Wallpapers of the week: Christmas pack

Christmas wallpaper splash

We are celebrating as we quickly approach Christmas, for those who observe the holiday. Additionally, today marks the 26th installment of Wallpapers of the Week, which means we hosted the section for exactly one half year. I enjoyed seeing the wallpapers from different artists each week and choosing which ones to post.

However, this week will mark a change in the wallpaper posts. Over the past six months, wallpaper submissions from readers dwindled. Although the post is frequently a highly trafficked article, readers slowly stopped sending in their work. Currently, I only receive three to four submissions each week. While I frequently reconsidered past wallpapers, the well is drying up. Posting quality images each week is becoming a challenge; therefore, the format must change to remain relevant…

New format

To ensure we post quality wallpapers each week, from this post forward, any wallpapers will be considered as Wallpapers of the Week. Original submissions are no longer going to be required for consideration. If the artist is known, it is always required that proper credit is given, but any wallpaper hanging around the internet is fair game.

With that information, it will open a vast variety of never ending wallpapers. There are millions of them scattered around the internet. Whole websites are dedicated to distributing wallpapers and a simple web search will provide a seemingly infinitesimal amount of properly formatted images. Although there are many choices, there is a small amount of quality images that, in actuality, make a great wallpaper. Will it fit with a Lock screen or Home screen? How will the colors affect iOS 7? Is the image resolution crisp enough for a Retina screen?

Obviously, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, to quote the old adage. Some weeks there may be wallpapers selected that do not fit a particular taste or style. Do not fret, there will be more selected the following week. Also, many readers over the past few months complained about lack of multiple screen formats, primarily iPad, sometimes desktop. As the decision opened up all images for consideration, Wallpapers of the Week is no longer bound by specific artists, which increases chances of finding multi-format images.


Today’s selection focuses around Christmas and winter. To begin the new wallpaper format, I figured using multiple mediums would be a good way to show off the flexibility of the new change. First, two snow wallpapers are offered as photographic images. Based on my research, the top left snowflake wallpaper is a genuine micro-photograph. Second, two artist created images, the first of which was submitted to me by @KyleRevony, as an original created wallpaper. Third, is a pair of cartoon images, which help recognize the holidays with characters familiar to the season.

The-Winter-Dream-Snow-Ice-nature-preview Nature-Winter-Season-Snow-preview Christmas Ornaments by Kyle Revony preview Red Snow preview calvin-and-hobbes-in-the-snow-preview peanuts charlie brown christmas preview


To download the wallpapers above, tap the individual image to load the full resolution. Tap hold the full resolution and then save to Camera Roll. Set the wallpaper from Photos.app or Settings.app/Wallpapers. From a desktop computer, right click the full resolution image and save it to the iTunes sync folder.

Continued submissions

In a daring move, I will still open myself for wallpaper submissions. Previously, the submissions needed to be original artwork. Original artwork is still preferred, but all images may be submitted. I will continue to ask for submissions as long my inbox does not get completely destroyed in the process. Images must be in device specific resolutions and must be quality imagery. I will still choose from among submissions or find other items throughout the internet with my own searching.

I anticipate getting more submissions now without the original artist requirement. As all wallpapers cannot make it to the site, I will share them from my Twitter account if they are good walls that simply do not make it into the section. Follow me @jim_gresham for wallpaper images and other iOS related banter. I will also gather submissions from my Twitter account or email jim@idownloadblog.com. If emailing, please embed the image instead of attaching it.

Everyone ready for the holidays with their new wallpapers?