• Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    2GB isn’t really that much storage…

    • Tim

      For literally 15 seconds of work, I’m happy. 🙂

    • Cristian B

      Who cares? You’re making sure your privacy is protected and getting two free GB in the process.

  • NolesFan

    Got my free 2GB, thank you!

  • diggitydang

    Thanks for the heads up!! Done!!

  • :D

    If only Apple could do this too

    • Rodney Coleman

      99¢ a month for 50GB isn’t much lol that’s a extra 45GB

  • the hood

    Googles cheap method (you provide the security checks) of confirming your identification for their targeted ads etc etc etc. Brilliant idea. Interesting how the two most valuable companies on earth have your information to be thankful for.

  • Rodney Coleman

    I have 1TB for buying a chrome book then took it back lol

    • The Fluffy Alpaca

      Really? Is that possible? Do you have to pay after a year?

  • The Fluffy Alpaca

    I did this last year too and now I got 19 gigs of storage for free! That’s 4 gigs extra.

  • TechnoBuff

    Funny how people are never satisfied and rationalize Google’s actions with crazy assertions in their minds. Google at least gives 2GB every year for completing an action aimed at your security and some of these features can be turned off..Funny enough most of these security questions are present in IOS.
    When was the last time Apple gave anything away for FREE….
    We have been stuck with 5GB for years on iCloud that is not as useful as other cloud offerings.