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Samsung started building phones with curved screens beginning with last year’s Galaxy S6, a risky move that has now paid off if Samsung’s reinvigorated sales are an indication. The current Galaxy S7 has perfected that design and the fact that the latest Note 7 phablet adopts the S7’s gorgeous wraparound screen signals Samsung’s confidence in the new industrial design which breaks away from the flimsy plastic the firm used just two short years ago.

Apple, too, is said to be rolling out a brand new industrial design for the Tenth Anniversary iPhone in 2017, with rumors and analysts pointing to a Galaxy Edge-like wraparound AMOLED display for the device. Which begs the question, what’s the reasoning behind curved-screen phones other than the looks?

It’s about usability

According to Hong Yeo, the Note 7’s lead designer, it’s not as much about the looks or side ticker—a software feature allowing stocks, weather and other tidbits of information to be displayed on screen edges—as it is about usability and user experience.

In Yeo’s own words:

A mobile phone is more than something you look at. You touch and use it every day. We wanted to improve that grip level, and the curved display allows us to have that perfect grip. When people hold it for the first time they’re surprised by how smooth and seamless it is.

I couldn’t agree more.

In fact, I would be willing to bet that this is also one of Apple’s chief guiding principles in designing a future iPhone with the rumored Galaxy-like wraparound screen (though I wouldn’t rule out the important wow factor entirely).

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 image 005

Samsung’s “Project Zero”

Realizing its phones were becoming boring, Samsung last year kicked off “Project Zero,” a comprehensive internal design initiative to recreate flagship Galaxy phones from scratch and with curved screens in mind.

Yeo said:

A normal customer feels like we just started the S6, but we’ve been preparing for the S6 for a very long time. We’ve always had that technology and those materials, but we really wanted to perfect and wait for the right time to bring it into market. The S6 was the transformation when everything met together. The new Note is when we really perfected and refined that whole process.

Engineering a curved-screen device was easier said than done, he added.

“We were questioning every surface, questioning every edge,” Yeo said. “That was the key highlight of the design. Perfect symmetry from front to back is really hard to do, especially with the curved glass.”

Apple’s “Project Zero”

If the rumors pan out, the iPhone 7 is going to look very similar to the 6s, minus a few design changes like the removal of two horizontal antenna bands from the backside.

For a top-to-bottom overhaul of the Apple handset, we’ll have to wait another year.

How Samsung out-designed Apple with its curved-screen phones, do you think?

Source: Business Insider

  • racerhomie2

    its still meh ,I want Apple to make sure they have no Bezel in the next year’s phone,not just sides

    • mickey

      The note 7 is pretty much there. I hate to say this but Samsung created pretty close to the perfect hardware I’d want in the next iPhone. Unfortunately if the rumors hold true for Apple it will be quite the lackluster upgrade compared to the note 7. 2017 can’t come soon enough.

      • jOn Garrett

        I have a serious question for you, instead of waiting year after year for apple to give you what you want, why not just go out and buy it?

        When I was an iPhone user I wanted much of what Android had to offer and phones with big beautiful displays won me over. I switched, loved Android more than I ever thought I would.

        Trying something new doesn’t mean you have to give up completely on apple. You’re denying yourself a great experience out of loyalty to Apple.

      • mickey

        I have actually been using android phones for work since the Galaxy s3. I currently use a note 5. I enjoy android very much. For customization it’s a dream even without rooting. For my personal phone I use an iPhone. I’m pretty invested in the apple ecosystem (iPad/MacBook/iMac) so that makes it a bit hard to completely leave. Another reason is purely because many of my friends and family use iOS. iMessage and FaceTime are heavily used and it’s much more convenient.

      • racerhomie2

        Note 7 is not a bad phone,But Android with TouchWiz bad combo,even on S6 ,and other launchers cannot even use the features

      • Ionut Jiga

        You donno what you talking about. Android with touchwiz already has for quite some time now most of the features that they want to introduce in Android N. Things like split screen, reply to notifications from the screen saver page, Allways on display, are regular stuff on Samsung devices. And if you’re talking about looks, wtf, this is android you can make it look absolutely however you like.

      • racerhomie2

        I am talking about using the edge display.Little to no software use the space properly, by the way my friends S6 has started to slow down

      • mickey

        The edge is less exaggerated on the note 7. Almost like if the iPhone display went to the edge of its curved glass.

      • jOn Garrett

        you more subtle. the edges on the S6 family, Note 5 and S7 is perfect.

      • jOn Garrett

        the edge display was never designed for use, its purely aesthetic–Samsung repeatedly said so.

        it doesn’t need tons of software to be useful. take the night clock for example, very simple, its just a clock and thats all it needs to be and its perfect for me because my wife works nights and I have 2 kids so I wake up several times during my sleep to glance at my phone.

        with the edge and notification LED, I can check the time and see if I have any missed notifications without even touching my phone. just peek and go back to sleep.

        at work with my phone face down, different colored edge notifications lets me know whats important and whats not.

        the most useful part of the edge is how you can scroll thorough the panes and see information that would otherwise require you opening up an app. so I have 5 panes, I can see app info and not have to open up 5 apps for the same.

