Winterized wallpaper splash

As we roll into the final parts of the year, the weather is beginning to cool down, at least for the northern hemisphere. With the cold weather comes Christmas and snow. Winter is my favorite season and, not coincidentally, my favorite weather related wallpaper.

Inside we have a set of new wallpapers by crowd favorite, @AR72014. Additionally, there is a curated list of previous year’s wallpaper posts, featuring winterized selections. Step below the fold for your latest Wallpapers of the Week downloads. 

Winter wallpapers

The new images were pulled directly from the AR7 app, which is frequently updated with his latest imagery and available for free on the App Store. The newly updated app is optimized for iOS 9 and now includes a section for Apple Watch wallpapers.

To have your wallpapers, or ones you found across the Internet, considered for the section, please catch me on Twitter via @jim_gresham.

Christmas Scenery iPhone Wallpaper AR7

Download: iPhone; Apple Watch

Snow Bokeh iPhone Wallpaper AR7

Download: iPhone; Apple Watch

Christmas White Bokeh iPhone Wallpaper AR7

Download: iPhone; Apple Watch

Christmas Balls v2 iPhone Wallpaper AR7

Download: iPhone; Apple Watch

Previously posted

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Christmas Wallpaper splash

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  • I love it, thanks!

  • leart

    nice one, thank you

    • Mohammed Burn

      what ipad is this?

      • rockdude094

        Its one of the future iPad releases… I heard it contains beautiful 3D icons and an amazing reflective dock. its also a smoother in operation from what i heard, but its just a myth.

      • Noohar

        Yip it’s known for its “retro” UI as well.

      • Mohammed Burn

        sarcasm not needed i had the ipad 2 3 4 and now an ipod 6

    • Rahimo

      you are courageous!! you still on iOS 6 !!! I MISS THOSE DAYS !!

      • leart

        those were the days 🙂