Cold frosted wallpapers for iPhone

Welcome to 2015! Before moving through our current selection, take a step back through our short 2015 wallpaper recap in the new year posting from last week. Moving forward, we are looking at another long year of wallpapers, starting with a celebration of the cold coming winter months.

In the northern hemisphere, winter just recently started on December 21. Temperatures have been erratic, at best, but the cold chill is starting to finally move in. As I mentioned previously, winter wallpapers are my favorite wallpaper genre and today brings four different chilling images for your iPhones.


The images below are courtesy of curation by iDeviceWalls. With images for iPhone 5 through 6 Plus, the iDeviceWalls gallery is stocked with excellent wallpapers for your favorite phone. I keep up with their offerings by following the Twitter account @iDeviceWall.

iDeviceWalls cold frosted splash 1

Download: Left; Right

iDeviceWalls cold frosted splash 2

Download: Left; Right


The wallpaper section is full of goodies each week, most of them populated with images from dedicated iDB readers! The best way to get in touch with me about wallpapers is via Twitter @jim_gresham. Catching me with a tweet is the best way because my inbox remains pretty full with other requests and information. We are looking for excellent wallpapers that are pre-formatted for specific and current iOS devices, not just a photograph from your last family vacation. All quality images in the correct format will be considered.

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