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Pangu released a jailbreak tool for iOS 9.1 yesterday after it was found that the exploit it uses was patched in iOS 9.2 and later.

Although most people are running iOS 9.0-9.0.2 for their jailbreak and can’t update to iOS 9.1 because iOS 9.2.1 is the current firmware, the tool still gives those who were holding out on iOS 9.1 for a jailbreak a way to enjoy their favorite jailbreak tweaks again.

If you were one of the few who got to use the tool, then you’re probably wondering what jailbreak tweaks actually work on iOS 9.1.

What jailbreak tweaks work on iOS 9.1?

If you’re jailbroken on iOS 9.1, then you’re probably going to want to know what jailbreak tweaks work with the firmware, and what ones don’t. Unfortunately, most developers don’t have a jailbreak on iOS 9.1 to test with, because they’re either stuck jailbroken at iOS 9.0-9.0.2, or they were forced to upgrade and can no longer downgrade to iOS 9.1.

Fortunately, a number of good folks on the /r/jailbreak sub-Reddit have been hard at work at compiling a list of jailbreak tweaks that are compatible with iOS 9.1. The list is being compiled in real-time via a Google Sheets spreadsheet, and can be launched in any web browser.

iOS 9.1 jailbreak tweak compatibility

The list is too long and is changing too frequently to copy and paste here, so we recommend you just visit the Google Sheets spreadsheet for the most up-to-date list of working jailbreak tweaks for iOS 9.1. Keep in mind the list is constantly changing, so if you don’t see your favorite tweak on the list yet, you should wait and check back later.

The tweaks will be categorized under any of the following three Works with iOS 9.1 categories:

  • Yes: This means the tweak works and is fully functional in iOS 9.1. You can safely install and use the tweak.
  • Partially: This means the tweak may partially work in iOS 9.1, but some features of the tweak may cause SpringBoard crashes or not function. An explanation of what doesn’t work may be included. You might want to avoid installing and using the tweak.
  • No: This means the tweak does not work at all in iOS 9.1 and may cause instantaneous SpringBoard crashing. The developer will need to release an update with improved support. You shouldn’t even attempt to install and use the tweak.

Those of you who want to contribute to the list will need to request access to edit the spreadsheet. If you know of a tweak that works on iOS 9.1, you can add it to the list after your request has been approved – the only thing you’re asked to do is keep the list in alphabetical order.

You can share any knowledge of working tweaks in the comments below!

  • filter351

    Anemone, vWallpaper, and Mikoto are running good on my iPhone 6S 9.1.

  • smtp25

    I’m still rocking jb’d 8.4, when the 9 job was released it seemed to flakey by sound reports

    • 9to5Slavery

      thats true. a lot broken.

    • Blip dude

      Yup, not to mention tweak updates were definitely slow. At one point, I literally only had the Cydia app installed and I still had a crap ton of bugs. It was probably the OS, because as soon as I went to 9.1, everything began to run smooth. I’m still going to hold off on the 9.3 Jailbreak once it’s released because I just know how buggy its initially going to be.

    • Varun Soi

      Same here 🙂

    • Blacklight: Retribution

      I haven’t tried jailbreak on iOS 9.0.2. I updated my iPhone 5s to 9.0.2 but need to get touch screen replaced first. Heck, I haven’t tried iOS 9.0.2 yet neither.

  • List of people who are on iOS 9.1: five

    • Vito A. Mancini III

      Make that 6!

      • James Bedwell


      • Nerdy


      • Steve


    • kizmet1313

      iPhone 6s plus iOS 9.1

  • Sivale99

    Pandora Downloader is working on iPhone 6s 9.1

  • Gabriel Anaya

    Nice to see that Auxo Legacy works fine on 9.1. Hoping it’s the same case with 9.3 when it drops. I’ve gone far too long without a jailbreak.

  • Jerry

    Nobody cares! 9.3 or go home

  • Linton Findlay

    theres still a multitude of tweaks not working for ios9 full stop 🙁 Infinidock, Multiplexer, status HUD. Can anyone remember the name of the tweak where you could nest apps under other apps with a similar feel to velox?

    • Mark

      Apex 2. Works great with ios 9

  • Solrac Hum

    I jailbreak , follow the tutorial to the letter,
    but Cydia does not open ..
    Or rather , it opens and closes automatically ..
    Any tips ? what can I do ?
    has no way to redo ..
    And no formatting
    For hence it will ask to upgrade ..
    And now ???
    I look

    • Milk Shake

      Nice poem

      • Solrac Hum

        Google tradutor.. Brasil

  • Blacklight: Retribution

    I was gonna update to iOS 9.1 but then read that it isn’t the newest firmware.

  • Alex

    What about controllers for all?

  • Wak Jon

    but is the cydia impactor works on 9.1? thought its meant for ios 8 only

    • kizmet1313

      No it doesn’t work on 9.1

  • Logan Housley

    is there a 9.2.1 jailbreak?

    • kizmet1313


  • Gabrio

    Winterboard it’s ok at me, and ok 3G unrestrictor, Classic dock no themes, unlim tones partial, linktunes iOS 8 ok for 9.1 and appsync.This in italy