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By , Aug 28, 2016

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Approaching the iPhone 7 announcement date, it seemed fitting to host Apple logo wallpapers to hype the event. Shortly, an Apple media invitation will announce the event date and the excitement will begin. But, why wait for the invitation to deck out your iOS devices?

Inside, find a collection of Apple logo wallpapers for iPhone and iPad, including the 12.9″ Pro. Additionally, there is a call for submissions of the media event inspired wallpapers. Get your design skills ready, because we are excited to host all of your submissions!

Apple logo wallpapers

With the Apple media invitation only days away, this is a call to all designers that would like their work featured on iDB. As soon as the invitation is released, connect with me via @jim_gresham with your inspired iOS device wallpapers. I will gather wallpapers the entire day and keep a running post updated with new submissions. Apple event wallpapers are the most sought after images we host on Wallpapers of the Week and is a great way to get exposed to our readership.

Similarly to our readers, stay tuned (most likely) this week for Apple media event wallpapers. Make sure to follow iDB and me for the latest news about the images that we receive.


Download: iPad (including Pro); iPhone


Download: iPad (including Pro); iPhone


Download: iPad (including Pro); iPhone


Download: iPad (including Pro); iPhone


Download: iPad (including Pro); iPhone


Download: iPad (including Pro); iPhone

Download: iPad (including Pro); iPhone

splash images via placeit.net

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  • Rares

    First one with no apple logo? Please?

    • A fast-5 minutes edit in Photoshop 🙂

    • Jayy

      Lol the other guys came out way better than mine. I edited this from my phone very fast! Haha

  • Gerald Qato

    Here’s the best wallpaper which looks even better on lockscreen using a tweak calles miniTime

    • Danh Anh Tuấn

      I used to have the exactly setup with you (cool wallpaper) but unfortunately MiniTime caused a little bit of battery drain mate

  • Mallouk Malek

    Now who would like to see Tim on his background

  • Mukund Bhatla

    My contribution