Cellular Data toggle in Control Center in iOS 10

iOS 10 has a lot going on. There are a lot of enhancements that we’ve covered so far, and many more we haven’t. New features aside, many people have been digging through iOS 10 beta in search for unannounced features, or upcoming devices.

Thanks to iOS developer Andrew Wiik, we have another idea of what might be coming in a future iOS 10 beta: the sought-after cellular data toggle in Control Center.

Cellular data switch meets Control Center

It appears that sooner than later we might be able toggle cellular data on and off directly from iOS 10’s revamped Control Center. The button would be placed in the top row as a round icon alongside the existing Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb and Rotation Lock toggles.

Technicalities, briefly

For those interested in the technical side of things, a new framework has been discovered in iOS 10, named “ControlCenterUI”. Inside of this framework is a class named “CCUICellularDataSetting”. When hacked to run inside of the iOS Simulator, it shows what amounts to an unmistakable placeholder.

Currently, the icon itself is missing, but changes colors when activated.

data toggle in iOS 10 Control Center

Since development seems reasonably far along, going as far as to actually having the green background and fitting nicely with the existing green icon for Settings → Cellular, it isn’t entirely inconceivable to presume that we might see this handy toggle implemented in an upcoming iOS 10 beta or a future iOS 10.x software update.

Does Control Center really need another toggle?

Why would you want this toggle?

There are lots of reasons. First, when you’re flying, you don’t necessarily want to put your phone in Airplane Mode. Or, you may have Bluetooth headphones that won’t work when Airplane Mode is active, prompting you to disable cellular data.

Alternatively, you could just be low on your allotted cellular data. To prevent yourself from going over, you could just turn off cellular data and rely on Wi-Fi instead.

Currently, this setting is available from inside the top-level menu in the Settings app, but a dedicated toggle inside Control Center would make it much more convenient and easier to access for everyone.

More importantly, would you need this?

Do you guys think this might be a feature you and many other users would like to see implemented on iOS 10? Or would adding a new toggle just add more clutter inside of Control Center?

Source: Andrew Wiik

  • Faisal

    It does need a low power mode toggle

    • Juschan

      yes yes yes yes !!! dont know why they dont get it

    • Guy

      I agree, low power mode toggle should in in Control Center.

      • Björn Burdack

        In fact you have at least a battery shortcut on the settings icon using an iPhone 6S

    • :D

      I’d rather have the option to enable it by tapping and holding the battery icon


    Turn on/off cellular data, i’ve been waiting for 3 years

    • Juschan

      for what do you need that?

      • Luke

        When I run out of data, or I’m close to my limit, I like to preserve it by turning off the cellular data toggle. It’s extremely annoying how I have to go all the way into settings to do so….

      • 9to5Slavery

        i’m unlimited so i don’t need it. but its rough living the caps life.

      • Andrés

        In my case every time I get home I toggle off my data cause I know I won’t need it because of the wifi, so why would I have both turned on? And I do this on my daily basis so yeah, that would be pretty handy for me.

      • CAIO MARIZ®

        When your Wi-Fi is on, the cellular data turns automatically off

      • Andrés

        It doesn’t, what it does is that it uses wifi instead of cellular data, why is there Wifi Assist then? Wouldn’t make sense if when turning on wifi, data would automatically turn off.

      • CAIO MARIZ®

        You can turn off Wi-Fi assist, and it goes on only when Wi-Fi is unstable and slow

      • Andrés

        I know hehe I was talking about the fact that data doesn’t turn off when wifi is turned on.

      • Gregg

        And that’s why you need the toggle switch.

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        Nope, Cellular Data is also used alongside Wi-Fi when both are toggled on.

      • Gregg

        That’s what I thought.

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        And you are correct in thinking that…

      • 9to5Slavery

        unless.. static lol.

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        No it doesn’t. But the reverse now happens if you set it on. If you have poor wifi signal then it’ll turn it off and turn on cellular data. You’ve got it the other way around. We do need the cellular data toggle for reasons (1) many of us have limits on our monthly data and would like to turn it off, (2) when in a poor signal area, no point in keeping it on and drain battery for no reason, and (3) maybe you don’t want to be connected to the Internet for a certain time or can’t or aren’t allowed to. Hence, it’s a useful and much needed toggle that we’d rather have than not have.

