WWDC 2016 code wallpapers

On WWDC 2016 eve, many rumors are piling up about tomorrow’s event. We covered a full round up of expectations to get you reading for the big day. Personally, I’m most excited about what a new watchOS could bring to the wrist. My fingers are crossed for a watch face library that can be submitted by independent designers and developers. A little more control over the complications would be great!

As we wait these final hours, take a step inside for one last round of WWDC wallpapers. Everyone has been kind to share them as they are completed, by catching me on Twitter @jim_gresham. If you would like to share walls in the future, just catch me there. But today, step inside for two more sets of WWDC goodness.

WWDC 2016 wallpapers

The first set of wallpapers, with syntax background, was submitted by @im4hdi. Thanks for sharing your work with the iDB community!


Download: Apple Watch; iPhone; iPad; desktop (2560 x 1600)

The following set of wallpapers comes from long time iDB favorite, @AR72014. Find your iPhone and Apple Watch versions below


Download “Hello:”¬†iPhone; Apple Watch

Download Date: iPhone; Apple Watch

Download “WWDC:” iPhone; Apple Watch

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  • MrTarek

    Is there a version without the date or wwdc? It’s cool

    • Now there is.

      • Jayy

        +1 for editing that for him!

      • I did it for me, but yeah, no problem sharing

      • Jayy

        Oh nice lol

      • Abhijeet Gupta

        Well Played. LOL

      • MrTarek

        Thanks a Bunch brotha!!

  • andyr354

    That first one is sort of distracting, but I have to admit I like it.

    • John

      That first one almost has a Matrix feel to it.

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    Looks the same as the ones posted June 5th maybe just a bit different but still boring, you can go to the beach and take a really nice photo of the ocean with a sunset!! Better that than apples rolling to the past retro look?? Like always Apple never moves ahead, same UI background and settings UI since 2007, just a bigger screen androids had years ago!!

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    Here’s one for you Tim Cook fans!! Discusting!!!!! LMAO!!!

  • The first one for Mac is awesome. Thanks!