Move to iOS app

Apple today shot down a report published last Sunday by The Telegraph newspaper that it was building a tool at the request of EU carriers that would permit iPhone owners to transfer their contacts, photographs, messages and other data to Android smartphones.

“There is no truth to this rumor,” a spokesperson told John Paczkowski at Buzz Feed.

“We are entirely focused on switching users from Android to iPhone, and that is going great,” Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller said in a written statement.

According to Tim Cook, almost one-third of iPhones sold during the company’s September 2015 quarter came from people switching over from the Android platform.

“There would have been some switchers on top of that from other operating systems, but obviously Android is the largest one by far,” Cook said on a conference call.

The Telegraph contended that major European carriers were pushing Apple to develop such a tool over fear that the lack of switching from the iPhone to Android was weakening their hand in business negotiations with Apple.

“Telecoms operators are concerned that only a tiny fraction of customers ever move off the iPhone, in part because of the technical hassle of transferring data,” said the report.

The story immediately struck me as odd. Even if carriers’ fear was founded, it would have been the responsibility of Google, or handset makers—or even carriers, but certainly not Apple—to provide such a tool to their customers.

Source: Buzz Feed News

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    And honestly, who would switch to Android? Jailbroken iOS is all we need.

    • Blip dude

      People who are not simply enjoying iOS or simply prefer whatever Android has to offer. The OS still exist for a reason, clearly people are getting some kick out of it. Yes, a Jailbreak OS is great, but I still sometimes feel like I can get more out of my device. I don’t mean features from Android necessarily, but just . . . more.

      EDIT – No, I don’t own any Android, the Nexus 6 is something I’m looking at for Project Fi (Need a cheaper cell bill), but I am a proud owner of an iPhone 6S Plus and iPad Air 2.

      • askep3

        It was probably a rhetorical question, but your points are correct!

    • “And honestly, who would switch to Android?”

      How about the Apple co-founder himself (http://bit. ly/1OGR2jU)? Or is he no longer a person to you?

      • igorsky

        Woz switched to Android?? Well if I ever needed a reason to do so, this is it!

      • I Didn’t Do It

        wow wozniak said its bad so now apple products are bad

    • Matt

      I have to see what iPhone 7 has to offer. So far it’s not very promising and if it really own’t have a regular headphone jack, then off to Android land I go.

  • InfinitePlusOne

    Good. if they want to switch. tell the company to make one.

  • J™

    That would be a dumb move

  • 5723alex .

    ” Google, or handset makers—or even carriers, but certainly not Apple—to provide such a tool to their customers.”

    They can’t as Apple won’t let anyone into inner APIs need for the task.

    • Senith Deelaka Ranchagoda

      They can.. There’s an app from Samsung.
      If Samsung can make one others probably can as well..
      It’s not Apple’s responsibility to make such an app..

      • Morgan Freeman

        Add HTC to the list. I have an HTC phone and in the settings you can enter your iCloud email and password and it will pull data from your last backup. Texts/iMessages, pictures, contacts, notes, etc. etc. Or you can plug the phone into your computer and pull from the backup there. Pretty simple, really. Note- if you opt to transfer your data from your iCloud backup, you need to temporarily disable two-factor authentication if you have it enabled.