iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak teased

There is a jailbreak for iOS 9.3.3, but you shouldn’t hold your breath for it as you most likely won’t be able to enjoy it anytime soon, if ever. As he did in the past, Italian hacker Luca Todesco teased what appears to be an iPod touch running iOS 9.3.3. beta 1 with Cydia installed earlier today, and if the past is any indication of the future, nothing will materialize for jailbreak users like you and me.

So what’s the point of showing this off if you don’t intend to release anything to the public? Well, you’re just proving you’re talented, but that’s about it.

Todesco is no stranger to such move. In January, he had already showed off an iOS 9.3 beta 1 jailbreak, which as we know, didn’t lead to anything. This reminds us of security researcher Stefan Esser who had a similar habit of teasing jailbroken devices without ever releasing anything to the public.

To be fair, these guys don’t owe anything to anyone, so kudos to them for their awesomeness in their area of expertise. When you’re on the other side of it though, it can feel a little pointless.

iOS 9.3.3 beta 1 was released on Monday, so it seems that whatever exploit Todesco is using is similar to what he already used in the past. The FBI and other government agencies are probably very excited about this. What about you?

  • Jason


  • Still waiting for the 9.3.2 jailbreak.

    • Poporopo00

      …somebody did it.

  • Guava Angel Rosas

    Well.. At least we know it’s possible?

  • The person even tweeted “plz send moar hate”. Well he’s going to get a lot of hate now. It’s sad that now developers just tease jailbreaks with no further information. They’re just doing it for attention now.

  • Markieze Mitchell

    That is just so mean. I’m over here just waiting for the new jailbreak and the closest information that I get is a tease?! Terrible way to end my night…

    • Diego Milano

      Haha, problems of the first world… 🙂

  • It’s sad that hackers just tease jailbreaks with no further information. They’re just doing it for attention. This has been going on for too long now.

    • Markieze Mitchell


    • Rishav Singh

      That’s because these hackers are not smarter than Apple and this time since iOS 9.2 they have nailed these hackers…

    • Diego Milano

      Bringing a jailbreak TOOL to the general public is also very hard as well, so hacking into iOS is one thing -which is undeniably hard- but releasing a fully functional jailbreak tool that is STABLE and highly scalable to all compatible devices is a whole other story.
      So while it seems to be feasible to actually hack into iOS, it doesn’t necessarily prove these exploits are stable and usable, this is just a picture and that’s it. Unless I see a fully functional tool, this is no different than a tampered picture, even if it isn’t, why? Because it renders it pointless to the rest of the world. 😉

      • NotTodayThx

        Yeah it’s not a full jb, it’s root access, hence why you never see tweaks being installed or used in these Vids.
        Check his so called “yalu” 8.4.1 jb, i don’t think one person has ever got to the end of the procedure lol,
        You wanna climb Everest you gotta trek thru Nepal to the start, then The real work begins, this guy goes to Nepal (a lot) but never conquers the Eiger

    • Elienay Freitas

      I think we should’nt expect any Jailbreak before iOS 10. They’re certainly saving exploits.

  • Matt

    I like the days of geohot and redsnow, when jailbreaks would drop immediately and there was no playing this game of yeah we have one but won’t release it. Yes updates happen, but if you hold the exploit and don’t release it for long enough, all that work is wasted. No one cares if you can do it, unless you help others in the process.

    • Y2J

      Geohot was the man. Ah, the memories.

    • Diego Milano

      Yeah, but iOS is becoming more and more complex and the only way jailbreaking can become as popular as tempting and appealing as it used to be, is for Apple to bring us a BETTER iOS in the first place, which has been staggering and lingering for the last 2 years with not very innovative incremental upgrades.
      We need Apple to give us something HUGE once again from a software standpoint, but even if that were to happen, the new trend of recurring iOS releases which introduce new bugs and fixes, is compromising the actual releasing of a jailbreak tool, as exploits’ life cycle is very short-term these days.

