iPhone 7 wallpaper splash 2

This coming Friday, iPhone 7 hits store shelves and pre-orders arrive in the mail. The week between a pre-order and receiving the device is one of the most exciting times of the year for Apple fans. Immediately following the announcement, Apple litters the retail website with information about the new devices, including images that help show off the new design. When this occurs, I receive submissions for wallpapers via @jim_gresham, where you can send images for consideration and inclusion in the Wallpapers of the Week category.

This year, as the design focuses on the camera, Apple included a gallery of images, snapped by the new iPhone 7.  Inside, you fill find a collection of wallpapers from the iPhone 7 photo gallery. Additionally, there is an interactive scrolling ad, that includes images of an amorphous colored orb, which has been turned into a series of wallpapers as well. Step inside for iPhone 7 wallpapers.

iPhone 7 Wallpapers

The following collection of images were sourced directly from the iPhone 7 photo gallery via Apple.com/iPhone-7/, by iDB regular, @JasonZigrino. You can see more of his handy work via dribbble. He also has a large collection of images via iDB.

iPhone 7 wallpaper splash 4

Download: Left; Right

iPhone 7 wallpaper splash 1b

Download: Left; Right

iPhone 7 wallpaper splash 3

Download: Left; Center; Right

iPhone 7 wallpaper splash 2

Download: iPhone

iPhone 7 colorways desktop wallpaper splash

Download: Desktop (2560 x 1440)

iPhone 7 jet black desktop wallpaper splash

Download Desktop (2560 x 1440): Jet Black; silver; gold; rose gold

The following two wallpapers, as the splash image confirms, were submitted by @FlareZephyr, who also frequently posts quality work via Twitter.

FlareZephyr_neon iPhone 7 splash

Download: Blurred Version; Normal Version

The final collection below, was created by @ispazio, an Italian tech news website. You can find the original posting and additional information on the homepage.


Download: blue; pink; green; yellow; purple

top splashes via placeit.net

  • Lobo555

    I want that color bubble wallpaper as live wallpaper. Any idea if is comingg with iOS 10 official release?

    • leart

      13 september

      • Diego Milano

        iOS 10 jailbreak, here we go…?

      • therealjjohnson

        Beta for iOS 10 has been pretty good. No performance issues on my end using a 6 Plus. Can’t wait to use it with the 7 and take advantage of force touch & the speed.

      • leart

        I’m pretty sure that it will be at least one iOS 10 jailbreak.. doubt that it be before November or December ..

    • I’m on the GM and it doesn’t look like it, sorry man.

      • Sailor_V90

        I’m hoping that was an oversight until the official GM comes out on Tuesday but if not, to only include one new wallpaper is pitiful.

      • Lobo555

        I’m on the GM also, i really hope they release that wallpaper tomorrow i’m on the 6s and would love to have it since, thanks to apples upgrade program i won’t be getting the 7+ for a few weeks

  • leart

    I liked this one

    • Jibbley Gravey

      Dude you’re running like ios 3.0… update please. ..

      • rockdude094

        Its iOS 6

      • therealjjohnson

        Have you tried out any iOS since then? There’s a lot of stuff you’re missing out on…

      • leart

        that’s my 12 idevice. my main it’s a iPhone 6s + 64 gb.. still in having fun with older iOS versions for the simple fact that iOS 6 was so beautiful

      • rockdude094

        Im all updated but some of us like having a device on an older firmware.. This allows us to compare performance and quality of newer iOS firmwares when referenced to a good stable build. plus I kinda liked the classic iOS look, but the new one is good as well. Personally, as of now I’m not purchasing any new apple phones since I want to transition towards android phones, but its going to take time to unhook myself from apples ecosystem.

      • Steven Code

        Ditto this, love this look then what we have now.

      • Overlap

        What is he missing out on? Gayy shit like ugly icons and a flat interface?? LMAO! Assuming he’s Jailbroken, he’s got access to wayyy more shit than you do on your piece of shit iOS 9!

      • Well with the older OS and hardware he’d be missing out on notification center, control center, Air Drop, the new photo app and extendible editing tools, better multitasking management, touch ID, native time lapse photography, handoff, continuity, TONS of messages improvements, predictive type and 3rd party keyboards, extension support, health kit, split screen multitasking, picture in picture, slider over multitasking, LOTS of safari improvements, better caller ID, SIRI improvements, low power mode, Apple Pay, additional sharing options, better back and forth app navigation, better Map app, keyboard trackpad, 3D Touch, Apple pencil support, raise to wake, Hey SIRI, Rich notifications, universal clipboard, better security, improved multilingual support, etc.