      • CAIO MARIZ®

        yes it does, because i turn off wifi assist, i agree with the points

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        Cellular data never ever turns off unless you specifically do so, or if you lose signal. iOS doesn’t do that, it does so with wifi in the wifi-assist setting as you, myself and others have pointed out. That’s what I’m saying.

      • CAIO MARIZ®

        When the signal is unstable and it often switch from 3G to 4G, on big buildings, on the train, in mountain, when you cross many countries,
        When you are finishing the monthly internet plan and you don’t want to waste the rest of your data,
        When you go away for a day or two and you want to preserve battery life and to use calls and sms only

      • Juschan

        okok i get it.. well something i dont need cause i’d never go off as long as it isnt necessary but is it really more useful than the powersaving toggle?

      • CAIO MARIZ®

        Two power saving modes are better the one, (power saving mode + data turns off) the data toggle is in every phone in the world, the power saving mode turns on automatically at 20% of battery, it doesn’t need a toggle on a daily usage
        The best solution would be a customizable control center

      • Juschan

        yep customizable would be definetly the best i guess thousands of people would prefer even other than powersaving or data

      • T Diddy Vegas

        Travel to Mexico you have a data cap (ATT Sprint 1GB) So to turn on and off is awesome to save from background data eating up your data for no reason.

    • Rafael Nobrega

      Me too

  • Nabeel hammad

    Really need data toggle

  • The Fluffy Alpaca

    I know lots of people who turn on and off cellular data in settings before and after using apps like snapchat, Facebook messenger, Safari, etc. to save data. I definitely think they would love this toggle. Personally tho, I have it turned on all the time, so I don’t care.

    • Jackson Grong

      Are they stupid? Data won’t use itself.

      • John Smith

        I know people who freak out saying they’re almost out of charge at 75% and constantly run after a charger. All kinds of dimwits in this world.

      • Christopher Lim

        Actually, it can.. Mail fetch, background app refresh, app updates, icloud syncing. If you turn them on for cellular, that is.

      • The Fluffy Alpaca

        That’s exactly what I mean. They have push notifications, background app refresh turned on, so turning off cellular data will indeed save them data. I have enough data to not care about it, but if you only have 1GB a month, it could definitely be necessaryto turn it off. And btw, I’m not stupid 😛

  • Sohail Wahab

    Airplane toggle is just a useless F, Apple needs to replace it with some useful shit like cellular data toggle or low power mode.

    • Elias Chao

      As far as I know, Airplane Mode also disable your cellular connection, not just the data. So, in case it’s required, you could turn airplane mode on instead of power off your phone.

  • xoFoxtail

    I have no reason to turn off Cellular data so I hope this icon is removable.

  • Mike T4

    You mean there isn’t one in CC now? That’s ridiculous. No such stupidity with jb

  • Personally, I don’t really see the need in it, like the removed wallpaper change 3D Touch setting. Those shortcuts are there for functions that are used on a near day-to-day basis, I don’t know about other’s but it’s not too often I disable cell data. Low power mode would be much more suited there.

  • Anonymous

    Really they need to open up customization for control center. Everyone’s needs are different. For example the way i use my ipad is differrent from the way i use my iphone and so i want different settings.

  • one thing i know for sure is that this new control center is ugly.

    • John Smith

      I personally like this way better than the iOS 8/9 variant. It was so beautiful in iOS 7 and they screwed it up.

      • well i personally think everything is just screwed up at apple now. i was a huge fan back then and every year i’m losing it.

  • Guy

    I would rather have 3D Touch to see what Wifi & Bluetooth I’m connected too. I still have to manually go into settings to connected my Bluetooth headset, its annoying.

    • John

      Sounds like an issue with your headphones. Mine connect and disconnect automatically.

      • Guy

        Mine headphones connect when pressing the Bluetooth button 70% of time. I have to go settings for the other 30%. The issue could be solve with 3D Touch shortcut

  • Guy

    Apple still won’t give us the most basic things and functionality. Instead they give us a control-less Control Center.

  • siddique

    Location services and the celluar I have been waiting

    • yeah turning off GPS would be so useful too. It’s ridiculous we still cant customize the toggles. (Thank Glob for Jailbreaking)

  • John Smith

    Rather than debate what toggles should be in Control Center, why don’t we have the option to pick our own toggles, like CCControls.

