Verizon on Wednesday announced a new wireless plan platform and several new features for its customers. The new plan is more expensive, but it includes at least 30% more data than the previous offering, as well as new stuff like Carryover Data and Safety Mode.

It looks like they’re calling it simply the new Verizon Plan, and it comes in 5 flavors: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large. The Small option costs $35 per month for 2GB (previously $30/month for 1GB), and the XXL gives you 24GB for $110 per month.

In addition to the new pricing, Verizon has announced an all new My Verizon app. Features include The Feed, which will tell you all you need to know about your data and account in one real-time feed, on-demand support and shopping, and an easy-to-understand bill.


The carrier is also introducing two new overage safeguards: Carryover Data and Safety Mode. Carryover data is what it sounds like, data you don’t use carried over to the next month, and Safety Mode throttles your speed to 128kbps after you hit your data limit, with no fee.

Finally there’s International calling and roaming for Mexico and Canada. Customers on Verizon Plan XL and larger will get unlimited talk and text from the U.S. to Mexico and Canada, plus you can enjoy your plan—data and all—when visiting either of the two countries.

The new Verizon Plan is available starting today for both new and existing customers, though customers on older plans can choose to keep them (for the time being). It looks like the plan is going to offer more value, but it’s also likely going to raise the bill for most users.

Source: Verizon

  • James G

    No thanks, sticking with T-Mobile and my unlimited everything plan (+no throttling +free data in 120+ countries)!

    • Albert

      If you don’t sharing, how much do you pay for unlimited everything?

      • James G

        I have two lines on my plan, both with unlimited everything and unthrottled 4G/LTE and also pay for LTE in Canada and Mexico. Total bill after taxes is $125/month.

        Also has 5GB of hot spot on LTE per line too.

  • MikeDeezy100

    It’s progress. I’ll give Verizon that…but they still have a bit of work ahead of them if they want to attract customers from AT&T and especially T-Mobile.

  • Steve Harold

    Att will have their own safeguard now

  • Nex

    Sticking with my T-Mobile plan.
    Unlimited Text
    Unlimited Data (5GB at LTE)
    100 calling minutes

  • Jonathan

    I’ll stick with Project Fi.
    Unlimited calling and texting, and $10 flat per GB in 120+ countries. No overage fees and I’m paid back the data I don’t use!

    • Framboogle

      Yeah but it runs on Tmobile and Sprint so good luck getting anything to load at all on those awful carriers.

      • roygelbart

        Lmao i switched over from Verizon in March to T-Mobile and haven’t realized a slight difference in load times ever since I switched.

      • Jonathan

        I’m not sure why you’re saying that. It’s been very reliable for me. It’s rare when I don’t have signal. In fact, there’s been a few times I had signal and a family member who has Verizon didn’t have coverage.

    • askep3

      How much data do you usually use?

      • Jonathan

        I went to Vegas about a month ago. That was the only time I’ve used 1 GB. My normal usage is 200 – 400 MB a month.

  • techfreak23

    Those technically have not launched yet… The official release date is tomorrow. I just had to go through the training for it yesterday and they told us we couldn’t talk about it until tomorrow.

  • Chindavon

    Higher price!?? They are already the MOST expensive carrier with little data.

    • The King

      Att is the same price as Verizon though, no?

      • Chindavon

        Comparable yes, but Verizon is king of Expensive.

      • techfreak23

        I actually did the math yesterday because I’m thinking of switching over from AT&T and the prices were pretty much the same. AT&T is keeping me with them for now because they doubled my data for free last year until next year plus they’ve had rollover data since the beginning of this year I believe.

      • MsRandall

        Actually the larger buckets on Verizon newer plans are cheaper than AT&T’s current plans


        30gb data plan

        Verizon $135 previously $275
        AT&T $220


        Verizon $90
        AT&T $100

      • Zencowboy007

        I pay $220.36 a month on At&t for:

        2 Lines (one is for the hotspot device and out of contract on it)
        iPhone 6s+ monthly payment 128GB model
        Insurance for it
        Roadside assistance for some reason

      • MsRandall

        I said ATT advertised plans – I’m sure there are current customers paying less for 30gb.

