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Showing support for gay rights, Apple employees who over the weekend participated in San Francisco’s LGBT Pride festival were treated to a custom rainbow strap for the Apple Watch. Reddit user ‘Sakusuhon’ kindly posted an image of the limited-edition rainbow-colored strap Apple included along with a greeting card to show its appreciation for those who attended the San Francisco event.

“Apple’s first Diversity Network Association, Pride, turns 30 this year and we’re thrilled to celebrate this tremendous milestone with you! As recognition for everyone who registered to participate in the Pride event this year we created something special,” reads the card.

“This limited-edition band is a symbol of our commitment to equality and we hope you’ll wear it with pride.”

Apple has always supported LGTB issues, even more so after its CEO Tim Cook came out publicly as gay. It wouldn’t surprise me if the company decided to offer this custom edition rainbow strap as a regular accessory option to people who’re in the market for an Apple Watch.

Source: Reddit

  • No beta 2. Boo.

    • John

      What dos this comment have to do with this thread?

    • John

      Who said that Apple was going to release a new developer beta this morning?

  • Bill

    Being proud of something you have no control over…..?

    • John

      I’m sure you post exactly the same comments when Apple celebrates Chinese New Year, right?

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    • SouthMouthGwapGetta

      Being proud of themselves regardless of what people think or how oppressed they are by “wonderful” usa that was built on hatred and slaves

      • Rowan09

        Oppressed really? Come on man the LGBT community is way better supported in this election alone than black lives.

      • SouthMouthGwapGetta

        Oh thats why over 100 people were shot and killed in Florida right? I never said in this election I’m talkin about in general over the past few decades. Regardless of what anyone wishes to believe people from lgbt community and black people are still systematically oppressed and targeted for no reason

      • Rowan09

        Well I said nothing offense and idb deleted my comment.

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  • Julio Hernandez

    Love it

  • mwpitt52

    How would you like to be an Apple employee ( straight) and have to wear that piece of crap band in order to remain employed. LOL

  • g0didit

    I wish next parade would be “directors and secretarys”, to stand up for theier rights, to get 2 hour break (they cant manage to do “all things” in regular break).

  • g0didit

    To LGBT community, please, choose peace of land on our planet, we give it to you, make your own Country, Laws… REPRODUCE!

    (one of fundamental charachtericstics of life, by definition, REPRODUCTION… so… by definition ur not-living thing)

    FYI: google: life definition