        So yeah, he’d be missing out on a few things other than a new icon set by not upgrading his software and hardware.

      • therealjjohnson

        Thank you.

      • On a less serious but all important note… He’s also missing out on the ability to play Hearthstone from his iPad which… is the true tragedy XD

        But that does raise the point that not only is he missing out on a lot of Apple improvements there is actually a LOT of stuff in the app store that now requires iOS 7+

        Even attempting to list some of the popular apps that require the new OS would be way too long to do here.

      • Overlap

        Like I said bro, not everyone is a little bitch faggot like you! Some of us actually need our devices to actually get shit DONE in life, not sit around and play faggot ass games like Hearthstone and Pokemon Go! Fuckin homos!

      • Can you explain to me then what it is that you do with your phone that I cannot (specifically in terms of getting real work done)?

        I don’t think you understood the comment either, almost EVERY SINGLE APP in the app store is now incompatible with iOS 6. Apple changed the requirements to force all devs to support 64 bit architecture and other things in their apps to get approved and the new requirements make anything for iOS 6 only valid if they have been unsupported for the last 4 years.

      • Overlap

        Oh shut the fvck bitch! You can’t even back up your own conversation, had to have Captain Save a Fanboy do it for you! Fuckin faggot!

      • Shadowelite123

        You’re pathetic.

      • Overlap

        I’d say that 98% of that CRAP you listed is completely fuckin useless anyways! Siri improvements? People actually still talk to that ho?

        Better map app? LMAO Uh no, the Google Map App can be installed on any device, Thanks!

        Tons of messaging improvements? What new emoticons? LMAO

        Control Center? Uhhh I know that might seem cool to lames like you but for the rest of us, we been enjoying tweaks such as SBSettings for YEARS NOW! So nice of the rest of you to finally catch up!

        Better multitasking? Once again clearly you’re just a simple person who only uses what crApple gives you. For the rest of us though, we have access to multiple Multitasking Tweaks that completely blow crApple’s shitty ass mutltasking away!

        Like seriously, aside from TouchID and the stupid ass crApple pencil (that only works on the gigantic iPad Pro), which are all hardware features, all the rest of that shit can be accomplished with a Jailbreak and access to Cydia!

        I can’t even believe how fuckin simple people like you are. Like you seriously just take what crApple gives you and think that it’s just uber cool or something. When in reality there are TONS of 3rd party alternatives that are far more amazing!

      • SIRI actually allows you to do a lot of things either quicker or hands free and now that she can be integrated with 3rd party apps I’d say she can do a LOT more.

        As far as the messaging app goes, between iOS 7-10 there is now things like improved tools for managing shared photos, silencing groups, opting out of spam texting, stickers, 3rd party emoji, and much much more. That’s actually one of the few apps that gets new features and improvements with every single OS release, and 10 in particular added a TON of stuff to the app.

        I’m not going to argue that some features came out on jailbreaks before they came out in core, but as you mentioned we caught up so it’s no longer necessary to run SBSettings.

        When I was jailbroken a couple years ago, one of the things that I tried was the multitasking tweaks and none of them seem to work as well as Apple’s native offerings. Which I suppose is obvious do to the nature of layered code hacks vs optimized code in terms of performance, but if I want to take notes on a video while browsing the internet I can do all 3 things on screen simultaneously from my iPad. As far as I know none of the jailbreak tweaks really improve on this, they just offer alternate methods of doing it.

        After being jailbroken for a while and having to put up with the hassle of getting the latest features months after everyone else, having apps block me for using a jailbroken device, worrying about viruses that start to plague JB phones, and having poorer overall performance due to the higher memory requirements of running tweaks I dropped the jailbreak years ago and never looked back.

      • Overlap

        That’s good man good for you! Like I said though, just because you’re simple doesn’t mean everyone else is! Hence the reason I’m sure you own a MAC and for the rest of us on require something with more VERSATILITY, own a PC! Just like Windows 7 is still better than Windows 8 or 10! Oh fvck wait a minute, I just talked shit about a new version of Windows, I must be a fuckin crApple fanboy then. Just ask “Docservlet” he’ll tell you! SMH

        And while crApple might have copied and added some of the things that came out in Cydia first, they ALWAYS do a shitty job of implementing it, hence the reason there will ALWAYS be a demand for the creativity of the 3rd party developers who AREN’T RESTRICTED to the rules and limitations the crApple’s App Store Apps.

