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WhatsApp on Tuesday launched a native desktop app for Mac and Windows computers. The Facebook-owned messaging service says the app provides a “new way to stay in touch anytime and anywhere – whether on your phone or computer at home or work.”

To download the new desktop version of WhatsApp, visit whatsapp.com/download from your desktop browser. Then, open the app and scan the QR code using the WhatsApp app on your smartphone (be sure to look for WhatsApp Web menu under Settings).

Like WhatsApp Web, our desktop app is simply an extension of your phone: the app mirrors conversations and messages from your mobile device. 

The new desktop app is available for Windows 8+ and Mac OS 10.9+ and is synced with WhatsApp on your mobile device. Because the app runs natively on your desktop, you’ll have support for native desktop notifications, better keyboard shortcuts, and more.

WhatsApp is one of the largest cross-platform messaging services in the world. In February, Facebook announced that it is now seeing 1 billion active users per month. And in April, the company introduced end-to-end encryption for increased security and privacy.

Source: WhatsApp

  • Why??

    • Why not?

      • Bill

        Umm… hmm. Never mind. Alan is right, Alan.

      • Abhijeet Gupta


  • johnlegarcon

    What if you can’t access the app on your phone , mine is dead (error 9 trying to restore )?

  • Shingo

    how about for windows?

    • Plistumichu

      Win 8 and above.

  • nirmitlamed

    Crush on Mavericks

  • Andrieux Querido

    Bahh, still needs your Phone close to it. 🙁

    • Plistumichu

      not close to it but connected with data connection enabled.

      • Kingsilly Ameye

        What’s the difference

      • Andrieux Querido

        Same wifi. this sucks..

      • Plistumichu

        not really. Sometimes I forgot to switch from LTE to WiFi and it works when connected to LTE.

  • Stefano Polo

    will this do the same thing the web app does? Whereas the messages get sent to the phone and then redirected to the computer??? If so, it will kill the battery/data on the phone just as the web app did…..

  • Rondog

    I haven’t even been able to download the app on my windows pc. I just keep getting an error log report.