        I think what happens is that apple fans want to find fault with the edge so that’s why there’s always this fuss from people who have never used an edge to know that there is much use for its edges.

      • racerhomie2

        I never said edge design was bad, just the fact that other launchers I used with it did not seem to do anything with the extra space.3D touch for eg adds another layer of interaction with the phone.

      • Heatfan316

        Not really…it’s pretty tough to take the ugly out of android software.

      • Ionut Jiga

        When you know you can design/paint android in whatever way you find beautiful beautiful :), how can you say android is ugly? 🙂

      • Heatfan316

        You can’t really paint or design android that much. Most launchers are identical or perform similar to identical functions. You’re also handicapped by the fact that you may or may not be on the most recent version of the OS. Much of the design elements changed between Kit Kat and Lollipop were a step backwards. Again, that affects the underlying operating system in terms of navigation, look, feel and functionality. Android is pretty ugly as are most of the apps compared to iPhone but to each his own.

      • Antonakis Kipouros Nikopolidis

        Thank you!!!! I just can’t. All my friends have android phones, still haven’t found one!!! to even just like a little bit. Don’t get me wrong I very much like Samsung devices but the menus are ughh.

      • Heatfan316

        There’s no escaping the fact that android is unfortunately one of the ugliest operating systems I’ve ever seen. It actually reminds me of windows 98 🙁

      • jOn Garrett

        I’d rather ugly but highly functional than “beauty” but locked down and limited.

      • Heatfan316

        I think many would disagree. Most people would prefer Apple’s superior functionality, better ecosystem and better integration.

      • jOn Garrett

        What superior functionality does the iPhone have over Android in either hardware or software? ZERO is the answer.

        There is no task you can perform on an iPhone that I can’t perform on my S7 Edge but there’s plenty I can do on my S7 edge that you can’t do on your iPhone–even if you jailbreak it.

        My S7 Edge has a superior display, sound, camera, sensors, RAM, Storage, CPU, battery, And more.

        Without Samsung parts you don’t even have an iPhone.

        Apple doesn’t have an “ecosystem” unless all of your hardware is from them.

      • Heatfan316

        There’s Plenty! Android is simply junk.

        3Dtouch, TouchID, Continuity, Handoff, iWork, iMessage, Facetime, Siri etc etc.

        The S7 is running the same operating system as 50 buck burner phone. The S7 has an inferior operating system, inferior lag and malware vulnerability. Not to mention, the RAM storage and CPU is nonsense because Apple outperforms all the junk android devices.

        Firestone can make tires but doesn’t mean it can build a car.

        Apple’s ecosystem is superior to the complete mess of android. It makes android look pathetic.

      • Ionut Jiga

        You’re such a little tard. Force touch exists on one device and reviews have proven that is so unused that people forget it exists. Just so you know there are android phones with sensitive screens also, but when you can swipe on an icon and get the same result, is plain stupid to add more technology to do the same thing. 2nd,there were phone with fingerprint readers long before apple showed up, and at this point there are not by any means superior to others. Continuity exists via apps like ‘Mighty Text’ for years, and I assure you, it works great without havin to pay 2000$ for a mac and iphone. 3rd your iphone is probably worth sonething about 50$ also software included. The thing is that when you pay 700$ on a phone you pay the engineers which ootimize the software with the hardware. That is why you can get the same specs on android for 400 or 750. It s not going to be the same experience though and all the prices are buffed up. And lastly, you should learn how apple buys parts from Samsung. Such an ignorant person.

      • Heatfan316

        Your’e a lunatic droidtard. 3DTouch dramatically enhances usability. Reviews regarding iOS 10 and 3DTouch have been stellar! Android devices don’t have functionality that runs consistently and effectively. Most of the time things just don’t work in android. There were fingerprint readers long before iPhone. Yes…I had one on an old lenovo. Never worked. There were smartphones before the iPhone too. Your point is pointless.

        LOL…you want to compare mighty text to continuity. That’s just idiotic. And you can get a mac for around 900 bucks.

        The same specs on android doesn’t even make sense. iPhones kick android all across the benchmarks. Apple buys parts from samsung like ford buys tires from firestone. Your comments are idiotic and uninformed.

      • Ionut Jiga

        Beautiful 🙂

      • Heatfan316


      • Ionut Jiga

        It’s ok man, you’ll get the same black next year. That can’t be said about the rest of hardware and functions though, but ‘soon’ you’ll get these to 🙂

      • Heatfan316

        LMAO! Samsung has been copying apple colors for years but you’re not smart enough to know that.

