Apple USB-C 2m charging cable

Apple on Friday announced a worldwide replacement program for a limited number of USB-C charging cables that were shipped with 12-inch MacBook with retina display units or sold separately through June of 2015. A design flaw in these cables may cause unexpected premature failure.

As a part of the program, anyone with an affected cable is eligible to gain a free replacement through Apple.

Apple’s USB-C replacement program goes live

According to Apple’s USB-C replacement program page, which was first pointed out by our friends at MacRumors, cables affected by the design flaw may exhibit issues with charging your retina MacBook, such as intermittent charging of the machine while the cable is connected to a power source, or the MacBook failing to charge at all while the cable is connected to a power source.

The replacements that Apple will be giving to affected customers will be redesigned and should not exhibit the same charging issues as the faulty models did.

Apple also makes very clear on the program page that the problem doesn’t just affect those who bought a retina MacBook with the USB-C cables bundled in the box, but it also may affect people who bought a standalone USB-C cable accessory. For this reason, it’s important to know how to find out if your cable is included in the recall or not.

How to tell if your USB-C cable is affected

The USB-C replacement program only applies to units known to be affected by the manufacturer’s defect. As Apple points out on the replacement program page, there is an easy way to tell whether your USB-C cable is affected or not.

All USB-C cables will say “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China” on them, but only cables affected by the design flaw will lack the serial number information after the word “China,” as shown below:

Apple USB C cable replacement program differentiate between cables

If your USB-C cable has a serial number after the word “China,” then your USB-C cable is not covered under this recall and it is not affected by the manufacturer defect.

How to apply for the replacement

Apple notes that for anyone who provided their shipping information during an online Apple Store purchase, or after registering their product online, a replacement USB-C cable will be automatically shipped to that same address before the end of February 2016. Everyone else will need to either visit a local Apple Store, visit a local Apple authorized service provider, or will need to contact Apple support directly to see what other options are available.

If Apple doesn’t already have your address on file, then the company recommends setting up a Genius Bar appointment at your local Apple Store, as this will be the most hassle-free option available. Only if you don’t have one around you locally should you explore the other potential options.

Anyone who believes they have an affected USB-C cable has until June 8, 2018 to take advantage of this replacement program before Apple will no longer honor it.

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  • Jayy

    With all the 30 pin connectors that broke on me, Apple should be giving me free lightning cables everytime I walk into the Apple Store lol

    • Ángel Javier Esquivel


  • Jake Platt

    My cable has no printed wording on it.

    • Sanjay Bandaru

      Even mine doesn’t have anything !!

  • Sanjay Bandaru

    My cable doesn’t have anything printed on it and it’s the charging cable that came with the Macbook12

    • Abhijeet Gupta

      Same here, Nothing is mentioned on my Macbook’s cable as well. Team iDB Please help.

    • leart

      there’s always a printed mark like that, all my ipod/ipad/iphone cables have that, just some are most hard to notice..
      if your cable doesn’t has that mark, probably is a fake one

      • Burge

        Yes because Apple give out fake cables when you buy a MacBook. Did you even read the last paragraph?

      • Joaquim N.

        No there isn’t and stop talking about what you don’t know.

      • leart

        joaquim, no one was taking to you, F off

      • leart

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      • leart

        next time feel free to ignore comments you don’t like mr corrector

      • Sanjay Bandaru

        This is the cable i got with my MacBook 12 , I don’t think it’s fake 🙂

    • Anthony Bouchard

      I would suggest you call Apple to find out. There’s nothing on their support page about cables with no text on them.

    • trust me, it will have something on there. the text is just reeeeallly light grey and is super hard to find. i only discovered some a few days ago on my earpods (i only keep them as spares)

  • leart

    currently my only USB-C cable is the one from my first mini and yes the serial number is there 🙂

    • Joaquim N.

      Your f*cking mini? What the f*ck are you talking about? It’s the new Macbook standard cable, stop talking about what you don’t know!

      Read the f*cking article, it’s on the second line!

      “…a limited number of USB-C charging cables that were shipped with 12-inch MacBook with retina display units or sold separately through June of 2015…”

      • Burge

        I think he’s on about lighting cables and 30 pin cables and doesn’t even know what a USB-C is, and I think he thinks that’s what comes with iDevices.

      • leart

        and if I’m wrong so what, who the hell do you think you are to use that language, typical myslim ignorant… so take your coment and put it in your bottom