itunes 12.4 header

Continuing with its string of update releases today, Apple has pushed out a new version of iTunes. Labeled as iTunes 12.4, the update confirms screenshot leaks we saw earlier this month depicting minor design and interface changes that make for a more streamlined experience in the desktop app.

Apple says 12.4 allows you to enjoy your media in a new, “simpler” design that features revamped navigation, better use of back and forward buttons, and a new media picker. Sidebar has also been refreshed, with new Library views and the ability to easily drag and drop songs into custom Playlists.

Here are your full release notes:

Now enjoy all of your music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and more in a simpler design.

Navigation. Now you can use Back and Forward buttons as you navigate between your Library, Apple Music, iTunes Store, and more.

Media Picker. Easily switch between Music, Movies, TV shows, and more—and Edit to choose just the items you want.

Library and Playlists. use Sidebar to view your Library in new ways. Drag and drop songs to easily add them to Playlists. And Edit Sidebar to show only your favorite views.

Menus. Menus in iTunes are now simpler and easier to use. use the View menu to customize your Library or try context menus to act on specific items.

You can find the new version of iTunes in the Updates section of the Mac App Store, or by visiting iTunes > Check for Updates in your Mac’s Menu Bar. It’s fairly sizable, at 150mb, but it’s definitely worth installing in my opinion. In my short time with 12.4, it’s has a noticeable positive impact on my usage.

  • Troy

    Did this fix the bug that deleted the music?

  • hkgsulphate

    how to hide the status bar?

  • Polgár Patrik

    is it only for Mac?

    • Nir

      No, just updated my iTunes on my Windows 7

  • Alex Miamorsch

    Don’t see 12.4 on my PC…

  • Nir

    Ugliest update ever

    • XenonKilla

      What do you mean bro? You don’t like the hideous look and unintuitive functionality that Crapple has provided? This is Crapple we’re talking about here, they can do no wrong! 🙂

  • Sailor_V90

    IDK kinda reminds iTunes 6 or 7,which is fine. Preferred those version anyway

  • Anibal Schumacher

    Problem I see now is that within My Music to switch from Album view to let’s say Song view, the only way is by enabling the Sidebar 🙁
    Same thing if I want to see my Playlists

  • Anibal Schumacher

    Similar thing for the Tv Shows, the appear listed by episodes and not by show or genre, so again, if I want to switch the view now I have to enable the sidebar…

  • John E

    Can’t access/upload to my iCloud Music Library Now…