      • Ionut Jiga

        Kid, you ate more shit today than I could’ve possibly imagined it’s possible.
        Exactly my point, back in the day Apple used to be the gold standard, that’s why I bought 4 of them. These days, the only reason they’re still thought of as a top brand is because of the millions of isheep that have been somehow brainwashed by shiny products and amazing marketing…

      • Heatfan316

        lol…typical fandroid response when they’re wrong. Samsung is the example of failure. Dead pixels, burn in and overheating are all the “features” of samsung hardware. The only reason people buy samsung is because of the bargain basement no margin devices they sell for 50 bucks. iPhone outsells the pathetic “flagship” devices by almost two to one. Sucks to be a loser like you doesn’t it.

      • Ionut Jiga

        What the hell are you talking about? ‘It’s not cool not knowing what you’ re taking about’, you little Trump. You’re embarrassing yourself…

      • Heatfan316

        What part of “The only reason people buy samsung is because of the bargain basement no margin devices they sell for 50 bucks. iPhone outsells the pathetic “flagship” devices by almost two to one. Sucks to be a loser like you doesn’t it.” didn’t you understand? Samsung sells more junk at the low end and barely even competes with Apple at the high end. That’s why iPhone has been the single best selling device year after year. The embarrassment is your ignorance.

      • jOn Garrett

        Simply amazing

      • Heatfan316

        Simply disgusting. Bottom of the phone is a complete knock off of iPhone. The rest of the phone are just garbage gimmicks. Sorry to disappoint you…

      • jOn Garrett

        You’re obviously a 13 year old child so I’ll just wrap this up.

        3D touch is a useless gimmick which was inspired by Samsung’s Air View which Samsung settled for in 2012 after they experimented with 3D touch.

        iMessage is just a messenger and does nothing other messengers don’t already do and they are not held hostage by any company if you want to leave.

        Face time? Really? What’s special or superior about it?

        Your now dismissed

      • Heatfan316

        Obviously you’re an imbecile.
        Samsung air view (LMFAO) was the most pointless thing on the planet and didn’t even work. 3D Touch requires actual engineering. Contextual elements in iOS 10 have exploded making 3dtouch even more powerful.
        iMessage is a superior transport mechanism. End to end encryption and security. One of the most popular features of iPhones in fact. It’s built in and simply uses the phone number. No need to set up a separate whatsapp account. FaceTime is easily one of the best features. No hunting for Skype addresses. It works right out of the box with practically every iPhone, iPad and mac in existence. No android phone comes close.
        Blackview A5 is 50 bucks. Runs android m.

        Android is infested with malware from thousands of different sources. With weak security and useless encryption, android is one of the most insecure platforms on the planet. Not to mention that android is simply a failure in almost all aspects of it’s core functionality.

        iOS multitasks just fine without the need to eat battery life.

        Android NFC is pointless. Tap to share? Why? Apple AirDrop makes NFC look like the gimmick that it is.

        Bluetooth is nonfunctional on android devices. In most cases the SoC and components are so cheap that they simply fail after a few weeks.

        You’re a moron. You should be ashamed for being so ignorant.

      • Ionut Jiga

        Man, my s7 has more computing power than your 900$ mac. Android and samsung in particular beated apple and ios consistently at everything that implies smartphones includin sales for the last 8 months. Samsung just released the Note 7, apple is about to release another, more ugly iphone 6, while it’s preparing to put amoled and glass in their phones in 2017 :). I ll let you be now, just got my phone off my wireless charger, and i am going to take some pics at the pool, in the actual watter with the best mobile camera on the market :). By the way, same sizes for the phones, bigger and better display on the s7 🙂
        Sorry man, just facts… I ll let you another pic, please don’t break a vein or something. Btw, i promise you that i ll get an iphone again, when it ll be worth it 🙂

      • jOn Garrett

        Um, dude…..I have a Galaxy S7 edge also.

        I think that troll caused you to post to me instead of him.

      • Ionut Jiga

        I actually am more stupid than him for entertaining this shit talk for so long. Man, whatever you do, whatever phone you buy make sure it pleases you, but under no circumstances don’t be an idiot about it and assume that because you have it, it’s the best :). Jiga out, i hope i won’t feel the need to answer back to the idiot.

      • Ionut Jiga

        What the hell are you talking about?! What superior functionality, what works better or is easier to do on an iPhone than on an android phone in 2016? Better ecosystem? I can get a decent ecosystem that works with android (phone, tablet, laptop, smattv with chrome cast) with less than 1000$, while aplle charges you more than 3000$ and you won’t even have control on your music and videos.
        Better integration should not even be discussed, if i can only do one task on a device, this proves that it s a superior device than another on which i can do 15? What the hell is wrong with us?! 😐

      • Heatfan316

        Everything works better on an iPhone. A “decent” ecosystem in android is really a joke…..I can get a much better and more cohesive ecosystem for the same amount and the best part is that it will run the most recent software. Apple has much better integration across all it’s platforms than android. with continuity and handoff, text messages, iMessage, phone calls, FaceTime, bookmarks, music, books, movies all accessible without having to do anything more than sign into iCloud. By comparison, android is junk!

