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The Pangu Team released earlier today an update to their jailbreak tool for iOS 9.1, bringing much-needed stability to the process. Available to new users as part of an updated version of their jailbreak tool, the team notes that users that are already jailbroken on iOS 9.1 should also update via Cydia.

Bringing their Pangu tool to version to 1.3.1 for Windows and version 1.1.1 for Mac, the only notable change appears to be stability improvements. This is specifically important for users who have attempted to jailbreak iOS 9.1 and faced problems, most notably the infamous boot loop.

For those that are already jailbroken on iOS 9.0.x – 9.1, an update should be available in Cydia to make the untether more stable overall. If you see this update in Cydia, it is recommended to apply it.

pangu 9.0.x untether cydia

The Pangu Team claims that this update will make the untether boot quickly more often. Early reports seem to indicate the team has been successful doing that.

The latest versions of the Pangu jailbreak tool can be downloaded from our Downloads page. We also have a set of instructions available for both Mac and Windows users.

In a tweet sent last week, then Pangu Team said they were also about to release a jailbreak for the new Apple TV. We will of course be covering this event as it unfolds.

  • Solrac Hum

    good, jailbreak did, I followed the tutorial to the letter, however Cydia NOT open ..
    Or Better, IT opens and closes automatically ..
    Any tips ? What can I do ?
    There has Retrace ..
    And Has No Formatting
    For dai IT will update ASKING for ..
    And now ???

    • lars

      seriously dude, what the heck are you babbeling about?

      If you are saying your jailbreak failed, then i would suggest to make a hard reset (home + sleep till apple shows on screen)
      If that won’t help i would try to re-jailbreak.

      Other than that, i would work on your spelling, but grammar ist ok 😛

      Jeah jeah, i don’t care if mine isn’t as good as a natives 🙂

      • Solrac Hum

        Sorry my writing , I’m from Brazil

        It does not have to redo it appears that has already been done , and is not getting the cydia , only updating 🙁

  • avd98

    it’s a pitty everyone is on 9.2 right now

    • AngryDingo

      The exploit has already been patched and it’s for people who mistakenly upgraded to 9.1 or who purchase a new or refurbished device that has 9.1 installed.

    • john457

      I got my phone on Feb. 19 and likely it was on 9.1. I was tempted to update to 9.2.1 but resisted the urge. Can’t believe I only had to wait three weeks to jb it:)

  • TwinSon

    Lol, alright. Thanks, Pangu.

  • JJ

    am i able to jailbreak my iOS 9.2.0 yet??

  • Al

    This is an ABSOLUTE NON DISCUSSION‼. Who cares and who is on 9.1? My word,, -“it’s for people who mistakenly upgraded to 9.1 or who purchase a new or refurbished device that has 9.1 installed. “. Huh? If you upgraded to 9.1 before this,, you quickly found out you were out,, why would you stay? And, seriously, how many purchased one offf of eBay with 9.1??⁇ uuuuggggghh. They put it out cuz they had it and had to,, and its as good as worthless,,,,, Love Pangu,, but they had no choice… 1 in a 1000 still have 9.1 hoping they jailbreak it… Or just loved 9.1 sooooo much they decided to stay with that…