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Apple on Tuesday released its earnings report for the third [fiscal] quarter of 2016. The Cupertino company exceeded expectations, selling 40.4 million iPhones, 10 million iPads and earning $42.4 billion in revenue. The numbers are still down year-over-year, however, with 47.5 million iPhones and nearly $50 billion in revenue in Q3 2015.

Here is a full breakdown of Q3 2016 numbers vs those from last year.

  • Revenue: $42.4 billion versus $49.6 billion
  • iPhone units: 40.4 million versus 47.5 million
  • iPad units: 10 million versus 10.9 million
  • Mac units: 4.2 million versus 4.8 million

Here are some comments from CEO Tim Cook and CFO Luca Maestri:

“We are pleased to report third quarter results that reflect stronger customer demand and business performance than we anticipated at the start of the quarter,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “We had a very successful launch of iPhone SE and we’re thrilled by customers’ and developers’ response to software and services we previewed at WWDC in June.”

“Our Services business grew 19 percent year-over-year and App Store revenue was the highest ever, as our installed base continued to grow and transacting customers hit an all-time record,” said Luca Maestri, Apple’s CFO. “We returned over $13 billion to investors through share repurchases and dividends, and we have now completed almost $177 billion of our $250 billion capital return program.”

And here is a look at all of the unaudited summary data:

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 3.41.38 PM

The bottom line here is that Q3 was not as bad as Wall Street, and even Apple, expected it to be. Investors have responded by pushing APPL up nearly 5% in after-hours trading. The company isn’t out of the woods yet though, as it’s forecasting another decline in revenue next quarter and the upcoming iPhone 7 isn’t expected to change that.

  • Great Lengths

    What? You mean crApple’s earnings are DOWN? I can’t imagine why??? lol

    • Rowan09

      Tell us why since it’s obvious you’re waiting on some response? What phone do you use please give the financials for that company and compare the two?

      • Shinonuke

        Whoa, you don’t expect him to answer that,do you? No one will purposely embarrass themselves that way

      • Rowan09

        I know. He’s been waiting on a response, since he’s been posting expecting one for the past couple of days now.

      • Mike

        People finally learned they were just buying the same phone every year i guess…

      • Rowan09

        No there’s just less of an incentive to upgrade. The reason people upgrade an Android for example quicker is due to it just not working after about 2-3 years and support is dropped for it after then (for most phones). The iPhone on the other hand has support for up to about 5 years on each device. While this is great for customers, it’s not so great for sales. It’s just not possible for Apple to keep beating sales year over year because phones are basically all the same right now with incremental upgrades. The iPhone 8 should be a big upgrade so I would expect an iPhone 6 like sales figures for that device. The 7 on the other hand I don’t believe will sell as well as the 6. They beat Wall Street expectations and they’re still not satisfied.

      • Great Lengths

        Bro were you always this stupid or did you just get dumber as time went by?

        Less incentive to upgrade??? LMFAO! Yeah tell that to all the fanboys who used to stand outside the crApple store year after year after year back when crApple actually used to release NEW and INNOVATIVE DEVICES, not resized and recycled devices from the previous year! SMH

      • Mike

        iPhone after 2 years is crap… battery life sucks. updates make your phone lag. I use to have an iPhone 5s which stopped booting up randomly then the same thing happened to my friends phone. The other day I was going to school with my friend has to force power off his phone since it froze and he has the iphone 6s…

        People change phones from 2-3 years and android phones do work after 2-3 years… even if support is dropped its not that hard to fix problems on android phones.

        Plus when I had to go to the apple store to get my phone fixed they made me wait 3 days… what am I suppose to do without a phone for 3 days.

      • Rowan09

        Are you serious? My wife bought the S6 Edge when it was brand new and two of them had fingerprint sensors that stopped working after 2 days of usage. She had to wait 2 weeks for a new one and pay $30. My friend has a Note 4 and he has to constantly reset it because it lags, freezes and sends the same text over and over. I own the S7 Edge and it freezes, overheats when you use the VR headset and lags sometimes. No one is perfect and Androids aren’t an exception. There’s a reason they have quad-octa-core chips in them and they equal or barely perform better than I phones with dual chips.

      • Mike

        The quad core chips are there for when the phone needs it. All four cores aren’t working only 2 are so when you use an app that required more ram the higher core work. Doing this saves battery while taking out lag. Plus look at what the Android OS and iOS can do. Android requires more since it can do more…

        Your wife probably doesn’t know how to use a finger print sensor since 2 of them broke…

      • Rowan09

        Huh she’s doesn’t know how to use a fingerprint sensor? Funny but she’s using it on her work iPhone 6 which has no issue and the third S6 Edge they sent her very well. What does Android do that IOS CANNOT do? I emphasize cannot because jailbroken the iPhone can do pretty much everything an Android device can and it doesn’t have a quad or octa core processor.

      • Great Lengths

        Waiting for a response? Seeing as how it’s taken me over 24 hours to respond, I don’t see how that qualifies as me “waiting for a response”. Clearly you f.aggot fanboys flatter yourselves wayyyy tooo much.