      • Matt

        And I completely understand your point. However the whole reason jailbreaking was ever even a thing was to improve on apple’s software. The reason jailbreaking is less prominent is because Apple has implemented a lot of wanted and needed features. And yes there are more updates, but that should be all the more reason that they release the exploits as soon as they become available and debugged. I do hope that iOS 10 will be a huge software year, as Apple seems to have a 3 year cycle, and it’s looking like hardware is going to be lacking this year, but we will see!

      • Diego Milano

        Honestly I’m not expecting a lot from stock iOS these days as no software maker can actually bring ALL options to keep everyone happy, which is why jailbreaking is the solution (honestly I don’t care about using terminal or iFile but customization). I think Apple is fully aware customizing their system is a limitation that’s always been there but it isn’t until now that stocks are being impacted that they may need to sharpen their creativity and bring in some killer features. It’s all about stocks whether we want to admit it or not; people may complain here and there but as long as they buy their products they are not going to do much about it, because finances and revenue lead their way and they are the real signals that lead corporations to make one decision on top of another.
        Back to the point, a lot of people believe widgets are a strong way of customizing and honestly I think that’s far from being good enough, since iOS has -although limited- some widget customization and it never took off. iOS has become better but I still appreciate some tweaks like Apex, keyboard, lockscreen, control center, and statusbar customization, among others. I’m not sure why Apple isn’t giving many options surrounding these but anyway… time will tell. 🙂

  • pnh

    If he needs to do this for attention obviously mommy didn’t hug him enough when he was a child.

    • Mark S

      Forget about mommy, at this point in these guys lives (because I haven’t heard of a female jailbreak creator yet) I think it’s more like grown, single women won’t hug them.

    • MSiqueira

      He may just be creating a market for himself, rather than to an entire community.
      Sometimes economics is above everything for some…

  • Andrew

    GAH. Got the push notification for this…
    “iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak…”

  • TotallySerious

    All I can say is that I’m really grateful I’m jailbroken on 9.0.2…

    • MSiqueira

      I second that.

    • Diego Milano

      Me too!

    • MathewSullivan

      And I’m on 8.4 jailbroken. Meh, it’s something 😀

    • Senith Deelaka Ranchagoda

      Another one here!! ✋

  • Rishav Singh

    Luca Tedesco jailbroke an iOS 9.3 beta 1 but what happened after that ? Let me tell you Apple is more smart than him and they patched it up on their own so Luca Tedesco is nothing and that is why even after so many years they haven’t even hired him…..Guys don’t expect anything from him because he can jailbreak a beta or so but not the final release version…

  • Maximus

    If I saw this guy, I would spit on his face and say ‘What the f… dude? Are you a kid or something? Nobody cares whether you can jailbreak it or not if you don’t share it.’ What’s the point of doing this??? I could never understand the people like him. I assume he was a kind of guy who didn’t have any friends because of his character at school))))).

  • He should be shot and executed

  • ravinigga

    Just release it unstable or stable don’t care

    • Diego Milano

      Sure, so then you can restore to the latest version and enjoy stock iOS long term. 🙂
      Thanks, but no thanks, I’m happy with iOS 9.0.2… jailbroken and have no plans on upgrading.

  • Satyam Panchal

    This guy just want to get famous and nothing and he can’t jailbreak 9.3.3 in a day he just edit iOS file version using ifile and saying I jailbreak it .. I am not saying he can’t make jailbreak but no hacker can make jailbreak in 1 day

    • Bill

      Yeah, he probably didn’t just jailbreak it in a day. Did you read the article? I doubt it, you probably read the headline using iEyes and went straight to comments…

    • pegger1

      If he already had 9.3.2 jailbroken, and then that jailbreak wasn’t patched in 9.3.3, then yes it’s quite possible it’s jailbroken and not faked.

  • DingDingUrWrong

    Yeah we’re definitely not owed or entitled to anything but this cock gnawer Luca Todesco proving he can jailbreak beta’s gets old after awhile. No matter how much he tries Apples not going to hire him, if he’s lucky he might get an interview for the local Genius Bar or something but that’s about it.
    It’s sad that we’re being laughed at by the android fan boys….

