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MacStories founder and editor Federico Viticci has joined forces with user interface designer Sam Beckett on giving us their take on some of the features that Apple may or may not implement in iOS 10, the next major revision of the mobile operating system powering the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The stunning renderings and an accompanying video imagine many features that Apple fans have been craving for, such as a brand new dark mode for iOS 10, an updated Control Center which lets you move around and customize the icons, an official Siri app for implementing voice-activated features in third-party apps and more.

Dark mode, Siri in apps

Siri is reportedly coming to the Mac this fall, but the rumor-mill has been suspiciously mum on the prospect of a Siri API, something that would permit Apple’s developers to more or less easily implement voice-activated features and Siri intelligence in their apps.

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“Just think about the possibilities: you could ask Siri to create tasks in 2Do or OmniFocus; if you’re on the bus and can’t talk, you could text Siri and ask her to bring up the best Italian restaurants within a price range; or, Siri would know how to load your favorite workout from the fitness app you’re using,” wrote Viticci.

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I also like a text mode in Siri which would give us the ability to type or refine requests without speaking, if need be. His iOS 10 wishlist also includes a customizable Control Center with icons that can be rearranged and a system-wide dark mode, similar to dark mode on OS X, that looks absolutely gorgeous, as shown on the rendering above.

And here’s a video accompanying the post.

Awesome work there, guys!

All the features we want for WWDC

These are all realistic wishes for Apple’s upcoming iOS refresh, I’d say. Apple could easily implement any or all of the features depicted by this concept, there’s nothing technologically or platform-wise preventing them from doing so.

And here’s a look at a customizable Control Center featuring 3D shortcuts, adjustable toggles and support for third-party shortcuts at the bottom.

iOS 10 concept MacStories image 005

You’ll wholeheartedly recommended to read the whole post at MacStories as Viticci details other features not shown in the video, including rich inline item previews in Messages with message extensions and the ability to allow read receipts on a per-contact basis, a search field to easily find the right emoji, an improved document picker for iCloud Drive and an enhanced Split View multitasking feature on the iPad.

iOS 10 concept MacStories image 003

So, how do you like this exhaustive iOS 10 concept? I think it’s pretty cool and spot on. The question is, what does Apple have in store for iOS 10?

Source: MacStories

  • OWashe

    This is the least they could do…

  • Guy

    Definitely would luv if this were true for iOS 10

  • Abhijeet Gupta

    Apple is not going to do any of these. Sad

    • Troy

      Yup this just shows what it could be. Kind of depressing actually

  • Iskren Donev

    One of the reasons I will always be a fan of jailbreaking – we get the good stuff sooner.

    • TJ

      Your guys have a “dark mode” jail break

      • Swanny246

        Not sure if they were updated for iOS 9, but for iOS 7/8 there were two tweaks named Eclipse and NightMode that both implemented a dark mode for apps.

      • TJ

        Yeah I hear a lot of people leaving because there hasn’t been a jail break for iOS 9.3 and above.

      • Okada San

        Not sure about NightMode but Eclipse was updated for iOS 9. I used it and loved it. Just waiting for the next JB to get it again.

  • Gregg

    Awesome ideas. Instead, Apple will give us some incremental tweak or upgrade and call it “revolutionary”… Remember, it’ll be their “best version of iOS yet!”

  • Alberto Espinal

    Apple take notes from this people or hire them, this is awesome!!!

    • Ángel Javier Esquivel

      Or just steal them like f.lux

      • Anonymous

        They did sherlock f.luxs and many many other jailbreak tweaks. however, i would perffer ti have them sherlick and have the feature stock then having to jailbreak to get it. Jailbreaking is the for alternative.

      • Alberto Espinal


  • edwilk55

    Very nice!

  • tiltdown

    We can all see this in iOS 12 maybe?

    • Abhijeet Gupta

      iOS 15 for sure . 12 is too early. 😛

  • Diego Milano

    Drag and Drop is just AMAZING! I’m hoping that if these things don’t come up with iOS 10 that the jailbreak community bring these over to us. 🙂

  • Ed Hainsworth

    UNLOCK the lock screen

  • Anonymous

    Dark mode would be nice for ios users with black bezzels.

  • rockdude094

    Hey apple can totally rock this on an OLED display

  • Nolan I.

    I fully expect iOS 10 to be another complete interface makeover

    • Rowan09

      I agree it’s the tenth version

  • Matt

    I am sucker for dark mode. I even enabled it on my computer and IMO it looks amazing.

  • TJ

    I want this so bad, if iOS 10 doesn’t do this I’m going to jail break when its available

  • mariocampie17

    I believe that Apple should bring a forum option to the App Store for Apps. With a forum in the App Store that would allow people to be able to ask questions about an app at question and get quick and simple answers from other people who use the app and this would allow people who have questions to look at what other people may have already asked. For example maybe I wann know how a certain app compares to another or how to unlock something in a certain app; I could then simply ask and someone who has a answer can easily respond. The forum could be a tab just as the Details, Reviews, and Related tabs and could go right next to the Review tab where you view a app. To make sure the questions are relevant/acceptable to be on the forum Apple could have you simply submit the question you have to them and they would either approve or disapprove of your question and the same system would work for answers as well. I feel this would bring about a better experience for people who want to try new apps or who are unfamiliar with features in an app or simply just who wanna know how to get further in a game they play.

  • askep3

    Why does everybody want dark mode so much? I’m just curious.