        To compare apples with apples – retention, older plans and loyalty plans are not included as a new customer wouldn’t get your pricing on 30 gb starting service today

      • Zencowboy007

        Funny you mention Loyalty. I was about to leave at&t for T-mobile and called at&t and told them that, they sent me to department of trained sales folks that try to keep you, they gave a long spell, put me on hold, came back and said, “well, you’ve been with us since 2005 but we actually cannot give you any discount.”
        She said I was paying the normal, not sure what it is if someone joined today to what normal she said is. T-mobile service where I live is worse at moment but will test them again in October to see if better then swap.

      • The King

        Their date plans have hit an all-time low. My dad and I think my brother are still on Verizon. He’s gone to deep cuts to cheapen his bill. He uses What’s App now, and I have to call him through it. It’s really stupid because it’s just to keep his unlimited data plan, but making a customer go through those lengths just to use data is mind-blowing. It is why I went to T-Mobile and said screw it. They coverage hasn’t dropped off on me.

  • Rowan09

    While I can get 4 lines for $150 from t-mobile with unlimited everything and data in 120+ countries? No thank you Verizon.

  • Bill

    The extra bandwidth likely costs them nothing or close to it. They are simply allowing you more to swindle you into paying more, because they know you’ll do it. Because you’re their bitch. And you know it. Can you hear me now?

  • john snow

    Is it a joke? Last month I’ve consume 55GB and payed 6$. 6$ for unlimited LTE with good speed. I am in Kazakhstan. You don’t even know where is this country

    • Burge

      Not as good as the speeds I get. As for the price you pay that really doesn’t mean anything that’s all down the economy of the country and what people can afford to pay within that economy.

      And kazakhstan is just below Russia and just to left of China and the Caspian sea is on the right.

      • Nailed it,

        Also Kazakhstan is roughly 1/3 the size of the land mass of the US. Not trying to defend the our greedy carriers because they still make a hefty profit; but it’s a simple fact that they have way higher operating costs.

      • Burge

        The average monthly wage in Kazakhstan is $67 what would you buy if you had that per month you won’t be expecting to pay great deal for anything would you,

  • Mary Sanders

    30 percent of Data with Increase of bill I Get That That’s OK..But I’m Currently On A 30 gb My Everything Plan NOW An If I Switch 2 The New Plan of 30gb I Don’t Get An Increase In My Data it Just Roll Over PLUS SafeMode An Increase in my Bill…That SUCKS ..No Thanks

    • MsRandall

      You must be on a promo then already – The advertised price on the Everything Data plan for 30Gb was $225 so either you got the Double data / Fio Double Data etc promo

      If you weren’t on a promo you would be very happy with the $90 reduction of this tier and find value in the new plans

      • Mary Sanders

        No I’m Not On A Promo…I’m On A Plan Dat Was Offered A While Back An Now I’m Grandfathered In On Dat 30 gb For $130.00…So I’m Saying That Verizon New Plan Should Be Better Than What I’m Currently On But It’s Not In My Opinion Coz It will Make My Bill Higher So Why Should I Switch

      • MsRandall

        You are on the double your data PROMO plan for $130 – I’m familiar with the plan because I had it too before I moved to the new Verizon plan 30gb

        30gb was always $225
        16gb was $130 but for a 3 week period I believe you could get 30gb for the same price – if you never change your plan you are golden i.e. Grandfathered in

        So as I said you can’t compare a promo with the new plans because only techs, people who read blogs, etc knew about the limited deal

  • anonymous

    i was mad when i heard about the price increase im paying 160 for 2 lines with this new plan im paying 155 for same data im cool with saving 5 bucks lol

  • Minnesota Fats

    2006 $67 AT&T unlimited data plan, unlimited text, and 300 minutes w/ rollover