Multiple Apple Watch Pairing

Along with the release of iOS 9.3 beta 1 and tvOS 9.2 beta 1, watchOS 2.2 was seeded to developers. watchOS 2.2 isn’t filled with nearly as many features as the aforementioned software for the Apple TV and iPhone, but it does contain a major new feature that will make a specific group of Apple Watch owners happy.

Beginning with watchOS 2.2 and iOS 9.3, users can now pair more than one Apple Watch to a single iPhone. Once paired, you can easily switch between them as the need occurs. Have a look at our full video preview for a demonstration of the pairing process in action.

What’s new in watchOS 2.2 beta 1

Pairing more than one Apple Watch to a single iPhone

As demonstrated in our video walkthrough above, pairing more than one Apple Watch is now a reality. You’ll need to make sure that you meet the criteria beforehand though, which means you must be running the iOS 9.3 beta on your iPhone along with watchOS 2.2 on the Apple Watch.

Pair Multiple Apple Watch

The Apple Watch app features a handy Auto Switch option, which makes the iPhone automatically connect to a paired Apple Watch when you put it on and raise your wrist. This works fairly well from my experience. You can also choose to connect a watch manually. Multiple Apple Watches can be paired, but only one may be connected to the paired iPhone at a time.

Maps app improvements

The Maps app and Maps Glance now features a handy nearby feature, which allows you to quickly navigate towards POIs.

Maps Nearby Apple Watch 2.2

Overall, this isn’t a huge update, but being able to pair more than one Apple Watch is great for those of you who own more than one. For example, you might have a Apple Watch Sport for activities and a stainless steel Apple Watch for a night on the town. Now it’s possible to use them both without jumping through unnecessary hoops.

What do you think about watchOS 2.2?

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  • Jeffrey Schwartz

    Hey Jeff, I know there is the new functionality in 2.2 for pairing more than one Apple Watch to a single iPhone, but do you know if there is any mention about allowing pairing an Apple Watch to 2 iPhones. I have 2 iPhones, 1 for work and 1 personal and would like to be able to have it paired to both and get notifications from both at the same time. Is there any way to do this?

  • Eikast

    This is probably more for people with the Gold Watch. I don’t see typical people owning more than one Apple Watch.

    • Daniel Waske

      Depending on how good the 2nd Gen Apple Watch is I think it’s quite conceivable that some owners of the 1st Gen device also buy the second one so being able to pair more than one Watch to your iPhone does of course make sense somehow. I still don’t get why Apple would introduce such a feature without also going the other way and allowing people to pair one watch to two iPhones though… 🙁

      • robogobo

        So I’ll buy the new one and still want to wear the old one?

      • Daniel Waske

        You could, for example, wear the old one if you go out at night and the new one during the day. That way you would protect your new watch since the probability of damaging it while you’re drunk is much higher than when your sober and personally I’d prefer the old watch to be damaged instead of the new one.

      • David M

        I have a Sport watch. When the 2nd gen comes out, I’ll likely buy the steel one. If I don’t hand down the Sport to someone, I might just switch to the Steel when I’m not biking.

  • [RECON1]

    Anyone else not seeing Glances and Complications show on the Apple Watch app?

    • Hunter

      Yes. Go in and reinstall all the apps (I know it’s a burden) and in the watch settings turn the glances on.

      • [RECON1]

        Tried that. After I install them and exit the app, they auto uninstall.

  • TornBodies

    still waiting on the public beta

  • jay

    Hope the overall experience are better. Maps are not always loading but right. Very slow and sometime not even a map available

  • Ed Steckley

    This is the most rediculous update I can imagine.
    Of all the Watch owners I know, including myself, this ‘multiple watch’ feature is the LAST thing we’re asking for!
    Who’s requiring this??

    • José

      Totally agree. For instance, the ability to define custom quick replies to third party notifications shouldn’t be rocket science, the default ones apart from “OK” (which I usually spell in lower case btw, thus looking odd to whomever I’m sending the message) are utterly useless.

  • robogobo

    There must be a typo. Surely this is just 2.1.1