iTunes 12.2 for OS X icon full size

A few days following the release of the iOS 9.2 software update for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with Apple Music improvements and other changes, Apple today posted a matching iTunes update for Macs running OS X El Capitan.

iTunes 12.3.2 makes it easier to browse classical songs on Apple Music with support for works, composers and performers.

According to the official changelog, iTunes 12.3.2 “allows you to see works, composers, and performers while browsing Classical music in the Apple Music catalog”.

In addition to Apple Music enhancements, this release of iTunes includes bug fixes and stability improvements.

To apply the update, launch iTunes and choose Check for Updates in the iTunes menu. Or, you can launch the Mac App Store on your computer and click the Updates tab.

  • Would be great if they rewrote the app for Windows, whenever they release iTunes 13. iTunes has always ran like garbage on any Windows computer I have installed it on. I work in computer repair and have a lot of experience with it.
    Lags, freezes and just an all around poor user experience to say the least. Best decision they ever made was OTA iPhone activations to not make new Apple products owners see how little effort they put into the Windows app. It’s just pathetic.

    • M2

      Agreed. Same thing with iCloud for Windows.

    • Cesar D

      Obviously you won’t put the same effort painting your house than painting your enemy’s house.

      • the hood

        Unless you’re Microsoft, then you go and do a better job on your enemies house instead of your own. 🙂

      • bernleckie

        Don’t see why it’s worth Apple shirking on iTunes for Windows. The apparent incompetence put me right off switching to Mac.

  • Unknow Unknow

    I have 13 gb of updates and more updates iTunes is getting to heavy and too complex that I try to avoid

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Anyone having an issue with iTunes v12.3.2 where the “iCloud Download” column always reappears each time you launch iTunes even though you’ve explicitly removed it from the columns view prior to quitting iTunes?? Only workaround I’ve come across is if I sign out of my iTunes account. But this is no good. If remove, say, “Play Count” or “Ratings” from columns view it won’t come back unless I put it back into view, but the “iCloud Downloads” always reappears. Anyone have a fix for this? Running El Capitan 10.11.2 and iTunes 12.3.2.