Twitter for iOS Peek and Pop 3D Touch iPhone 6s screenshot 001

Although you couldn’t tell it by looking at official release notes for Twitter’s version 6.54 update, which make a passing mention of “a few minor updates that you didn’t even know you needed”, the app has finally gained additional 3D Touch goodies in the form of Peek and Pop previews within the app. Before today, Twitter for the iPhone and iPad only supported Quick Actions on the Home screen. Grab Twitter for iOS for free on the App Store.

Owners of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus can now apply pressure to tweets and other items within the app to peek at content or pop it open in full screen mode or into an associated app.

Twitter’s 3D Touch integration lets you preview the following items:

  • Individual tweets
  • Twitter user names and accounts
  • Twitter Moments
  • Embedded media, including links, pictures, videos, animated GIFs and more

A deeper press pops selected media into an associated app, like Safari or YouTube. While peeking at an item, you can swipe up to reveal hidden options.

Twitter for iOS Peek and Pop 3D Touch iPhone 6s screenshot 002

For media previews, the Share via option is revealed in Peek mode, which invokes iOS’s multi-purpose Share sheet where you can select an app to send the media to.

Twitter for iOS Peek and Pop 3D Touch iPhone 6s screenshot 003

For individual accounts, the Peek menu provides three options: Mute, Block and Report. For tweets, swiping up whilst peeking at the tweet provides these commonly used shortcuts: Send via Direct Message, Share via, Mute, Block and Report.

Download Twitter for free on the App Store.

  • Wonder why it took them so long to implement this. It only took Tweetbot a month or two to add peek and pop after the iPhone 6s came out.

  • John Smith

    Is this really news?

    • therealjjohnson

      Yeah, it is.

  • Guy

    Still waiting for dark theme

    • Tweetbot has a dark theme.

      • Guy

        I got tweebot 4, still want dark theme for Twitter app. Even the Mac app as a dark mode.

  • IOSGuru9

    This is cool and all but where’s the weekly wallpapers

  • AndreG

    Anyone know if this work with RevealMenu and/or Forcy tweak?