      • Actually I own both a PC and a Mac. I use my mac primarily because it is a FAR better platform to develop PHP web applications from than a PC. Windows unfortunately botches a lot of very common tools such as data manipulation or SMTP services. Getting any environment working reliably on Windows is akin to pulling teeth and requires layered hacks.

        I have the power of Unix at my fingertips, with the ease of OS X and none of the side effects of Windows. But yes, I do keep a windows computer around primarily so that I can see what happens to perfectly good code when IE gets ahold of it.

        You talk a lot about needing to get real things done, but as someone who’s work has been used by everyone from congressmen to school teachers I have found that my needs are best met by OSX and iOS. I’d love to know specifically what it is that you do and why it can only be done from a jailbroken device or a windows computer though as that might add more to the conversation than rants and name calling 😉

      • Overlap

        Far better platform to develop PHP on? Funny I don’t have a problem writing PHP, Javascript, HTML code all on my Windows machine! But then again it probably has a lot to do with the fact that unlike you I actually built my PC rather than just drive down to Best Buy and bought one like I’m sure you did. So unlike you, I don’t have to be bothered with a bunch of useless bloatware running on my PC causing it to run like shit!

        Like I said bro, you’re basic! And MAC’s are PERFECT for BASIC PEOPLE LIKE YOU!

        What’s funny about 95% of MAC owners is how they all like to boast about how great there MAC is, but then they go on to tell you how they either still own a Windows computer, or how they can run Windows on their MAC also! Uhh yeah PC owners can run OS X on Windows as well, it’s called VMware Workstation! The only difference is that 95% of PC owners have absolutely NO USE to run shitty ass OS X on our PC because there isn’t anything we need to do on a OS X that we can’t do on Windows!

      • Javascript should run the same on any computer as it is a browser based language. There are minor exceptions like older versions of IE failing to execute any code when a log was written to the console, but overall it should have high compatibility. As far as HTML 5 and CSS 3 go, IE has had a history of being the worst browser by far for following standards. It has gotten a lot better in recent years, but Edge still falls short in some areas. Thankfully it no longer requires many hours of code hacks to get divs to position correctly due to weird box model renderings in IE and Microsoft’s refusal to follow the W3C standards.

        As far as PHP goes, it was originally written for UNIX. Windows has alternative ways on managing file paths ands dates that are different from LINUX and UNIX and hence MacOS. This means that when it was ported over some of the features didn’t make it. Also, Windows (unless this changed with 10) doesn’t support SMTP mailing functions natively which means if you write PHP code to email you a product key that you generated you’ll never get to see it. There are workarounds and layered hacks as I mentioned, but you’d be amazed reading through the PHP documentation just how ofter notes about Windows compatibility come up.

        If you’ve never run into these issues it likely just means that you have the distinct privilege of doing very basic coding.

        As far as why I have my PC? Again, just for testing reasons. I’ve kept it because I didn’t want to just toss it. I only mentioned it because you seemed to imply I wouldn’t touch it as an Apple fanboy. Honestly though when it dies I will likely not bother to replace it and instead get another Mac workstation and run windows virtually from it if need be.

      • Overlap

        IE?? Why the hell do you even keep bringing up IE??? Like seriously who the fvck even uses that shitty browser? What you think that just because Windows comes with IE that that’s what PC users use? LMAO! No dude unlike you who just use whatever it is the manufacturer gives you, we actually use WHATEVER WORKS BEST FOR US! Such as Chrome & Firefox! Not shitty ass IE! I don’t even bother making my websites compatible with IE. I actually WANT users who visit my websites using IE to have a TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE! I could care less about the 4% of users who visit my website using IE!

        And why are you bringing up shitty ass Windows 10? I use Windows 7! I don’t have ANY ISSUES WHATSOEVER! Like I said before, I have access to VMware Workstation, I can run ANY and EVERY OS on right here on my Windows Desktop!

        This whole argument is completely STUPID! If your shit works for you then GREAT! I could give a fvck less about changing your mind or trying to convert you to Windows! You’re the one here who’s so bothered that someone else is running an older version of iOS and wanna try and tell people what’s best for them!