      • jOn Garrett

        Does multitasking work better on iOS? No.

        What about sharing data across apps? No

        Do you have split screen on the iPhone? No

        Can you set your own default apps? No

        Can you customize iOS? No

        Can you download files with safari? No

        Can you Bluetooth files to other devices? No

        Can you use your NFC for whatever you want? No

        Does apple pay work everywhere? H ell No!

      • Heatfan316

        Does multitasking work better on iOS? Yes.

        What about sharing data across apps? Yes

        Do you have 3DTouch? No

        Does android have continuity? No

        Does android have handoff? No

        Does android have FaceTime functionality out of the box? No

        Does iPhone destroy all android in benchmarks? Yes

        Is Android a failure in security? Yes

        Does Android have a massive problem with Malware? H ell Yes!

        Does Android have a massive problem with Fragmentation? Yes!!!

        Does Android have a massive problem with Lag? OMG YES!!!!!

      • jOn Garrett

        Well you just keep being a wanker, I’m done child.

      • Heatfan316

        And you just keep being a douche…get lost.

    • jOn Garrett

      You’re more likely to find that on next year’s Galaxy

    • BearManPig

      It will always be meh to a apple sheep until apple does it and your panties start wetting.

      • racerhomie2

        No,I actually used the S7 edge bro

  • Heatfan316

    I don’t understand this justification. It still seems to serve no practical function. If someone cares about wrap around screens it’s like caring about mud flaps on a car.

    • As the article states, having a screen curved on both sides and without the side bezels drastically improves the grip. It also makes for a prettier device, though I agree with you when you say that those curved screen edges on the Galaxies serve little practical purpose aside from the info tickers, alarm clock, current time etc.

      • Heatfan316

        Thank you….interesting. I wonder how Apple will implement such a thing. I can’t really see them implementing such a screen without completely rethinking and improving the experience entirely. The info tickers and clocks may be nifty but probably to very specific audiences.

        It’s pretty obvious that in the current iterations of their devices, they really didn’t care about grip since iPhones 6/S are some of the slipperiest I’ve ever owned.

      • mickey

        Yep, they certainly have not cared about grip. I would argue that the material used for the back contributes to grip more than anything (glass is tacky compared to aluminum). However, the hand feel for the note 7 is quite impressive for a 5.7″ screen. It feels a lot more compact than it is. We definitely need less bezel but I’m not sure when they’ll let the home button go.

      • Gregg

        And how will that be useful when the phone is in a case? Any time I tried to use any iPhone without a case (“naked”), it took quite a beating, no matter how careful I was. So I’m resigned to using a case, particularly wallet cases (hate having to handle two things: a wallet AND a phone). That kinda kills any “prettiness” of design right there for me…

      • Mike

        I have the Note 5 and I bought a cheap spigen case which was very thin. With the case I got I added barely any bulk but the back of the case was also curved so it felt good to hold. Also I’ve dropped it from head height accidentally and its done fine so far.

        Case is called: “Spigen Rugged Armor Case”

      • mickey

        Your choice to use a case and kill the design. There’s always ultra thin cases and skins for grip. I’ve always use my iPhones naked. The 6 is definitely the most slippery though.

      • jOn Garrett

        some phones are too sexy for a case. as much as Ive tried I like my S7 edge naked also. I have a rear screen protector which gives it some grip and totally eliminates fingerprints.

      • jOn Garrett

        The edge is not impeded by having a case.

    • Darren Soh

      It’s about pursuing the ultimate design and craftsmanship

      • Amen.

      • jaimem17

        Even if Samsung gets groundbreaking tech and “innovative” solutions, Apple design will always be quite a few steps ahead of almost any brand.

      • Ionut Jiga

        🙂 apple just released a phone

      • mickey

        Agreed. But because of Apple we now have flagships with unibody aluminum, glass, clean lines, etc… instead of cheap creaky plastic builds at a premium price. They will catch up, advance, fall behind, and repeat. Competition is a good thing. Otherwise we’d still be stuck with windows mobile, resistive screens and a stylus.

      • jOn Garrett

        I can say the same thing about iOS. prior to iOS 7 you had the same OS from 2007, today–thanks to Android, you know have iOS 7-10 with more than 60 Android features including many that you guys mocked like Widgets.

      • mickey

        Definitely. But I would argue you could cover quite a bit with jailbreak tweaks since the iOS 3 days. I have a jailbroken iPod touch on 3.1.3 that isn’t missing much functionality considering it’s about 6 years old. Sounds like you left Apple behind. Why still lurking?

      • jOn Garrett

        Jailbreaking is cute, it tries to emulate Android and sometimes it does ok. Back when I used to do it my iPhone would become buggy and lag and with fingerprints and payment system I would not risk it today.

