EArPods Lightning NowhereElse 005

Last month, a batch of photographs out of China claiming to depict a Lightning-based version of Apple’s standard EarPods headphones left us scratching our head due to the product’s sketchy appearance. But now, French blog NowhereElse.fr points us to another set of leaked images, originally posted on the Chinese social network Weibo, that ostensibly show off a fully assembled EarPods headphones with a Lightning connector.

UPDATE: confirmed as fake.

NowhereElse observes that the shots, captured from multiple angles, may easily suggest that this is actually an unreleased Apple product although it could also be a knockoff produced by a third-party.

EArPods Lightning NowhereElse 006

Apple is widely expected to ditch the 3.5mm analog audio jack on the next iPhone in favor of wireless headphones via Bluetooth and all-digital wired headphones based on its proprietary Lightning connector.

The question is, will Lightning-based EarPods ship in the iPhone 7 box or not?

Source: NowhereElse.fr (Google Translate) via Weibo

  • tariq

    So glad I’m an android person. iPhone I’d really losing its touch

    • leart

      i just purchased 3 weeks ago my new iPhone 6s Plus 64 gb and I feel like I have the most perfect and powerful device up to date

      • askep3

        Don’t forget support for the years to come! Also the 6s IS really powerful, so you aren’t wrong.

      • Mike


        File Manager.
        Google Survey Reward App.
        Changing default apps with third party apps.
        Super User.

        If a phone doesn’t let you do any of these its not powerful…

      • leart

        for what are those features? to waste the time of your life?

        I’m switching from 30 apps and 29 safari webpages and none of those will close or sleep …

        everything responds instantly… I mean INSTANTLY..

        0 lag

        everything works like a simpfony.. apps, commands, gestures, 3D Touch, fingerprint scanner I can’t even notice anymore when it’s working.. it works instantly

      • tariq

        Powerful has different meaning for everyone. So that’s not a topic to argue over the internet lol

      • leart

        meaning that I feel that this device have a enormous processing power..
        I can’t make it lag whatever I do https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4ec5226d9f3c8b791aa86f1d17b4a9445fd2c3e00599253b4b7b6cf9a6401cec.png

      • leart
      • tariq

        I mean, powerful to some people means more ram and space.. meanwhile others use the word powerful for games and app. From what i have seen, there are many android phones with high ram/”power” but they still lag, meanwhile some iPhones have less ram but games might still run smoother. So it just depends on the individual and the phone as well. And i am not saying iphones are better than android, im an android user, love my samsung. Anyways, hope the earphones have earphone jack

      • leart

        I’m a “creative” person.. studied arts for long time and that’s why I appreciate Apple .. everything they do is “artistically” perfect.. their ecosystem is so “clear” also.. and what you said about lag is true.. I have tons of idevices and they are laging only on their 3-4 iOS … so basically only when Apple wants them obsolete …
        currently I’m using for daily usage a iPhone 6s Plus (a beast) and a iphone 5 in iOS 6.0.1 also I have yet to make it lag somehow….
        I agree Samsung is fantastic when it comes to hardware but they are stopped to that…

    • Matt

      Ha same. Ditched my 6 and went for a 128GB Nexus 6P. Never used a better phone than this. Only thing that I miss is iMessage but, I’ve nearly gotten use to live without it.

      • Richard Häggblom

        Isnt iMessage going to be allowed to third party in ios10 or did i misinterpret that?
        If so i dont think it will take long until it’s on android:)

      • Matt

        There were rumors floating round that iMessage would be on the Play Store, but an Apple employee stated that would not happen as iMessage is one of the reasons why people stay and purchase an iPhone. It makes sense to me, but it’s low-key a bummer. Honestly Google messenger has grown on me quite a bit so it’s not really that big of a deal anyway.

      • Mike

        Download the Google Survey App! You get money from google for answering like 3 questions and can use it to buy apps, movies, and music

  • darshitshah17

    It looks very ugly…

  • Ben Gareffa

    That is clearly not an Apple product. Just look at that lightning connector it’s so ugly…

    • askep3

      I thought that too, I doubt Apple would have a curved plug design, yeah it may make it easier to take out of your pocket without snagging in anything, but i think the real plug would look more like the charging cable.

  • Chindavon

    Twice as fat as Apple’s official lightning connector. Third party fo sho.

  • Kenny NL

    This is so going to break a lot of lightning connectors/ports. I’m sure its fake.

  • Jon20

    I agree that the connecting part looks fat and ugly, but keep in mind that if the Lightning port is going to be used as a headset connection. This means it has to be durable enough for people to have this in their pockets or a workout band if you will, and withstand movement and potential yanking at times as opposed to just sitting on a nightstand while being charged. The 3.5mm jack is sturdy and goes in slot further so this was not a huge problem. They may consider going with the approach they did on the Siri Remote Loop that has little attachment teeth on the side of the Lightning cable to make sure it stays attached to the device. That’s the only reason why I don’t think this picture depicts the final product.

  • Al Fresco

    InB4 Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapters.

  • YaBoyLilMayo

    lol Apple’s gonna lose so many sales for this I can’t wait then hopefully they’ll give us what we really want

    • askep3

      Yeah I’m really hoping the rumors about the headphone jack are fake, or at least Apple will have a good, cheap (lmao), adapter. They really will lose a lot of sales since, unlike the floppy disk, the lightning cable is proprietary, and many of us have expensive headphones that use 3.5 mm jacks.

  • JaeM1llz

    Absolutely no way these are official earbuds, look how cheap that lightning connector is.

  • @fake

  • javierE186

    Although I am sure Apple’s lightning will look similar to what is shown here, this clearly looks fake. The actual lightning port looks so cheap and plastic.

  • lou111

    oh yeah, just look at the white tone of earpods and white tone on this lighting connector. No chances

  • Abhijeet Gupta

    Fake AF