        I work as a network administrator for a living and build race engines and tune high performance cars on the side. So while you can get by just fine with your MAC doing basic ass things like “coding” which can easily be done on ANY god damn platform using a fuckin TEXT EDITOR! I require a platform like Windows that is more powerful and versatile!

        It’s funny to watch guys like you get on the tuning forums talking about “hey guys I just got a brand new Corvette Z06 that I’d like to try and tune but I can’t find any software to work on my gayy ass MAC, please help!”. Uhh yeah that’s because people aren’t out there tuning cars on gayy ass platforms like MAC! Come to think of it, out of all the Corvettes, Camaros, TransAm’s, STi’s, EVO’s, etc, that I’ve tuned, NONE of the companies that provide tuning software even OFFER anything for MAC!

        But then again MAC users are used to that kinda thing hence the reason they always have to keep a “PC” around. When I walk into Best Buy to buy something that is somewhat computer related, I NEVER have to wonder if it’s gonna work on my PC! But this is something that almost EVERY SINGLE MAC OWNER HAS TO ASK THEMSELVES BEFORE THEY BUY A NEW PRODUCT! “Is this gonna be compatible with my MAC”? lol

      • Isaiah Comer

        Wow. Your argument is terrible and John is ‘beatin the tobacco juice’ outta you. Go home jailbreaker. This is a wallpaper comment thread. Yeah, jailbreak is cool. But with all the tweaks that that only support newer software (I speak from experience because I have jailbroken an iPad before), the newer OS versions are just plain better. BTW Apple is better at implementing features than jailbreakers. And if you think different, you should have left Apple for Android a long time ago.

      • Docservlet

        Go back to android central sociopath.

      • Overlap

        You stupid fvck, I own a fuckin iPhone!! Wow is that all you fuckin faggot ass fanboys can come up with? You think that everyone that owns an iPhone are all little bitch faggot fanboys like you? I’m sitting here DEFENDING an older version of iOS and the best comeback you can think of is to tell me to go back to Android when in reality I’ve never even fuckin owned an Android device in my life!

        Ohhh man fuckin little bitch ass fanboys! SMH

      • Docservlet

        You don’t own jack beotch. You sociopathic fandroids are hilarious to watch. You’re flailing and and jumping around like an idiotic ape. Your defense of an older version of android is idiotic. You own a bunch of android phones and are suffering from the same sociopathic problems. You stupid little beotch. Go back to androidcentral.

      • Overlap

        I’m sure I don’t need to tell you but don’t listen to these lames bro! Clearly you’re not like the rest of these lame ass fanboys who DOWNGRADE their devices to newer shittier versions of iOS! I’m still running iOS 6 (Jailbroken) on most of my devices but on my iPhone 6 I’m running iOS 8.4 (Jailbroken) because obviously I don’t have a choice since iOS 6 isn’t available on this device.

        As much as I’ve learned to “cope” with iOS 8, it’s still fuckin lame ass hell when compared to my Jailbroken iOS 6 devices! iOS 7/8/9 are just HIDEOUS AS FVCK!!

      • Docservlet

        It’s clear your brain is broken.

      • Overlap

        It’s clear you’re a little bitch ass faggot! I mean seriously what the fvck is that a fuckin gayy ass Pokemon avatar you’ve got there? What are you like fuckin 8 year old? Shouldn’t your little bitch ass be in bed seeing as how it’s a school night and all? I guess mommy and daddy forgot to enable the parental controls on the family computer again! SMH

      • Isaiah Comer

        Do you ever stop cussing?! Just stop. Stop. If you like your iPhone and cluttered (UI and UX and just in general) Windows OS, well then good for you. macOS just fits needs better. The only time Macs don’t fit the job are when you need a touchscreen, but for iPad #theresanappforthat

      • DT

        Woah keyboard warrier. God I hate people like you.

      • leart

        I have 12 iOS devices, this is my new iPad 2 purchase just for fun, just yesterday, it was I new condition but in iOS 8.1.3 and it was lagging like hell.. so it’s clear that you like to push the update button but sometimes things are getting worst if you update lol..
        my main device it’s a iPhone 6s + 64 gb, the second a iphone 5 iOS 6.0.1 lol

      • leart
      • rockdude094

        I see you got the iPad 3 on iOS 6 ! Damn I wish there was a way to downgrade mine, it would run for another year or 2..

