Apple EarPods (promo video, 3D ear scan)

Apple is reportedly building brand new, completely wireless earphones that will fit inside of a user’s ear, along with a charging case, as per 9to5Mac.

The in-house designed hardware is similar in concept to the Motorola Hint headset and Bragi’s new Dash and said to include a noise-cancelling microphone system. The accessory will be “a premium alternative” to a Lightning-enabled version of the EarPods headset that’s also in the works (EarPods are the wired in-ear headphones that came with your  iPhone).

Three days ago, Japanese blog Macotakara first reported on Apple’s plans to bundle the iPhone 7 with a wireless headset. The following day, Fast Company said Apple is working with a supplier on a new noise-canceling technology to be used both in the iPhone 7 and the new earphones to help remove background noise in music playback and in phone calls.

“The new headphones are likely to come with a carrying case that doubles as a rechargeable battery to juice up the headphones when they are not in use,” reads the story.

To give you a better idea about the direction Apple is heading in with its purported wireless in-ear headphones, here’s Bragi’s new Dash.

Bragi Dash

The design cals for a pair of wireless chips and separate batteries, meaning a “sub-4-hour battery life without use of the case would be expected.”

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Additionally, Apple is said to provide different-sized ear sleeves for the tiny earphones, which are “highly likely” to be sold separately from the iPhone 7.

For en even better comparison, this is what Motorola’s Hint in-ear headset looks like. Apple’s new accessory should be similar in concept to the Hint.

Motorola Hint

Prior reports have indicated that the next iPhone will lose its 3.5mm audio jack in favor of Bluetooth wireless headsets and Lightning-connected wired headphones.

Apple reportedly hopes to launch the new earphones this fall alongside the iPhone 7 and other refreshed hardware.

Source: 9to5Mac

  • Ultimate Bumbaclot

    Lol Apple will never make earphones that fit in your ear I’ve never seen someone using the headphones they give u

    • Franklin Richards

      The Earpods sounds are actually quite good but the lack of insulation that in-ears give it’s kind of useless to a lot of people.

    • techfreak23

      Really? I highly doubt you’ve NEVER seen anyone use them…

      • Ultimate Bumbaclot

        Na I swear I’ve never seen people with them cause they suck and don’t fit in anyone’s ears. Good quality sound but they need a rubber piece on it to fit in perfectly

      • Rowan09

        Don’t know where you live but I see them all the time in NY. I use to use mine all the time as well, but just recently started using my beats wireless.

      • pr1son3r

        true it’s everywhere.. from original to fakes

      • I think the latest gen fits the ears better than the previous, and they’re very common.

      • Matt Perkins

        Most who have iPhones have either EarPods, the older model of Apple earphones or earphones/headphones that cost $100 or more. There isn’t really any earphones/headphones that cost under $100 that have better sound than the EarPods. So lot of what you see is prolly more to do with sound quality and less with how the fit. Or in Beats case, more for the appearance than the sound quality.

    • Andrew

      Apple headphones have to be one of the most common pairs of headphones I see anyone wearing.

      • Morgan Freeman

        They are earphones, not headphones. Headphones go over the ear. Just picking nits.

      • Jackson Grong

        What are you doing here? Go back to your major blockbusters!

      • Morgan Freeman

      • Andrew

        I mean if you’re *really* picking nits, they’re EarPods. :p

      • Morgan Freeman

        I wasn’t referring to the trademarked name. 😉 Earbuds/earphones… but you’re still right. 🙂

      • The Guy

        Actually, you’re incorrect. They’re called “in-ear headphones.”


        In-ear headphones(earpods, earphones)
        On-ear headphones
        Over-ear headphones
        open-air headphones
        Around-ear headphones

        You get the picture.

      • Morgan Freeman

        Okie dokie! Consider me schooled, guy. 🙂

      • Ultimate Bumbaclot


    • Merman123

      This might be a California thing , but around here EarPods are very popular.

      • Manuel Molina

        Same in the New York. If I’m ever on the subway or even when I drive, I see people walking or even driving with them.

    • Manuel Molina

      I only use the headphones Apple gives you when you buy an iPhone. They are my favorite, free, have lasted pretty long since I’ve had them (a year and 4 months), and still are used in the gym when I go. The ones before were crap.

  • ericesque

    This is the most convoluted solution fathomable. There’s no way there is a shred of truth behind this.

    • :D


  • Eli Montoya

    Gonna lose those shits by the next day

    • Franklin Richards

      Their Apple Care call centre is going to get a flood of people asking whether they could get a replacement because they dropped it into the urinal whilst wearing them.

  • Lordrootman


    BOSE QC20I $329 Bose SoundSport in-ear $129 HARMAN KARDON AE $100

    never use my original iPhone EarPods though i see a lot of people using it even for android

    • Cristian B

      this comment gave me aids

    • Benedict

      That’s why I use a Panasonic headset for 12€…

      • Lordrootman


  • Out5poken

    The apple earpods aren’t the worse sounding buds around, they are definitely adequate for many peoples uses and i see this daily on my commute.

  • Fabio Rodrigues

    it would be cool if they make do take the 3,5mm jack out of the phone but supply with a lightning 3.5mm adapter of some sort, because it is going to be horrible to lot of very expensive heaphones and headsets going to waste if they do that 🙁

    • Jason B

      Of course they will, for $19.99…