iOS Hacker i0n1c Teases iPad 2 Jailbreak

You might remember about a month ago when iOS hacker i0n1c sent a cryptic tweet about an “elevator,” which made it sound like it was related to an iPad 2 jailbreak. Everyone got excited and many people believed that “elevator” would be the first iPad 2 jailbreak.

Then i0n1c denied the fact that he had an iPad 2 jailbreak but he kept on cultivating this rumor by tweeting several times about the mysterious elevator. I really thought i0n1c was over this, but today he tweeted about his new website

If you go to the website, you will see images of iPads in front of elevators. At the very bottom of the page there is a disclaimer saying that “This website is not about an iPad 2 jailbreak, it is about photos of waiting iPad 2 only.”

I find this kind of funny but kinda cruel at the same time. Why teasing us and maintaining the mystery around this elevat0r jailbreak? Or does i0n1c really have something in the works for us? What do you think?