      • leart

        no .. changed my mind about that.. it was on iOS 5.1.. no fun on that iOS plus a little expensive for a device like that.
        this is a new iPad 2.. it was on iOS 8.1.3 but it was almost unusable 🙂 slow and glitchy ..
        just jailbreak it with taig and downgraded in 15 minutes .. for now it will stay on 6.1.3 but maybe I’ll update to 8.4.1 ota since I have to many iOS 6 devices and none on iOS 8 lol

      • leart

        if you get a iPad 2 for cheap, I bet that the latest iOS for the iPad 2/iPhone 4s will be jail breakable and to downgrade to iOS 6 it’s 10 minutes job, peace of cake 🙂

      • leart
      • Jibbley Gravey

        Point is… you need to update. Why you wanted to be specific about iOS versions is beyond me. Just update your crap noob.

      • leart

        i need to update? wtf?
        the point is .. it’s my stuff and i do what the hell i want.
        try to control yourself , if you don’t like old ios photos, just don’t watch them and probably you’ll be fine..

        take care of YOUR crap noob

    • Diego Milano

      Ah, the old days… :3

      • leart

        my “new” ipad 2… purchase it yesterday in iOS 8.1.3 but it was barely usable.. so I downgrade it to iOS 6.1.3… still can’t get enough of iOS 6 🙂

    • Agneev Mukherjee

      So beautiful…

  • Mar©o


  • Y2J

    I’m conflicted between updating to iOS 10 and keeping my jb (which is mostly just theming and virtual home)

    • iFlasher

      I left my jailbreak and go to iOS 10 betas some time ago… I’m very satisfied and no miss jailbreak at all.

      • Y2J

        I had the first couple of betas but I downgraded once the jailbreak was released. I really just like my icon theme lol

      • Juschan

        stay with the jb if you dont own a 6s lots of cool features u dont even get with the 6 or older and virtual home is worth keeping jb anyway haha

      • Y2J

        Yeah I have a 6S+ that’s making the decision even harder lol. I think I’m gonna stick it out with the jb for a little while

      • Overlap

        That’s because you’re a simple ass tool who probably only uses your device for playing games and posting of FaceCrook!

        But for the rest of us who need to get shit done, the Jailbreak is a NECESSITY!

      • iFlasher

        Haha. Best Comment ever.

        Sent via iPhone 6s of the guy that use his device “only for games and FaceCrook!”

      • LOL, well I don’t have a Facebook account… but I have managed to write PHP code changes and upload them to servers to fix websites on the go, check and compose business email, text, edit and share videos, adequately research, take notes, manage task lists, track time management for multiple people, handle employee payouts, do a good chunk of my taxes, stream music, track fitness, deposit checks, and so much more from my non jailbroken phone.

        So I ask this in all sincerity. Aside from losing the ability to change themes, hack high scores on games or steal apps from the app store, what real world productivity tools am I missing out on?

        I’d also recommend upgrading to iOS 10. Universal clipboard and unlocking my mac with my apple watch are two of my favorite features. Guess I didn’t know I should give up all my daily conveniences because I apparently can’t do any real work. Guess I’ve been self deceived all these years.

      • Docservlet

        Really…I’m curious…what do you have to get done? Maybe lose your mind as the rest of your comments indicate?

    • Julio Hernandez

      Yeah I’m in the same boat, I’m very conflicted but I think I’d like to keep my jailbreak just for the meantime until there’s iOS 10.1 minimum or at least until there’s a jailbreak for iOS 10. I think it’s a wiser choice to hold out for now and probably in a months time there will be a new jailbreak. 🙂

  • :D

    I never seem to get bored of the default blue background with the moving dots

  • Jerry

    If it wasn’t for the 6s plus losing its resell value if I skip getting the latest phone I’d stick to the 6splus

  • Overlap

    Jailbroken? HAHA have you seen most of the fuckin lames that post here? They probably don’t even know WTF Cydia is much less WTF Jailbroken means! LMAO

  • iLost

    Has anyone tried iOS 10 on iPhone 5s… Is it worth upgrading?

    • Federico Lancellotti

      I tried it on my iPhone 5 and it is not much slower than iOS 9.x.
      I have it since the beginning of August and with the last GM upgrade I didn’t find any kind of issue yet.
      So, yes, I think it is a worth upgrading, specially on newer iPhones than mine.
      Anyway, I suggest you to wait a week or so and collect any other advice you are able to find..