Apple Watch 2 display assembly Byte 001

Supply chain rumors have asserted that a second-generation Apple Watch 2 could offer a few additional hours of battery life while replacing the current models’ Glass on Glass (G/G) touchscreen with a thinner and lighter screen based on One Glass Solution (OGS) display technology. These two features—a thinner display assembly and a bigger battery—are allegedly shown in a video posted by Byte, a UK-based retailer that sells Apple-certified accessories.

“The new Apple Watch 2 LCD is thinner, has an all new design on the rear and an additional chipset,” the publication writes. Indeed, we can see a tweaked chip alignment in the Apple Watch 2’s Force Touch gasket.

“The bezel on the front is smaller than Apple Watch 1,” says Byte.

The battery module shown for the video is for the 42mm device and appears to be rated at 1.28Wh and 334 mAh, just like the battery that leaked out of China last week. The original Apple Watch draws power from its 0.94 Wh/246 mAh battery, meaning the Apple Watch 2 has a 35 percent stronger battery that could potentially give the device a few hours of extra run time.

And here’s the video, shot live in Shenzhen today.

Despite the rumored thinner display assembly based on OGS display technology, we believe the Apple Watch 2 casing won’t be any thinner than the original model’s because of a bigger battery needed to power its rumored GPS module.

What do you guys make of this video?

Top photo: LCD and touch screen digitizer for Apple Watch 2, at left, and the original model, at right.

Source: Byte

  • Newgunnerr


    • George

      For the same watch just with GPS?

      • Newgunnerr

        Are you stupid?

      • George

        The rumors show it being the same fugly watch so no are you?

      • Newgunnerr

        Did it not cross your mind that perhaps the Apple Watch 2 would be my first smart watch?


      • George

        Nope, true isheep would have bought one day one.

  • Even if the screen is smaller, the bigger battery would fill the space.. making the design the same size as before. Not sure why anyone would want the watch to be thinner anyway, unless they feel like breaking it easier is the way to go.

    • askep3

      Idk, some of my family members were saying it’s a little thick (but they haven’t really seen anyone wearing it), maybe a little thinner would be better. In your opinion, how does it look when someone’s wearing it?
      Also, having the bigger battery would be great!

      • Well I guess I’m a bit bias..I like a big watch. And frankly I don’t think the Apple Watch is big enough.. so I guess it’s just me on the sizing issue. I wear a pretty big H20 case on mine because then it’s 100% waterproof.. well as close to a 100% as can be. A bigger battery would be awesome, but I can’t justify the price of an upgrade just for that. Now if they added something new.. not sure what that would be.. but like some want a camera.. I can see that being a selling point, then I’d pick up Gen 2. I’ll probably snag it once the price goes down or if someone in my family is interested in going half in for it, then I’ll take the new one and they can have my Gen 1.

  • As lonf as we can use the same bands at least until the 3rd gen ill be fine

  • sNick

    more then I expected. NICE

  • John

    When showing the first LCD display did he say a 48mm unit? Confused. I thought apple watches only go to 42mm

  • Riley Freeman

    didnt see anyone type anything about a camera?

  • No more surprises now uh?