        I also grew tired of the cat and mouse work every iOS update, waiting weeks or even months before my favorite tweaks were available again. Some would never work again or the repo I used before is no longer available.

        Finally I could no longer resist Android customization and phones with big beautiful displays.

        I left iOS in 201–when Android lagged behind iOS because I got tired of it and never looked back. so I’m not lurking, just enjoying talking about tech and this is an apple fan site talking about an Android device.

      • jaimem17

        No use or feel of plastic that Samsung and most brands deliver that can feel cheap and don’t have the same quality as in materials. The feel of the aluminum and the glass gives you a feel like no other. Using almost any Apple product vs any other is a completly different experience.

      • jOn Garrett

        right, like Goolge maps working flawlessly while apple maps has issues.

        like Samsung pay that works everywhere while apple pay works hardly anywhere

        like Google now (and Cortana) that runs circles around Siri

        like S health that beats the socks off helath kit

        like QHD AMOLED displays vs a 2010 retina display.

        apple does do many things great, some things better than others but they are no longer the gold standard.

      • jOn Garrett

        the iPhone 6/6S/7 cannot hold water against the S6 & S7 edge and Note 7.

        not only great designs but packed full of hardware and features iPhones don’t have.

        plus Samsung gives you the same size display (S7 Edge) and a bigger display (Note 7) than the iPhone Plus but does it in a much smaller package.

      • ck125

        I would say with the s6, samsung has been on par with apple in terms of hardware. The s7/edge/note took it to another level. Apple is no longer head and shoulders above in terms of design.

  • jaimem17

    The few times I got to use one of those Samsung Edge I thought the grip was awful, I do like the “wrap around” screen but I don’t like how they did it. From Apple I would expect something like, take the iPhone 6 design and just extend the screen to the edge and make it look like a curved display, no real functionality just a edge-to-edge look. On the home button and the speaker sides i would just extend the screen to make it thinner. Even if Apple never enters this curved display battle I still think that Samsung’s solution isn’t functional, neither are curved displays.

    • jOn Garrett

      the grip was awful? lol. please stop. anybody holding an S7 edge will tell you how amazingly comfortable it is to hold.

      now the S6 edge on the other hand was a b*tch to hold, I needed a case with my because I couldn’t stand the cutting of the palm feeling it had which has been totally eliminated on the S7 Edge

      • John Doe

        Dude you are such an obvious paid shill.

  • igorsky

    Have any of you ever held the Edge? The curved glass distorts anything on the screen, completely negating any utility of having curved and, thus, relegating it to a gimmick. And if you need curved glass for better grip then you’re doing it wrong.

    • Rowan09

      I agree it’s only for looks and nothing else. I’m

    • mickey

      I agree with you on the edge but have you held a note 7? It’s very much different than the edge in hand. It makes my 6+ feel big. It’s also minimal enough to not create a distracting distortion.

      • J3ff

        so the note 7 isnt larger than the 6+?

      • mickey

        Note 7: 153.5 x 73.9 x 7.9mm
        6+: 158.1 x 77.8 x 7.1mm

      • J3ff

        Dang i might have to get a note 7! Waiting to see if the iphone 7 is even worth it or not. From the sounds of it i might be making the switch

      • igorsky

        So you’re switching because the Note 7 is slightly smaller?

      • George

        If you don’t want your jeans destroyed by a huge phone any smaller size phone is better.

      • jOn Garrett

        no different than you switching because the antennae line has been moved.

      • J3ff

        Its definitely a plus for me. I don’t like how big the 6+ is and a slightly smaller phone might be a little more form fitting for my hands.

    • jOn Garrett

      lies, why are you here spreading lies? if the Edge distorted as you said, “anything on the screen” why is it so popular? if it didnt work on the S6 which was also so popular Samsung failed to meet demand, why go with it a third time on the Note 7?

      I use my S7 Edge every day all day and I can assure you there’s nothing but beauty and clarity in its display.

      you’re obviously one of those apple fans that hates to admit when apple has been outdone.

      • Heatfan316

        He’s not lying. He’s absolutely right. I’ve used the S7 and it was a complete disappointment. The curve was simply distortion.

      • jOn Garrett

        You used it where? At Best Buy, and for what? 45 seconds!

        The S7 is my daily phone yours is not so I’ll take my own words for it, there’s ZERO distortion.

        Odd that if it did, why is everyone calling it the best phone of 2016 until recent?

        All the talk about how good the display is yet the only ones accusing it of distortion is apple fans—who never touched it.

      • Heatfan316

        I purchased it, used it for 2 weeks and returned it. So now unfortunately it seems you lie. I had the same distortion issues. The iPhone has been called the best phone of 2015 when it was released. The iPhone 7 is right around the corner. I think the distortion is in fandroids like you.

      • Zac Huston

        Guys, look at his name, it is a funny joke, lighten up.

      • Hector Guzman

        Samsung phones with edge screen make everything distorted, are you actually using the phone or are you the one who used at bestbuy for 45 secs ?
        Stare at it, you will get headache.