  • Quilliv

    Lol we should be able to add remove are own

    • Bill

      Why do you up vote all your own posts? lol funny guy..

  • Miqdad

    Yes, need it asap

  • I need lower power mode toggle rather than cellular data toggle. Just because i have unlimited LTE

  • Nolan I.

    You could enable this in the internal settings in iOS 8 and 9. You need a jailbreak, of course.

  • czbird

    How about personal hotspot toggle? :-/

  • HardTakeR

    finally !!!!!

  • hush

    Reading the comments I see there are so many OCD people here. You should never get an android phone. With the possibility to control literally everything you’d go mental.
    Personally from all the toggles I need only airplane mode and orientation lock. Wifi is always on. Bluetooth always on (watch). I never use DND (true DND = Airplane mode on or phone off). Cellular data would be just a clutter to me as I’ve got a unlimited data plan. And I don’t need low power mode toggle coz it prompts me at 20% battery.
    It’s common sense that you’d bring your charger and/or power bank when going on a trip.

    • John

      Oh hey! Someone who speaks in logo and isn’t here to whinge or bitch about shit that “can be done better with jailbreaking”. Bravo.

  • [RECON1]

    Yup, definitely think that the Control Center should be customizable as well. In iOS 10, for me personally, I don’t need a big button toggle for Night Shift. It’s a set it and forget it function, but it is beta 1 sooo…

  • leart

    just got my new iPhone 6S+ 64gb on iOS 9.1… I have quit since iOS 6 jailbreaking… any good reason to jailbreak those days?! 🙂

  • racerhomie2

    I just use Siri

  • Mike M. Powell

    apple is listening!!!!!! dark mode, quick compose CONFIRMED!!!!!

  • Jake Platt

    Add a Location Services toggle while you’re at it, Apple.

  • I love iOS and Apple. But this is really sad. Android is not that good but at least it’s more humane.

  • 9to5Slavery

    I want a “auto” brightness toggle…

  • Himanshu Oberoi

    Waiting for more tibbits like these.

  • hkgsulphate


  • John

    After reading these comments, it’s clear everyone wants a short cut to very settings option.

    No doubt you all send feedback to Apple… No, you all sit here and whinge like keyboard warriors

  • So I just have to chime in here, these guys should get there facts straight before they publish. You can have your iPhone in airplane mode and still have the ability to turn on wifi and bluetooth. So I would say that this isn’t a real reason for having a toggle in control center at all. As you can see from my screenshot I turned on airplane mode and then turned back on just bluetooth and wifi by itself.

  • Ignas

    Would I need this?

    What I need, is stop using iPhone and buy myself Samsung Galaxy.

    • Christopher Lim

      What you need, is to fix your grammar.

  • Björn Burdack

    Yes. And even a VPN toogle would be great. Having such toggles would be one more good reason not to go for a jailbroken device.

  • Nolan I.

    You actually have that toggle already. Turn on airplane mode and then turn on wifi!

  • kron1k 

    Just allow me to put the toggles I want in CC Apple!

    • Lucas Rey

      Yep! This is one of the reasons I use JB in my iPhone. With FlipControlCenter I’m able to choose what I need in CC

  • Lucas Rey

    FlipControlCenter 4 ever!!! 😛

  • Rafael Nobrega

    Change the toggles will be perfect, for me cellular data and location toogle is important, will help the battery.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Do we need this, yes I think we do. It’s the only reason why I ever installed any CC tweak on my previously jailbroken iPhone to begin with, for a cellular data toggle and a location services toggle.

  • CaptainHappy

    I’m in two minds regarding the new Control Centre. The actual controls page is awful due to the huge button dedicated to Night Shift (here’s hoping that its temporary, perhaps hiding a future beta feature). The music control panel is really clean looking though.

  • kaplag

    How is this different than just turning on airplane mode and then turning wifi and bluetooth back on? You can fly with both of those things on.

  • John Burn

    they could make the entire toggle bar swipeable sideways and customizable so that anyone can have quick acces to whatever setting they need most frequently. How about that?

  • Ebin Thomas

    why don’t we have the option to pick our own toggles. That’s a customizable CC i say ! Nothing like it .