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Apple on Tuesday released macOS Sierra for its laptop and desktop computers. The software update is free, and compatible with iMacs and MacBooks from 2009 or later, as well as MacBook Airs, MacBook Pros, Mac Minis and Mac Pros from 2010 or later.

If you own any of the above hardware, you can update to macOS Sierra by navigating to the Mac App Store and locating the macOS Sierra page (or you can just search the App Store for macOS Sierra). Click on ‘Download’ and follow the on-screen instructions.

Here are the major new features in macOS Sierra:


The handy features of Siri on iOS are now on your Mac, along with brand-new ways to help you with the things you do every day on your desktop. You can ask the assistant to do things like search for documents, images and other information, and then you can actually drag and drop the results to a window on your desktop. You can also pin results like sports schedules, Twitter searches and a list of files in Notification Center, so everything stays a click away.

Universal Clipboard + Desktop & Documents sync

Universal Clipboard allows you to copy images, video, and text from an app on your iPhone, and then paste them into another app on your nearby Mac — or vice versa. There are no extra steps. Just copy and paste as you normally do. And as for Desktop and Document sync, it enables you to access the files on your Mac desktop right on your iPhone or another Mac.

Auto Unlock with Apple Watch

Automatically log in to your Mac when you’re wearing your Apple Watch. No password typing required. Need to take a quick call or step away? Get right back to work when you return. It’s safe, it’s fast and it’s super easy to use.

Picture in Picture

Now you can float a video window from Safari or iTunes over your desktop or a full-screen app. Play the video in any corner of the desktop and resize it to see more or less of what’s behind it. So you can catch up on your favorite show while you catch up on email. Or watch the big game while playing a game yourself.

Other notable macOS features:

  • Apple Pay support in Safari allows you to authorize payments on compatible websites with your iPhone or Apple Watch.
  • Improved Photos app adds enhanced face recognition, support for Apple’s new Memories slideshow feature, and more.
  • New Messages app supports [some of] the fun new messaging features added in iOS 10.
  • Updated iTunes app offers all-new Apple Music experience with revamped For You tab.
  • System-wide Tabs work just like they do in Safari, allowing you to avoid getting overwhelmed by open windows.

Remember that it’s always a good idea to perform a backup before installing a major software update. Also, if for some reason the macOS Sierra download is taking a long time, pause it and try again later. Apple’s servers tend to buckle on launch days such as today.

Have you installed macOS Sierra yet?

  • [RECON1]

    Is this going to be like iOS where if you’re on Public Beta you won’t see the public release?

    • iAppleOfficial

      i am on the public beta and i can’t see it…

      • Nayk McNulty

        me too

      • [RECON1]

        I’m guessing it’s the same build

      • [RECON1]

        I’m able to downing it now from the App Store

    • Yeah; why are already ahead of the public. (why do you ask??)

  • Connecting Mac User 

    Downloading now to 90% 🙂 Excited

    • Connecting Mac User 

      Installing already 😉

      • Paraag Bavaria

        hw is mac os sierra ?

      • Connecting Mac User 

        Seems smooth and neat.. Although Siri is acting funny and not all that yet.. So far nice and stable!

      • I’ve been using it for a few months now and I love it. Admittedly the 2 features i love the most are picture in picture and universal clipboard. It’s soooo nice to copy something and paste it to my phone or vice-versa.

        Picture in picture is fantastic for sites like youtube! But to get to it right click once and then once youtube’s context menu appears right click again and you should get safari’s context menu this time. You can then enter picture in picture.

        There’s actually a lot of things I like about it, but those are the two that I’ve decided I loved the most. Unlocking with watch is great, auto deleting trash after 30 days, and even the better tab support is great. There are lots of tiny improvements so it won’t feel like much has changed, but those little things add up to a great experience. I like it.

        (Running on a 2013 MacBook Air)

    • Paraag Bavaria

      how is it,mac os sierra ? plzz reply

      • CltrAltDelicious

        I’ve been using it for a while and I find it very nice and smooth. Siri is not all that tho. I found it to lag a little bit while transferring files. I have it running on a Mid 2012 Macbook Pro 500GB SSD 16GB RAM. I recommend the update.

  • Tom

    Downloading! Cant wait 🙂

  • Tommy

    can’t see it, on capitan

    • Tom

      use search 🙂

      • Tommy

        right, duh

      • Didarul Alam

        Thanks Tom

      • Tommy

        which tom ???? O_O

      • Tom

        I believe it’s for both of us 🙂

  • iAppleOfficial

    If you can’t see it, simply just search “sierra” and it will show.

  • Sailor_V90

    It’s not showing up on the east coast for me.

  • Kenneth Delgado

    Could anyone confirm the official build number for Me? Thanks!

    • Tom

      on my macboo pro 13″ mid 2012 it says “macOS 10.12 (16A323)”, hope it helps

  • AwesomeSauce

    Finally universal clipboard and desktop. This is great for those who have more than 1 Mac.

  • 10marcer

    Just downloaded it. Anyone recommend me holding off installing for now or should I just go ahead. I mean i can always restore from a backup when i get home

  • Sailor_V90

    -sighs- I can’t even focus… Angelina and Brad getting divorced has me down and so sad… and I can’t even explain why. I’m sad about people I don’t even know lol… I have issues

  • Scotow

    Does Safari 10 = Safari Technology Preview (13) ?

  • Hendo27

    The update still isn’t showing up. 2015 MacBook Air.

    Found it

  • Mark S

    Go ahead guinea pigs try it out.

  • Cole Mahoney

    Do I need to update from macOS Sierra Gm 2 to the App Store version or are they the same?

  • Tom M

    has anyone tried to use that sierra patch, to install sierra on a not supported older macs? Did it work for anybody with the final release?
    My Imac early 2009 is not supported 🙁 .

  • TBral

    I updated yesterday and so far my MacBook Pro retina, the 2015 model with amd graphics, seams to throtlhe and overheat, the fans also run frequentely at max… the activity monitor show a lot of CPU usage from “Spotlight”, “photoanalysisid” and “mdworker”…
    Any suggestions?