Apple Pay websites teaser 001

Apple’s mobile payment solution for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch will be coming to mobile websites later this year, reports Re/code. The technology blog explains that people will be able to pay for goods and services purchased in online stores through the Safari browser on iPhones and iPads that possess Apple’s TouchID fingerprint technology.

Apple Pay is currently supported in physical retail stores and select third-party apps that have elected to implement support for the technology with In-App Purchases, but not on websites. If true, this move will aim Apple Pay squarely at the likes of PayPal, Square and other established online payments service providers.

“Apple has also considered making the service available on Apple laptops and desktops, too, though it’s not clear if the company will launch that capability,” writer Jason Del Rey has learned.

The company could choose to announce the expansion of Apple Pay to websites at this year’s WWDC, its annual pilgrimage for developers which usually takes place in June. Apple is reportedly telling potential partners that the new feature will be ready in time for this year’s holiday shopping season.

Online retailers saw in aggregate nearly a comScore-estimated 9.8 billion visits to their mobile websites during last year’s holiday season, compared to 8.1 billion through mobile apps.

Source: Re/code

  • Joonyaboy

    Looking forward to it. You can pay for Dunkin Doughnuts coffee this way.

  • Anonymous

    I knew it was only a matter of time. Perhaps cydia one day will offer apple pay for tweaks. Oh how funny would that be!

  • :D

    I think I’d still prefer PayPal for that extra buyer protection

    • Jibbley Gravey

      😀 They do have EXCELLENT buyer protection. You can literally SCAM the seller with EASE lol. They have 0 seller protection and 100% buyer protection. Great if you’re a buyer… if you’re a seller, if the buyer disputes xD you’re done. lol. Trust me, I was a former eBay power seller… crap company.

      They need to BURN. 🙂

      • The fun thing though is that the seller basically pays for the buyer protection since he is the one being charged all the fees. But once you have problem with a buyer the whole concept of seller protection is a big fat FU!

  • So much yes! PayPal’s customer support is trash and if they make a deal with Amazon then this is going to be huge!

  • websyndicate

    Paypal is terrible and I refuse using them. Obviously I can’t get around it all the time. I don’t eBay I mostly amazon now. Paypal can go to hell as far as I’m concerned.

  • TechnoBuff

    Until ApplePay supports sending payments through email addresses, it will never trump Paypal…. Moreso the fact that you have to be tied into Apple ecosystem to use Applepay will be the drawback.
    Paypal works with everybody regardless of device or platform and thus the key selling point.

  • Too bad that here in Germany (and the rest of Europe) Apple Pay is not even on the horizon. Who knows when and if we’ll ever get it. 🙁