The Wallpapers of the Week section strives to bring you fresh images to your iOS devices every Sunday. Changing wallpapers is one of the quickest and most drastic ways to modify the look and feel of your daily driver, without a jailbreak. Consequently, having an arsenal of top quality images is key for every advanced user.

Trying to provide a smattering of all wallpaper types, today’s images are simply textured. No cityscapes, naturescapes, or galaxy images, download simple textured wallpapers for iPhone.

Textured wallpapers

The first set of images, containing the marble wallpapers, is designed by Jason Zigrino, who is a long time friend of iDB. You can find more images by following him on Twitter via @JasonZigrino or visiting his dribbble gallery. All of the images are formatted for iPhone and can be downloaded by clicking the thumbnail.

Black Home Screen By Jason Zigrino

Space Gray Lock Screen By Jason Zigrino

Space Gray Lock Screen v2 By Jason Zigrino

White Home Screen By Jason Zigrino

Silver Lock Screen v2 By Jason Zigrino

Silver Lock Screen By Jason Zigrino

Silver and Black Lock Screen By Jason Zigrino

Rose Gold Lock Screen v2 By Jason Zigrino

Rose Gold Lock Screen By Jason Zigrino

Gold Lock Screen By Jason Zigrino

For good measure, there are a few additional images below that are also textured and/or patterned. In case you are not a big marble fan, find your alternative wallpapers below, sourced from Similarly, the images are formatted for iPhone and clicking the thumbnail will reveal the full image resolution.

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Don’t forget to download the March 21, Apple event wallpaper from last week! We are looking forward to the new releases, which come tomorrow.

Apple Media Event March 21 iPhone Wallpaper Splash

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  • Valinor

    Wow, talk about ugly wallpapers.

    • Petr

      Well.. At least it’s something new. 🙂

    • rockdude094

      Are you kidding ? They are really good.

    • John

      …and where’s your contribution?

      • Valinor

        I’m posting right? Clicking on ads and articles on the website.
        Helping out people.
        What else do you expect from me?
        I’m not allowed to have an opinion?

        John, that beard of yours, looking good

      • John

        Yes. You’re posting.
        If you didn’t like them, I’m asking where your contribution is.

        I didn’t say you couldn’t have an opinion, I was just asking where your best/favourite is.

        Thanks, your image is just as…interesting

  • Ducky

    Would love a minimalist version of this. Love my wallpaper but I’ve had it too long.

    • 9to5Slavery


    • Gregg

      Same, but blurred. You like?

      • Ducky

        Used to have that one but much prefer low poly wallpapers.

  • Joseph Apodaca

    Here are some(:

    • leart

      not bad 😀

    • tariq

      Lovev the mountains! (: thanks!

      • Rahimo

        what are the tweaks you used??

      • tariq

        its an android phone (S7 Edge)

      • Tommy

        lol owned

  • filter351

    I hate to say it, but I think they missed the mark on these wallpapers.

    • Gregg

      They are not marbelous.

  • iDownloadBlob

    My wallpaper…

  • Gregg

    And here’s mine.

  • Black Jesus


    • Rain

      Looks like batman is taking a nice little poop

      • LARRY

        Check my newest post talking about poop lol


    Seriously????? This???? Looks like they took pics of the kitchen counter???? LMFAO!!


    What’s next the restroom toilet??


    Beat them to that here ya go!!

  • Sara Eid

    I love these! Can you make one like the second or third black marble wallpaper but with a gold time border instead of white