        Oh and if you want the financials to the company of the phone I own, then just look above because I own an iPhone 6! Oh what you thought I was an Android user or something? Hardly, but at least I’m not a little b.itch fanboy like you and is to chicken shit to tell it like it is! And while Android OS does suck, Samsung devices are still LIGHT YEARS ahead of crApple! Not to mention that Samsung as a company puts out wayyy more amazing products than crApple ever has or will! It’s quite pathetic really that a company like Samsung who not only makes computers, tablets, smartphones, and watches just like crApple does, but also makes refrigerators, ranges, microwaves, dishwashers, washers, dryers, vacuums, etc, can still outperform a company like crApple who ONLY makes computers, ipods, iphones, and watches! crApple only has a few devices to worry about each year yet they still continue to choke on innovation year after year!

        But we have little f.aggot faboys like you and Rowan09 to Thank for crApple’s continued lack of innovation. I mean why the hell would they worry about being more innovative when they can continue to sell idiots like you guys the same shit OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN?

      • Rowan09

        Where do I start? First I’m a straight man with 2 kids so the f**got comment is not necessary. I own an iPhone 6S Plus, Galaxy S7 Edge, and Note 2. Sorry but besides the screen resolution and faster shutter when taking pictures and good low light pictures it’s actually still just like any other Android. I also have 2 VR headsets and that think sucks, the screen resolution is horrible, plus the S7 which is “light years ahead” overheats like crazy when you use the VR headsets. The S7 is a good phone but it’s still just another Android. My S7 crashed on me multiple times and I barely use it. Before you run your mouth own the device you’re speaking about, instead of watching commercials. Tell me since you loveSamsung so much. What are their financials? Oh guess what they stopped giving it because they were doing horrible in sales. Go read a book man. Samsung makes the same devices over and over again as well. You think because they make a phone with an edge it’s innovation? Due come on man. I was hoping the VR was good but it’s horrible.

      • Great Lengths

        Oh and BTW, I just seen this was posted on iDB today. Perhaps maybe you should shut your big mouth and have a read! =)

        “Samsung enjoys its most profitable quarter in two years thanks to strong Galaxy S7 sales”

      • Rowan09

        Give me the sales figures for the S7 devices? Guess what they don’t exist because they don’t give figures anymore after they started to decline in sales. Please tell me what innovation did Samsung do with the S7? Please let me know because I owned the S6 Active which I sold and it’s no different than the S7 edge besides the Edge and obviously the look. You know that most of the S7 sales are most likely from the buy one get one free deals right? My wife who is a Samsung person hated the S7 and she has the S6 Edge, so this innovation you’re talking about is just made up man.

      • Great Lengths

        What the fvck does Samsung have to do with crApple’s earnings??? We’re talking about CRAPPLE HERE. NOT SAMSUNG! I only brought up Samsung because you’re the one who tried to pretend I was an Android user so that like the rest of the fanboys you could use that as your typical pathetic fanboy defense!

        The difference between someone like me and a fanboy like you is I can at least call it like I see it and not try to pretend that crApple is just sooo amazing just because they released a few great devices! Lest we forget how crApple was in the gutter for decades before the iPod and iPhone arrived. The only thing that brought them back into the limelight was the iPod and the iPhone! But now that the “fad” has begun to die down and the lack of innovation coming from crApple these days, more and more people are moving on to bigger and better devices. It’s only the little bitch fanboys who still wanna act like crApple is still soooo amazing when everyone can clearly see that crApple goes hard with the FAIL these days!

        And just for the record, I don’t even know how you could be upset that your stupid VR headset sucks! Like seriously, what the hell did you expect from such a stupid concept? You’re probably one of the idi0ts who went out and bought a stupid 3D TV to. Ohh but wait I just bashed on a Samsung product so I must be a crApple fanboy right? SMH

        Regardless of who YOU or I think makes a better smartphone, Samsung STILL blows crApple away with ALL of the products that they make! Like I said before, crApple only manufacturers a very narrow range of products whereas Samsung manufacturers a whole broad range of products but yet crApple is too stupid to even make the small amount of products that they do make anymore innovative than they already have! So explain that!

      • Rowan09

        Ok if you’ve been paying attention Samsung had buy one get one free deals on all S7 devices for months and it also included 2 VR headsets as well, so don’t assume because I paid nothing for them.

      • Great Lengths

        You’re still talking to me like I’m some kinda fanboy like you! Why the fvck would I go with Samsung when Android SUCKS? I mean yeah iOS sucks almost just as bad but at least I can take care of that issue with a Jailbreak! My device is a Jailbroken iPhone 6 on iOS 8.3, so that ought to tell you how much I avoid crApple and all their useless GARBAGE they put out these days! crApple’s iOS updates actually used to be worth updating to, now a days though, you’re better off just SKIPPING major iOS releases in their entirety! Because why the fvck would someone want to lose their Jailbreak which gives them access to WAYYYY more useful shit than crApple ever will?

        You try to talk shit about Samsung saying that releasing a phone with a curved edge is far from innovation, and while I agree with you to a certain extent, at least it’s more than crApple does! What does crApple do that’s soooo innovative these days? crApple’s idea of innovation these days is adding a couple new features to iOS and releasing it on a device that is 98% identical to last year! WOW how innovative! *facepalm*

      • Rowan09

        Read kid I said the last innovative thing was Touch ID from any phone company. Reading is fundamental kid, later.

  • Lazarus Arguelles

    And how much do they pay in taxes should be the immediate follow up question.

    • 5723alex .

      Apple doesn’t pay less taxes than Alphabet, Microsoft, …..