Altos ADvernture Spring sale teaser 001

Alto’s Adventure, an endless snowboarding odyssey, is currently available at a deep 66 percent discount as part of a Spring sale developer Snowman has been having since five days ago. The game is currently available for just 99 cents on the App Store, down from its usual asking price of $2.99 a pop. Alto’s Adventure is a universal app so that’s 99 cents to play this remarkable well executed triple-A on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Apple TV.

I have confirmed with Snowman that the discount will be up for at least another 24 hours so now’s the perfect chance to grab this premium game if you haven’t already.

In Alto’s Adventure, the player embarks on an endless snowboarding odyssey across procedurally generated alpine hills and breathtaking scenery, zipping through neighboring villages, drifting through peaks and valleys, collecting shooting stars, passing through ancient woodlands and long-abandoned ruins and more.

The game includes somber soundtrack and sports smooth execution at a silky smooth sixty frames per second with crisp Retina graphics, Game Center support for worldwide leaderboards and achievements, simulated night and day, weather conditions, awesome lighting effects and other visual perks courtesy of the Unity graphics engine.

Read my review for more information on Alto’s Adventure and grab the combined iOS/tvOS download for just 99 cents before the price goes back up to $2.99.

  • ericesque

    Bought this for .99 over the weekend. I’d suggest saving your money. This game is a Ski Safari knockoff with stylized visuals but significantly less substance.

    • I’m sorry but I’m going to have to wholeheartedly disagree with you. Yes, tastes are a matter of personal preference so what works for me does not work for everyone. That being said—and this is coming from a Ski Safari fan—Alto’s Adventure is on a whole different level. It consistently ranks high on various charts, has great replay value and looks gorgeous. There are Ski Safari knockoffs out there, but this isn’t one of them.

  • Victor

    what if i just bought it a week ago? can i get refund on the price difference?