        Curved Screen makes me dizzy, IT’S NOT A SAFE PHONE.

    • it me

      there’s no doubt that it’s a fancy trick, but any alleged practically the feature brings is not outweighed by the drawbacks.

    • Hector Guzman

      Totally agreed, I hate curved screen

    • Jon

      And there are no good screen protectors made for these. I hate curved screens.

  • Rowan09

    It’s useless and I own the S7 Edge. It takes away from screen real estate and trying to press any button by the curved edge is just horrible. I personally believe it’s for looks because usability is almost non-existent.

    • Better grip=better usability?

      • igorsky

        Covering the screen with your fingers while gripping = better usability?

      • jOn Garrett

        covering the screen with a grip blocks the display and disables multi touch.

      • Rowan09

        I don’t have an issue with grip on my note 2 so grip is not an issue. I prefer more screen real estate than just edges for better grip. Usability is not even an option because you can achieve almost the same effect without having the edges.

    • How does it work with phone cases?

      • Rowan09

        It’s ok but the Edge is horrible especially when using one hand.

      • jOn Garrett

        stop your lying. the edge is not horrible and using it with one hand is something I do every day.

        I doubt you’ve ever touched an edge let alone use one on a daily basis.

      • Rowan09

        I owned 2 sold one kept one. Why would I lie, the edge is annoying and trying to press buttons by the edge is not a good experience.

      • jOn Garrett

        Yet you kept it, why?

        The “buttons” that you’re talking about is in those useless feeds.

        Those feeds are what’s at fault, not the edge display.

      • Rowan09

        Huh? I kept it because I have the get 3 lines for $150 and you get the fourth free (not really free because 3 lines cost me $140 before so it’s $10 for the 4th line). I needed a phone for the 4th line so I kept one of the S7 Edge in gold especially since even though they were supposedly sold out I couldn’t sell them for the price being sold in stores.

      • jose topez

        Man you really are a samsung fanboy… Anything slightly bad about the edge must be a lie? The phone isn’t perfect. Accidental edge touches, glare and distortion are things i deal with everyday with the s7 edge, to the point id stick with flat screens in the future. A lot of these points are opinions stop acting as if everything you say is a fact.

  • Y2J

    I’d consider a Samsung if their touch wiz and android UI’s weren’t so ugly, they had better apps, and iMessage

    • igorsky

      So are some considerable obstacles you just mentioned.

    • Bob Smith

      Thats the whole point of Android. You don’t like the stock look? You can change that. You can choose how it looks. Android puts you in charge of the decision making

    • George

      Lol you can change your theme and make it look like iOS in 30 seconds.

    • jOn Garrett

      touch wiz is beautiful and does more than what iOS can do even with a jailbreak. but if you prefer looks over function–which is the apple way, then keep your iPhone and be happy.

      what does iMessage do that Standard text messaging or Google Hangouts cant?

      and where do you get the nonsense that iOS has better apps? between the App Store and Google Play there are well over 4 million apps between them, 4.2 million last count.

      So out of over 4 million apps, where do you get your info from that says the app store has a better selection?

      If you compared just 1% of 1% of those total apps you would have to compare over 4,000 apps.

      As of this very second NOBODY has done that and until someone does then you can say who has better apps–but still that would be pretty meaningless since you’re only talking about 1% of 1%

      take a penny and break it into 10 pieces, 1/10th of a penny from a dollar !!!

      • Y2J

        “Touch wiz is beautiful” that’s an opinion not a fact. Touch wiz is horrible and hideous in my opinion, but that’s my opinion.

        iMessage over Hangouts is a matter of personal preference

        As far as app selection, that is also personal preference. There is not one app on android that I would like to have on iOS but it’s not there, but there are several iOS apps that I use daily that are not on android.

        This is also coming from a guy who has had every iPhone since the 3G, and has also three android tablets, and 4 or 5 high end android phones, so it’s not like I’m some blind apple blowhard that doesn’t know what I want and needs apple to tell me. So how about you get off your android high horse? Sound good?

      • jOn Garrett

        I’m sure you use more than one Google app, so yeah—there are Android apps that you already use on iOS.

        I’m sure you’d like a file explorer on your iPhone but there’s nothing to explore.

        I’m sure you’d like a swipe keyboard, don’t even try to deny it.

        I know you’d like to take control of your notification shade, but you can’t do that on iOS.

        More than 2 million apps on Google Play, there’s plenty that you would want on your iPhone—unless you already evaluated all of them.

      • Y2J

        I actually don’t use a single Google app. I use Chrome on my PC but that’s it.

        I couldn’t really care less about a file manager.

        I always use a swipe keyboard on Android because it’s necessary, but it’s not on iOS, and if it was I could easily download one? Not sure what your point there was.

        Sure, more customization options would be nice on iOS, but it’s not necessary. On almost every version of Android, it’s necessary.

