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Cody and Sebastien talk about their use of Apple Pay, and why they don’t or can’t really rely on this payment method so far. The duo then discusses MacBook Pro rumors, and what might be in store for Siri.

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  • Can you precise at what point in time in the episode we said that, because I am 100% confident we said the exact opposite. I did mention I wasn’t sure about how Samsung Pay works exactly, but Cody and I are well aware that Apple Pay is safer than Samsung Pay.

    • asch3n

      My sincerest apologies, I was listening to this episode in the car shortly after waking up and completely missed the lead up to the point I was thinking of. I think you were saying you believe Samsung Pay is less secure in how it handles payments than Apple Pay. My bad!

  • Jay H

    I love the show and i wouldn’t of said anything but it gets to be the only thing that i can hear, and it was said like 100 times. Could you try to say “Dollars” instead of “Dowels”. Please don’t take offense, my friend tries very hard to speak proper english, and i want to say that you are doing a very good job and he wants me to point out when he pronounces a word incorrectly. Keep up the good work guys. Just wish we had a happy “Jailbreak” episode again. Take care and IDB on. Happy subscriber and thanks for the app, also a supporter of that. 😉