Peak iPhone? If the latest supply chain report is to be trusted, the Cupertino firm doesn’t envision iPhone sales tapering off anytime soon, at least not this year. Barron’s said Monday, citing a report in the Taiwanese publication Economic Daily Times, that Apple has now asked its contract manufacturers and Asian suppliers to prepare for a much higher-than-expected iPhone 7 production volume in 2016.

Instead of ordering about 65 million handsets, which would have been in line with what Wall Street had been predicting, Apple needs between 72-78 million units of the new iPhone produced this year.

The Taiwan newspaper, citing supply chain sources, said that Foxconn would remain the key contract manufacturer for the iPhone 7 models while rival Pegatron would be “involved in the assembly process,” too. Both firms will also participate in dual camera and glass casing components production, in addition to being assemblers.

The only sticking point in the report may be the mention of “glass casing components” as the reliable KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks the Apple handset will adopt a glass enclosure next year rather than this year.

iPhone 7 Plus mockup by Jermaine Smit.

Source: Economic Daily Times (Google Translate) via Barron’s

  • ravinigga

    That concept is a Nice clean iPhone with the dual lens. Also on right.

  • 919263

    I think Apple is in for a BAD Sales cycle….Popularity is going down, Sales numbers are already down… This may just be a Apple Marketing Stunt…So every one thinks everyone is Buying an iphone…

    • QP

      going down cose 6 and 6s are too similar n ppl didn’t waste money. If this new one will be diff enough i think they will sell as much as they think and even more.

      • 919263

        Apple have nothing up their sleeve.There is ABSOLUTELY NO Innovation, they are going to be “Cloning” other manufacturers features, touting them to be “Earth Shattering”…. I was reading on the State of Apple, and found that all their products… phone, pad, laptop are underselling… much below the hyped forecasts…Chinese Manufacturers are giving Apple a run for their money in China, and that market affects the entire South East Market, which is the “Biggest” developing market for these devices. Cost and Apple Greed is another factor, just to give you an example, SE Asia, an iPhone costs about $900 on an average, a car casts the same, so what would you buy, an iPhone or a car and a $50 cell phone that essentially does everything the iphone does.

  • XenonKilla

    Oh give me a break, they say the same crap every damn year, “much higher than expected”. Truth is, the iPhone 7 will be about 90% identical to the iPhone 6 and people will YAWN and shrug their shoulders and ultimately decide that the device they already have isn’t worth trading in for something that is practically the same thing. So in reality sales will end up being “much LOWER than expected”. Go crApple!

  • they must be going big on internal upgrades this year..