Activator iOS 9.3.3 compatible Pangu

iOS developer Ryan Petrich has updated the extremely popular Activator extension for jailbroken devices to version 1.9.9 with official support for the new iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak from Pangu.

Activator now joins a growing list of tweaks compatible with iOS 9.3.3 just days after a jailbreak release.

If you’re an experienced jailbreaker, I would be concerned if you didn’t know what Activator was. Its usefulness can’t be described with words. All I can say is that if you have a jailbroken device, you should download Activator on it; always!

With Activator, you can assign specific gestures to special actions that you typically wouldn’t be able to perform, for example, double-tapping on the Status Bar or swiping down from the Lock screen clock to make something happen.

The things you can assign to actions are seemingly endless. Although the list from the Activator tweak itself may end, there are even more extensions in Cydia that you can download that can let you do even more with Activator, whether it’s adding more Activator listeners or adding more actions that they can perform.

Activator preferences pane

Activator is one of the most widely-used free extensions from the Cydia store, and many jailbreak tweaks actually rely on its core functionality. As a result, we can now expect many of the jailbreak tweaks that relied on it as a dependency to be updated for iOS 9.3.3 as well.

Because Activator is a free jailbreak extension, you won’t need to worry about Saurik’s hold on paid jailbreak tweaks, which is a safety precaution to prevent purchases until the jailbreak is deemed ‘stable’ enough to allow purchases through the Cydia store.

Wrapping up

As the Pangu jailbreak continues to gain footing in the jailbreak community, jailbreak tweaks are being updated regularly. Activator just happens to be one of those golden oldies that never gets old and continues to be useful, iOS update after iOS update.

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Are you going to download Activator on your iOS 9.3.3 device? Let us know below!

  • tariq

    I guess this answers my question from previous post lol

  • Horc

    Where did the “on Bluetooth connection” listener go?:(

    • Bill

      Do you have a Bluetooth device already paired with your phone? Go to settings and check. If there are none, the Bluetooth option probably won’t show up in Activator. That was my experience anyhow.

  • Leslie B

    If Apple ever implemented this functionality, I wouldn’t care all that much about jailbreaking. This has got to be the about the best jailbreak app ever.

    • Troy

      I higly doubt they will

  • Eric Draven

    Activator crashes into safe mode every time I try and set something if I have either MoonSilent, Couria or Protean installed. Guess those tweaks need updating to play nice with Activator?

    • Lewis

      Same, I’ve installed this twice in the past two days thinking “maybe it works now” only having to spend hours afterwards the first time trying to boot into safemode on my semi-tethered IPhone SE on 9.3.2 so I could browse the root filesystem with my PC and delete the activator files, I have no idea what is causing it to crash though

  • Rahimo

    it is causing boot loop in some devices! I think you guys should update the Article !!

  • Rahimo

    this is what I’m talking about !!!! you should warn people !!

  • Lenin Ordonez

    Somebody knows something about bigify?