Cityscape wallpapers

Max Kas  splash image

This week’s wallpaper post moves away from graphically created imagery and back to a photographic focus. While previously popular posts include simulated geometric shapes, the contents in today’s walls include similarly playful designs.

Utilizing standard photographic techniques, both images bring back the basics. The cobbled street image plays with leading lines in the street, drawing the users eye to the photo’s mid-point. However, with a blurred background, the focus hangs in the foreground on the textured stone road.

In the additional image, tall buildings are utilized to frame the street, creating depth of field, while making the image seem visually longer and deeper than flatter graphically designed alternatives. In both versions, the flat tonal color scheme will make icons pop and the Lock screen clock will not be lost. Step inside for the download…


The images today were submitted by @Max_Kas. On Twitter, Max frequently shares wallpapers he has put together or found throughout his internet ramblings. Max is also the creator of LS Lyra Lock screen theme.

Max Kas cityscape.png

Download: Left; Right


If you have some great images, make sure to send them my way! The best way to catch me is via Twitter @jim_gresham. Alternatively, send me an email at Please, make sure the images you submit are formatted for an iPad or iPhone; this will make sure your wallpapers are considered for the post!