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No2Theft is a new jailbreak tweak release that helps you keep your iPhone from getting stolen when you plug it in for a quick charge in unfamiliar places.

If you’ve ever been away from home and needed a quick charge, then you’ve probably been in this predicament before. You may have needed to plug your iPhone into a power outlet for some juice while you were at your job, at a restaurant, or even at a friend’s house.

Unfortunately, you can’t always sit there and babysit your device the whole time because you have things to do, but it’s always on your conscience that someone might try to take your device while it’s charging.

No2Theft is your possible solution to this problem. It lets you designate Wi-Fi networks that you consider “safe” networks, which might include the Wi-Fi network at your house. These are considered “safe” because at no point in time should anyone besides you be trying to disconnect your device from the power outlet when you’re charging in the vicinity of one of these networks.

Whenever your iPhone isn’t connected to one of these “safe” networks, such as when you’re at someone else’s house or when you’re at work, and it gets disconnected from its power source, No2Theft is going to play a loud alarm that everyone’s going to be able to hear.

You can probably imagine where it goes from here… you’ve just caught the iPhone lifter red-handed at this point.

So couldn’t someone just mute the alarm? Well… it’s not really that easy. When the alarm is going off, the tweak will not allow the alarm to be muted with the silent switch and you can’t reduce the volume using the volume buttons.

The only way to silence the alarm would be to unlock your iPhone and authenticate yourself with your Touch ID sensor or with a special PIN that you configure.

To configure your safe Wi-Fi networks and set a PIN after installing the tweak, you can go to Settings β†’ No2Theft.

No2Theft Preferences Pane

You can set up to three safe Wi-Fi networks and enable or disable the tweak on demand. You set Wi-Fi networks by simply typing in their network names (SSID). You will need to tap on the blue Apply Changes button any time you make changes here, and that will respring your device.

Overall, this tweak provides a great potential for catching would-be thieves red-handed. If you’re interested in trying this tweak, you can download it on your jailbroken device for $0.99 from Cydia’s BigBoss repository. The tweak will work on iOS 7 through iOS 9.

  • Fahad

    Great tweak!

  • Shaun Conway

    Love the idea but I don’t have wifi at work, why couldn’t it simply sound alarm if it’s unplugged and forget the wifi portion all together? I could simply authenticate myself before unplugging to turn it off and if anyone else tries to unplug it, it goes off? Not sure what I’m missing here, the wifi part seems redundant.

    • Alan

      There’s no issue for you then, just don’t set any safe wifi networks and the alarm will go off whenever the phone is disconnected from a power source. Setting safe wifi networks is just a convenience for those who have them.

      • Shaun Conway

        Oh, perfect then! I love this! Now only if I could jailbreak my iPhone 7+

      • Elias

        When the time will come the jb will be released no2theft will have plenty of more features πŸ™‚ consider it on your buy list

      • Shaun Conway

        I already saved a screen shot of the name of this so I wouldn’t forget. Consider me a purchaser as soon as I can. This is the best anti-theft idea tweak I’ve seen. I can’t believe no one has thought of this. Apple should create more anti-theft ideas like this one built right into iOS, until then, thanks to developers like you!

      • David

        Hi Elias! Maybe you could add a ‘manual’ switch to turn it on, instead of having to rely on wifi networks? Thanks!

      • Elias

        There is already an on off switch you need to respring after enabling or disabling (apply changes button in no2theft settings panel)

      • David

        I actually meant: instead of the alarm being on only when not connected to your ‘safe’ wifi, I would just like to have a button or Activator gesture to activate it the only for the few times I leave my iPhone ‘unattended’ at Starbucks/library/else …

      • Elias

        Yes just dont type anything in safe networks and it will always go on !

      • David

        So every time I need it, I have to go to settings, enable, respring, then when I leave the coffee shop : settings, disable, respring again? I would love to have a quickest way to activate it, just for the few times a week I need it (since I don’t want it to be enabled all the time)

      • Elias

        Thats why in the new update i added countdown timer make fire after a custom time you set it in 2 seconds like you put 2 seconds unplug the phone automatically authenticate it will never fire after it exceeds your custom time and you havent yet authenticated it will fire πŸ™‚ this option will be available in v1.3 πŸ™‚ make sure to grab your copy from bigboss repo

    • Elias

      Its elias the developer behind no2theft ! U can disabled wifi just dont put any safe wifi it fires and u just authenticate to stop ! You can give suggestions if you want in order to improve πŸ™‚ thx

      • Shaun Conway

        Great work!

      • Sampler

        Great Tweak Elias.
        Just a few suggestions for improvement..
        1.Custom Alarm Sound
        2.Disable Power-Off button(like you said would-be Thief might run..;) )
        3.Disable Ringer/Volume rocker Switch (Smart Thief)
        4.Enabling front-camera stealth pictures on 3 wrong Authentications. (Smarter thief)
        5.Camera Flasher (Puzzled thief)
        6.Ipad Compatiblity (People juice-up ipads too πŸ˜‰
        7.Hardware switch combo to quick enable/disable
        (Personal effects: Considering it’s going to be must-have tweak and not all afford to buy your fabulous work, You can choose which one to add to Pro version and make basic one free, just saying..)

        I wish IDB becomes platform for tweak developers like you to come and visit their Reviews, just my 2 cents.

      • Elias

        Hey thx for your suggestions:
        Works on ipads
        When you try to turn off while siren is on you cannot the only way to turn off is by pressing home + lock which takes 5 seconds which is enough to catch the theif
        When the siren is on the work of volume button and ringer swtitch are both disactivated so the thief cannot lower the volume
        When the siren is on the volume sets to max automatically πŸ˜‰

      • Elias

        No2Theft v1.3 is now live

  • Elias

    Thanks for the review

    • You could also set it up like iCaughtYou / Pro to take a photo with the front camera and upload a photo of the unplugger..

      • Elias

        i could of done that ! yet when someone steals the phone he’s not facing the camera he would be running πŸ˜‰

      • Maybe they’d be ‘smart’ enough to be facing the camera during the unplugging process, I doubt it could hurt.. Heck maybe even snap a photo from front and back, as to give a hint of their outfit too..

    • Yassine Yazzino

      Hi thabks for this great tweaks but there is something can the theif do it for steal the phone the earphone the volume get down

      • Yassine Yazzino

        Or if the earphone are plug in to the iphone u can hear nothing

  • Cool so just hard reboot it before unplugging the device and keep it moving..

  • Hot12345

    What about the phone batty goes empty and if you recharge the phone turned on without jailbreak? ” 9.3.3 semi jailbreak”

  • Mike T4

    Ah, I wish I had this (and some common sense) when my i4 was nicked charging in starbucks

    • Elias

      it’s never too late you can grab your copy now πŸ˜‰

  • Elias

    As of now whoever buys a copy of No2Theft gets a free copy of confirm2proceed ! Send your receipts to my email :

  • aleksanderand

    Actually you can achieve a similar effect just by setting up an activator event for charger plugged off:
    -enable ringer
    -100% volume
    -disable do not disturb

    Optionally you can also:
    -enable wifi and cellular data
    -trigger defice vibration
    -display alert which might discourage the robber (“Thief detected. Reporting.”)

    One of the drawbacks is that you can silence the alarm with a press of a volume button. But it is something that you’ll know and a potential thief won’t, at least not for a few seconds.