        In 6+ years of Android and about 8 years of iOS use, I haven’t found one Android exclusive app that I miss not having on my iPhone. Sure there might be a few that I’ve missed, but as of yet I can’t think of one. There’s plenty iOS exclusives that I would miss if I switched back, however. You know nothing about me so it’s incredibly ignorant of you to make the assumptions that you have made.

  • jOn Garrett

    Nice to see an honest and non biased article, now let’s see if the apple fan base can handle this truth.

  • raju

    Curved screens though look good are very hard to read due to reflection of light
    at the curves. I have experienced this with s6 edge. U need to tilt the phone so that there is no reflection. The designer is comic in sense that the phones have 5 inch screens for displaying weather or any notifications. Do they required l to use the edge of the phone.

    • jOn Garrett

      “very hard to read” biggest lie on the internet this evening.

      • jose topez

        You are just obsessed with the edge and can’t take any criticism. I have the s7 edge and it is very hard to see certain thing because of glare.

    • Hector Guzman

      Exactly, they should fire the designer, really bad design.
      I prefer the flat screen like S7 (non edge) or LG, iPhones.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Samsung sucks! Look what apple has done, they added Rose gold! increased Ram to 2gb! Put a 12mp camera! And 3D touch! Now thats fcking innovation right there trully amazing! It’s like magic! Thats why apple has been killing it for the past earnings report!.. Lol

  • Heatfan316

    LOL…I’ve used android since 2009. I’ve done all this junk. HTC Hero, EVO, Thunderbolt, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Note 2, LG G2, G3, Samsung S6/S7. Attempting to adjust the interface to the point where it was actually usable was an exercise in futility. None of it works.

    Android is simply junk. While samsung may have been able to create a decent design standard by lifting aspects of the iPhone design for the S6 and S7, it can’t massage the junk out of android. Android is a failure of an operating system.

    • Ionut Jiga

      Mhm, if you would’ve actually used all those phones you would know now what a difference it is between android in 2009 and 2016. Android is so junk that is running on 90% of the smartphones worldwide, they integrated it in tvs (apple tv is a joke), refrigerators, industrial robots, actual robots, cars, etc… While android constantly improves ios doesn’t even catch up, and their sales say all we need to know. This conversation is like a bad joke in which we are comparing a 2016 smartphone with a 2011 smartphone. Ios looks bad, pixelated, limited ed as an windows phone, very few functions actually, outdated design of the actual phone, crappy battery, in comparison with an s7 actually everything is worst on an iphone, at this point. These are not opinions like ‘i like this better than the other, these are proven facts’. Have a great day and it wouldn’t hurt to get your head out of your a every now and then. You would learn things…

      • Heatfan316

        Android is free which is why it’s running on 85% of smartphones. A free operating system that OEMs have to put ZERO development hours. FREE. ZERO.

        Android TV has been a failure. Google TV has been a failure. Android tablets have been a failure. Android phones over 300 bucks are constantly outsold by Apple. ONLY ONE Android OEM actually makes money selling Android. As a business, Android is a failure.

        Android has fundamentally flawed underpinnings. Java runtimes and compiling decompiling are ridiculous. That junk coding hasn’t changed and is essentially one of the biggest security issues with android.

        iOS is pixelated? LMAO!!! You think you can actually tell the difference between 1080p and 2k? Go ahead, defy common sense and physics. Your comment shows just how uninformed you are. The iPhone outperforms every android handset on the planet. Better benchmarks, faster apps and better performance.

        The S7 is one of the worst devices on the market.

      • Ionut Jiga

        Yeah, just look from 2 cm at an iphone 6s display and at an s7, then maybe you want yo try VR on both? Watch a freaking comparison on YouTube… Discussion closed, typical isheep blocks his brain towards new information and thinks that if he is saying something it’s also true :). ‘S7 the worst phone on the market’ How old are you actually cuz i just realized i wasted my breath :). Good luck man

      • Heatfan316

        LOL…again with the VR…. Who wants to put some crummy VR display on their head. Is this like how google glass was everything when it was released and no one cared? Yes. VR is another gimmick that only ignorant fandroids care about. Many many comparisons have stated exactly that. The difference between 1080p and 2k is negligible at 5.5 inches. The S7 is a joke of a phone. It still runs that idiotic operating system and essentially knocked off design elements of the iPhone. Your ostrich defense is pointless.

    • jOn Garrett

      If Android is such junk, why did you buy all those phones?

      What design from the iPhone does the S6/S7 employ from the iPhone? Metal and glass??? Give me a FKing break–the glass on the Galaxy is to facilitate wireless charging, what purpose did it serve on the iPhone besides shatter when dropped.

      There iPhone 7 isn’t even officially launched yet and most fanboys are already looking past it to the iPhone 8 which is rumoured to be a S6/S7/Note clone complete with AMOLED display, curved edges, wireless charging, dust and water resistance and even iris scanner.