  • Blip dude

    You know what, there may well be actually be a point where people will actually begin to not care. Any progress on the Apple TV jailbreak yet?? Seriously, I actually purchased a 2nd ATV 4 for the living that surprisingly came with tvOS 9.0 but have yet to Jailbreak it because well, I have heard of no updates in regards to any progress the Jailbreak has made to become more “user” friendly, just SSH.

  • Bufonse

    Except these idiots don’t do it to show their skills they do it to rub it in everyone’s faces that they have something other people want cause he could’ve showed it was jailbreakable a while ago but he chose to do it exactly when the whole jb community is on edge right now because they might not get another jailbreak for iOS 9 so fukc this loser

  • Mallouk Malek

    He should call it hacking, tweaking, modifying, but definitely not jailbreaking.
    Jailbreak is about freeing our devices from Apple restrictions, it is about community, and most important “sharing”

    • Diego Milano

      I’m sure it gives second thoughts when it comes to publishing articles such as this which only serves one main purpose for the most part and that is inflating these “hackers” egos a bit more, sadly they are like balloons that get nowhere. If we didn’t live in the social network era where “Likes” and “Follows” meant everything to some people, we wouldn’t even blink to these so called hackers’ existence. 😀

  • Paklan

    Just for the purpose of show-off; nothing more, nothing less.

  • Thank god it wasn’t that ahole Stefan Esser who showed off this JB. Alls good for ios 10!

  • Mexy

    What’s the point

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    nothing to see here, move along.

  • Eliijah Moss

    Even if he can jailbreak the latest softwares, that doesn’t account for how exclusive the tweaks, themes, and apps as well as the utlilities will be. It won’t work on something that hasn’t been mass-produced yet. Some stuff might work. But the essentials? I’m afraid not. Unless he knows how to make them work, I’m betting that this is just to tease us.

  • Favna

    sigh… always the same story. This is so sickening.

  • Ducky

    The jailbreak community really is just awful. With comments from here and /r/jailbreak its apparently fine to say that Luca Todesco should commit suicide purely because he refuses to give his jailbreak to them.

  • ravinigga

    I called a jailbreak if its releases to the public. And not showing then i call that Photoshop.
    Greedy a f

  • Kurt

    It truly is ridiculous the comments threatening a guy’s life or causing harm and what not to him over a silly little jailbreak.

  • Joseph Duffy

    “So what’s the point of showing this off if you don’t intend to release anything to the public?”


  • Scott Curry

    “Todesco is no stranger to such move.”

    Grammar police. Pull over. 😉

  • Maximus

    If I saw this guy, I would spit on his face and say ‘What the f… dude? Are you a kid or something? Nobody cares whether you can jailbreak it or not if you don’t share it.’ What’s the point of doing this??? I could never understand the people like him. I assume he was a kind of guy who didn’t have any friends because of his character at school))))).

  • john doe

    First off, has anyone besides this single individual verfied if he actually did jailbreak anything? If not, we can only assume he photoshoped the image. I do hack games and other applications. As testiment to my efforts, I release trainers and such. Sorry bud, no proof, no release, no respect.

  • pnh

    Can’t believe you deleted my comment about this jailbreaker just being attention starved. Is censorship starting to run rampant on the iDB comments? All I said is he didn’t get enough hugs from mommy growing up. I got at least 11 upvotes and you removed my comment? Really? It had a valid point with a touch of sarcasm.

  • MathewSullivan

    Pretty sure he is the type that finds exploits, makes it known publicly and waits for Apple to come knocking, offering a good deal of money for the exploit. It’s smart, but it’s too bad. But I mean.. Can you really blame a guy with decent programming skills for utilizing it to make some cash? Still sucks though lol

  • n0rx0r

    Hey guys, I jailbroken iOS 10, believe me? No download, no credibility

  • David Donovan

    they not giving up them 0days – takin no prisoners