iPhone 7 plus back side

The dual-lens camera system introduced on the iPhone 7 Plus this year is expected to stay exclusive to Apple’s larger 5.5-inch handset in 2017, reports KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo. The analyst issued a new research report on Friday, claiming that high costs and the need to differentiate high end iPhone models is likely to keep the feature Plus-only next year.

MacRumors passes along Kuo’s comments:

While an attractive addition for avid picture takers and professional photographers, the iPhone 7 Plus dual-camera is not a mass-market killer application yet. Along with its high cost (estimated at over US$30-40) and the necessity for Apple to enhance the added value of high-end iPhone models, we expect only high-end new iPhone models (30-40% of them) to have a dual-camera next year.

Note that for the dual- camera of iPhone 7 Plus, wide-angle CCM is equipped with optical image stabilization (OIS) VCM, while telephoto CCM only comes with general VCM. We believe the focus of the dual-camera upgrade will be equipping telephoto CCM with OIS CCM, so as to significantly enhance optical and digital zoom quality.

In addition to the dual-camera remaining exclusive to high-end iPhone models in 2017, Kuo also believes Apple will upgrade the system by equipping the telephoto lens with optical image stabilization (OIS). Currently, in the iPhone 7 Plus, only the wide-angle camera has OIS. This would significantly improve photos taken while using optical and digital zoom.

Earlier this year, Kuo predicted that the 2017 iPhone will feature a radical new design, with glass casing and an edge-to-edge AMOLED screen. We’ll put our usual “grain of salt” disclaimer here, since the handset is still more than a year away, but Kuo was extremely accurate in his reporting on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in the run up to this week’s event.

Source: MacRumors

  • ravinigga

    I see no a real problem with that. It same like edge from samsung remains on the edge only

  • Diego Milano

    People still don’t have their new iPhones and they are already talking about next year’s iPhones. Can we just enjoy the present moment without always having to look forward to something else? Come on, guys. If you like it now, get it.

  • nirmitlamed

    Was expected unless they plan to change iPone 7 size.

  • Connecting Mac User 

    Alright! Let’s talk iPhone 8 already while iPhone 7 is yet to touch ground floor

    • Jamessmooth

      I was thinking the same thing!

  • Valinor

    Apple lost me when they decided to make the plus version the flagship device and the normal iphone the midrange one…..
    Its not like they’re not able to fit all the goodies into the smaller one…..

    • Rowan09

      Why would someone want to purchase the larger one if they were both the same? Samsung does the same thing with the S7, S7 Edge and Note Series.

      • YaBoyLilMayo

        ……Because they want a bigger phone

      • Rowan09

        And pay more just for a bigger size?

      • Yes?

      • Rowan09

        Oh ok. I would like to see how people would think its fair for paying $120 for a bigger screen. If I want something I buy it as it comes not complain about why it’s not a certain way. You weigh the pros and cons and personally the 6 Plus has everything the 6 does Plus a bigger battery, more RAM, better camera and better screen. I got use to the size especially since I watch a lot of movies on my phone at work.

      • Mike

        It doesn’t have to be $120 difference since you are getting the same exact phone. Apple should include all the features and only keep the size different. Since it’s all the same you increase the price on the normal 7 and lower it a little on the 7+. People with small hands or people that like small compact phones would like the smaller 7 without having to sacrifice.

      • Rowan09

        I understand but why should Apple make the trade off? If someone wants the features they get the Plus, just like if someone wants a stylus on a Galaxy they have to get the Note 7 which is essentially a S7 Edge with a Stylus and just like people who want an Edge phone will have to pay for the S7 Edge over the S7.

      • Have you heard of the Apple Watch? There are two version and literally the only differences are the size of the watch (and the obvious advantages of having a bigger watch) and yet it still costs more. If you have one version of something and then make a bigger version of it you would really charge the same same exact price? Get real now. As illogical as your stand is I don’t ever see you changing it so there’s no need to even respond.

      • Rowan09

        You lost me here. I’m saying Apple shouldn’t make both plus and regular devices the same besides the size. Some people are complaining saying they should have all the same features sides size. How is Apple going to justify $120 (use to be $100) just by size and bigger battery? Samsung makes the Edge and regular 7nand now the Note. All those devices are essentially the same with different size and modified forms, yet they all have different features to justify the price. If people want the Plus features on the smaller devices just get a Plus you’ll get use to it real soon. I thought it was too big at first, but now the 6/6s/7 is too small for me.

      • I gave you a specific example of just how they can do that. What got you lost?

      • Rowan09

        Its not $120 more for the 38mm to the 42mm. It’s $399 for a 42mm and $369 for the 38mm. How is Apple going to justify $120 just because of screen size, battery and screen resolution only? Let me guess they should make less money.

      • I don’t know why you’re now just focusing on the $120. In your original comment that I responded to you acted as if it were a crime just to pay more for something because it’s simply bigger. Now it seems as if you’re saying it’s okay to pay more but there’s a limit. I don’t know where you stand so it’s hard to formulate a proper response at this point.

      • Rowan09

        No I said Apple has to justify the price so simply paying more just for size wouldn’t mean paying $120 more. If it was $30 more then I get it but they have to justify the price was always my argument. If someone wants the features on the bigger device, make the trade off and purchase it, don’t expect Apple is going to make it for you.

      • ck125

        Bigger screen, battery, resolution. Apple should make everything the same minus those 3 things. Because until they slim down those bezels on the plus, it is way too large for its size, especially compared to other 5.5″ devices.

      • Rowan09

        Yeah the bezels are big and it’s due to the home button and earpiece . They do need something else to justify the price and the camera is a good reason.

  • Jibbley Gravey

    I JUST purchased the iPhone 7 PLUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!

    I’m a SHEEP! I must obey overlord Tim Cook! and plus, T-mobile let me trade in my 6S Plus for the 7 for free. Just had to pay tax.

    Deal got me out of my lease, and now I own the 7 outright! Sweet deal if you ask me. 🙂 Saves me $30 a month.