Wallpapers: photos taken with an iPhone 7

iPhone 7 wallpaper splash 2

This coming Friday, iPhone 7 hits store shelves and pre-orders arrive in the mail. The week between a pre-order and receiving the device is one of the most exciting times of the year for Apple fans. Immediately following the announcement, Apple litters the retail website with information about the new devices, including images that help show off the new design. When this occurs, I receive submissions for wallpapers via @jim_gresham, where you can send images for consideration and inclusion in the Wallpapers of the Week category.

This year, as the design focuses on the camera, Apple included a gallery of images, snapped by the new iPhone 7.  Inside, you fill find a collection of wallpapers from the iPhone 7 photo gallery. Additionally, there is an interactive scrolling ad, that includes images of an amorphous colored orb, which has been turned into a series of wallpapers as well. Step inside for iPhone 7 wallpapers.

iPhone 7 Wallpapers

The following collection of images were sourced directly from the iPhone 7 photo gallery via Apple.com/iPhone-7/, by iDB regular, @JasonZigrino. You can see more of his handy work via dribbble. He also has a large collection of images via iDB.

iPhone 7 wallpaper splash 4

Download: Left; Right

iPhone 7 wallpaper splash 1b

Download: Left; Right

iPhone 7 wallpaper splash 3

Download: Left; Center; Right

iPhone 7 wallpaper splash 2

Download: iPhone

iPhone 7 colorways desktop wallpaper splash

Download: Desktop (2560 x 1440)

iPhone 7 jet black desktop wallpaper splash

Download Desktop (2560 x 1440): Jet Black; silver; gold; rose gold

The following two wallpapers, as the splash image confirms, were submitted by @FlareZephyr, who also frequently posts quality work via Twitter.

FlareZephyr_neon iPhone 7 splash

Download: Blurred Version; Normal Version

The final collection below, was created by @ispazio, an Italian tech news website. You can find the original posting and additional information on the homepage.


Download: blue; pink; green; yellow; purple

top splashes via placeit.net