Curious to hear your thoughts. When my home finishes next year, I’ll be in the market.

      • sshadowssin

        I really like my Arlo system, its super user friendly. I have experienced some “this item appears to be offline” errors regarding some cameras, but I’d give it an 8/10 on reliability. Their latest system, Arlo Pro, is my next addition.
        I tried some Dlink cameras but they were very unreliable and rarely loaded.
        I have an ecobee as well and love that. I’m waiting for an automated hvac vent startup to add compatibility to ecobee so the independent sensors in each room can control how much heat/ac each room gets by opening or closing each vent.
        The schlage deadbolt is one of my favorites. I can allow people into my Home from any remote location, given internet access.
        What’s more convenient is my garage door openers. I was able to open my garage to allow a friend to borrow something while I was vacationing in Mexico. Unfortunately unlike the Schlage, those are not HomeKit compatible. They’re MyQ by chamberlain.

      • Jamessmooth

        very nice to know, thank you. I checked out the arlo pro and that seems very promising.

  • Jamessmooth

    I’m building a house now and I wish our builder did this! I already have 2 homekit enabled devices (Ecobee3… which I recommend strongly) and I’ve loved them. I don’t use Siri functionality hardly ever, though.

  • Smegmatron

    Yes because turning the light off manually from your night table is sooooo mainstream