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As of today, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are available for purchase in India ahead of the country’s gift-giving season. As CNBC reported, the new handsets cost more than the average Indian citizen earns in six months due to local import taxes which jack up retail price of the entry-level $649 32GB iPhone 7 to as high as $900, or a whopping $1.382 for the flagship 256GB iPhone 7 Plus model.

“The biggest challenge for Apple today is that the tariffs that India imposes on imported phones greatly increases the pricing of iPhones in India,” Gartner’s research vice president Mark Hung told CNBC’s “Street Signs” today.

Indian e-commerce site Flipkart has these iPhone 7 prices:

  • 32GB iPhone 7—60,000 rupees ($898)
  • 256GB iPhone 7—80,000 rupees ($1,202)
  • 256GB iPhone 7 Plus—92,000 rupees ($1,382)

By comparison, World Bank estimated that an annual salary for a person in India in 2015 was $1,581.60 versus an annual salary of $55,836.80 for an average U.S. citizen.

IDC’s August survey estimated that 27.5 million devices shipped in India during the April-June quarter, a 17.1 percent jump from the previous quarter and a 3.7 percent uptick from a year earlier. Research firm Gartner estimated that India represents less than one percent of Apple’s overall smartphone revenue.

Apple’s smartphone maker’s share in the populous 1.25 billion people country stands at less than a Gartner-estimated five percent. Apple is working to open up retail stores in India and has been attempting to sell refurbished iPhones at a lower price.

The iPhone 7 also went on sale in Ukraine today.

As per authorized resellers and the Apple website, the new phones will be launching in Jordan and Oman on October 15, while October 21 will see the devices launch in Madagascar, Maroc, Maurice and Uganda.

Israel will get the latest Apple smartphones on October 20.

The iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 are due in Thailand and South Korea on October 21. Apple previously said that the iPhone 7 family was scheduled to launch in Macao, Macedonia, Malaysia, Montenegro, South Africa and Turkey on October 14.

Source: CNBC

  • Srv Rungta

    It’s not $1.382 ….. it is $1,382 for the 256 GB iPhone 7 plus model. please correct it

    • Sorry about that. I fixed it. Thank you

    • Abhijeet Gupta

      Jet Black ain’t available

    • Rowan09

      Trust us we know because if we could get a 256 GB iPhone 7 in India for basically a $1.50, India would be filled with Americans buying them and coming back home.

  • mrgerbik

    Good opportunity for Apple to prove its wholesome good nature and reduce the cost for India to compensate. Its not like they aren’t making huge profits already…

    • White Michael Jackson

      Nah make em pay up.

  • 5723alex .

    Will the Pixel/XL sell in India for $299 ? Does Galaxy S7/Edge/Note sell for $199 ?

  • Микола Тарасенко

    Hi guys, just one small correction: new iPhones will go on sale in Ukraine on October 21st. The prices are a bit higher than in Russia, by the way. Cheers!

  • Abhinav Chaudhary

    Same as 6s pricing. Last year most of my friends got their iPhones from foreign countries just like we did it this time. F import taxes.
    Kay time to watch Mr Robot cya.

  • Omkar Nagnur

    Lol I stay in India but buy all my apple devices abroad. Plus i get tax refund on the device when I leave that country. So I always end up playing the original price 🙂