      All that plus the usual pillage of Android features to half bake into iOS.

      • Docservlet

        I own an S7 Edge and it’s useless.

        I like keeping up on what you fandroids are talking about. Each time you keep talking about how great some phone is, I go out and buy a used one on craigslist and try it out. S6/S7 is complete knock off of the iPhone. Look at the bottom. Glass facilitate wireless charging? Are you dumb? never mind…there are many many materials that could facilitate wireless charging.

        The iPhone 5 already exceeds the S6/S7 in design and performance. No one cares about whatever gimmicks the S6/7 have.
        WIRELESS CHARGING – PALM PRE 2009, Oral B 1995
        Curved Edges – useless gimmick. errant inputs, light bleed.
        Dust and water resistant – nothing new and don’t care
        Iris scanner is lame.

        The real function is in iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, Continuity, Handoff, Siri, HomeKit, ResearchKit, Live Broadcasting Apps through ReplayKit, Massive 3DTouch Improvements in iOS 10, On Board Deep Learning, Updates to Photos Search that allows contextual search without giving up privacy, On Board FULL Device ENCRYPTION (something android is barely capable of), not to mention complete integration across all apple devices and macbooks etc etc etc…

      • jOn Garrett

        You don’t own d**k. Shove whatever phone you have up yours

      • Docservlet

        You don’t know d**k doucheboy. You have no response like a typical DroidTard so you just lose your mind.

  • Eddy Kelemis


    • Hector Guzman

      I will buy S8 non edge but not the edge one.
      As an alternative, I might go HTC or LG.

  • Dave Acklam

    Do any of these phone makers realize that we put their products in *cases*?

  • Lyle C Rollings III

    When i saw samsung’s curved phone ugly was my first impression. When I held it it felt like I was going to drop it the grip sucks. Need to make 2 phones your average user cares less about stocks westher &/or news alert. I am purchasing 2 more note 3 from ebay as this was the last great phone from Samsung.

  • Shaun

    The edges dig into your hand and it’s uncomfortable to hold as a result. The design also sucks because cases are now covering less sides than before, so dropping on the screen is a whole lot easier. I will never buy a phone with a stupid curved edge because it’s a gimmick. LG and HTC will be getting more business by people who feel the same. I would say Apple too but they removed the damn auxiliary jack and Samsung copied that so that’s no good.

  • it me

    it’s about sale price, accidental button presses, and making buying cases for it hell.

    it’s not like a curved TV where you can reasonably argue that it has an impact on view angle. in my experience, having the curved screen in the phone just made it annoying to hold. i didn’t keep the edge when i had it and swapped for a model that wasnt arbitrarily more annoying to use and also not $150 more expensive for it.

  • Bob Odda

    How having the screen protrude past the frame can be considered a good thing is beyond me. Certainly makes it easier to make contact with hard surfaces when dropped. A plus for more revenue on screen replacements I guess. Makes tempered glass protectors a bit of a pain imo too.

    The whole industry is going in the wrong direction in terms of hardware and software as far as I’m concerned. They’re trying trying to do too much with a tiny device rather than fixing existing problems like battery power and making them better at what they’re most useful for.

    Thankfully, processing power has plateaued in recent years and there’ll remain a ton of great phones for me to choose from and root for many years to come.

    • Hector Guzman

      that’s why I like LG phones, removable battery, flat screen, wider screen aspect ratio.

      Samsung is going down hill.

  • ron s

    i hate the curved screen….just hate , hate , hate it..i hope samsung comes to its sense, and gives us something like the lg6…i love the lg6. ,,,but such an old technolgy screen

  • I am getting seriously fed up with my S7 edge, because so often I end up touching something by accident. Playing music for example is a NIGHTMARE! You try and pick the thing up without turning off the music? If anyone knows of a way to turn off the edge of the touchscreen please let me know?

  • Hector Guzman

    Curved Screen = Distorted images and video, SAMSUNG what they are thinking ? Should fire the designer.

  • Hector Guzman

    Edge has 5 problems and one S8 problem.

    1. Curved screen makes distortion, making people dizzy
    2. White light bleed along the side edges, (what a stupid design)
    3. Too sensitive to touch around the curved edges, causing apps to open accidentally.
    4. Front screen reflex too much, they should spend money to make the screen anti-glare.
    5. Curved edges create an excessive amount glare

    S8 problem : 18.5:9 aspect ratio is a joke, not very useful, everything is still look small. I prefer the wider screen.

    Ask yourself, do we have TV, computer monitors, tabltes with edge corners ? what is the real benefit of having these edge corners ?

    SAMSUNG should rethink.

  • Hein Beukes

    The first time I saw that curved screen it just shouted impracticality. Like most people who posted I can’t see any practical use for the curved screen. It’s a stupid, superficial gimmick that really doesn’t do anything practical. Why the heck would I want a screen that I’m constantly going to touch by accident when I’m holding the phone??