Apple Watch App Inspiration Top Splash

All avid iDownloadBlog readers know to expect a fresh set of wallpapers on Sunday afternoons. Since the summer of 2013, our Wallpapers of the Week section has drawn a steady following. Today’s collection, however, is not a new set, but a highlight of the year’s most popular images.

Going back through the year, we pulled wallpapers that were popular throughout 2015. Some of the favored styles included galaxy, geometric, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens wallpapers. Several key wallpaper contributors through 2015 section included @JasonZigrino; @AR72014; and @iDeviceArt. Step inside for this year’s hottest wallpapers! 

Best of 2015

The Wallpapers of the Week section is comprised of images that I find around the Internet or are submitted directly to me via Twitter @jim_gresham. If you have a great image for consideration, please send it my way! You do not have to be the original artist, but if you know who created your submission, please give credit where due. Most importantly, ensure any images are photo quality and pre-formatted for the latest iOS devices.

Space wallpapers splash

Visit: January 11, 2015 | Download: iPad; iPhone

Geometric Mountain Splash

Visit: February 15, 2015Download: iPhone

Apple Watch Certification Splash

Visit: April 26, 2015 (full collection)Download via @JasonZigrino

iPhoneAluminumSpace GrayStainlessBlack StainlessGoldRose Gold

iPadAluminumSpace GrayStainlessBlack StainlessGoldRose Gold

Apple Watch App Inspiration Splash 2

VisitApril 26, 2015 (full collection) | Download via @JasonZigrino

iPhoneAluminumSpace GrayStainlessBlack StainlessGoldRose Gold

iPadAluminumSpace GrayStainlessBlack StainlessGoldRose Gold

Apple Store Front Splash Image Surfing header

Visit: May 24, 2015 | Download via @AR72014: iPhone; iPad

Apple World Gallery wallpaper splash

“Shot on iPhone 6” campaign: May 31, 2015 | Download: top left; top; right

Space SHIFT2 splash

Visit: July 12, 2015 | Download via @MikailDesign: iPhoneiPaddesktop

Golden Gate Splash b

Visit: August 9, 2015 (full collection)Download viaScott Gordon

MacBook 13″ 1441 x 901: LeftRight

MacBook 15″ 1681 x 1051: LeftRight

iMac 21.5″ 1921 x 1081: LeftRight

iMac/Apple Display 27″ 2560 x 1440: LeftRight

Apple Event September 9 Wallpaper stijn_d3sign splash

Visit: August 27, 2015 (September 9 Apple Event full collection)

Download via @stijn_d3sign: left; center; right

iPhone 6s Motion Wallpapers splash

Visit: September 20, 2015 (still iPhone 6s wallpaper collection)

Download via @iDeviceArt: iPhone

Star Wars The Force Awakens Wallpaper splash iDownloadBlog

Visit: December 13, 2015 (full collection)Download: iPhone

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  • I think you guys should focus more on the Mac as you do on iPhones. Like you should share more desktop wallpapers and write posts on how to customize OS X and other things like that.

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    My login screen is a collage of different pictures made into one picture. My wallpaper is a completely solid black background to make reading icon labels as easy as possible. To make it, push your camera into something so it goes all black then take the pic.

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      please share it.