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Apple has officially released the public edition of iOS 9.2 for supported iPhones, iPads, and the iPod touch. The update brings several new bug fixes, Apple Music enhancements, and other improvements to all compatible iOS devices. iOS 9.2 is available as an OTA update, and should be shortly available when connecting to iTunes as well.

iOS 9.2

Change log

Apple Music improvements

  • You can now create a new playlist when adding a song to a playlist
  • Your most recently changed playlist is now listed at the top when adding songs to playlists
  • Download albums or playlists from your iCloud Music Library by tapping the iCloud download button
  • See which songs have been downloaded with the new download indicator next to each song in My Music and Playlists
  • See works, composers, and performers while browsing Classical music in the Apple Music catalog
  • A new Top Stories section in News so you can stay up to date with the most important news of the day (available in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia)

Additional enhancements

  • Mail Drop in Mail for sending large attachments
  • iBooks now supports 3D Touch to peek and pop pages from the table of contents, your notes and bookmarks, or from search
  • results inside a book
  • iBooks now supports listening to an audiobook while you browse your library, read other books, or explore the iBooks Store
  • iPhone support for the USB Camera Adapter to import photos and videos
  • Improved stability of Safari
  • Improved stability of Podcasts
  • Fixing an issue that caused mail attachments to be inaccessible for some users with POP email accounts
  • Resolving an issue for some users that caused attachments to overlap text in mail
  • Fixing an issue where Live Photos could have turned off after restoring from a previous iCloud backup
  • Addressing an issue that could cause search in Contacts to display no results
  • Resolving an issue that could have prevented Calendar from displaying all seven days in week view
  • Fixing an issue where Camera screen on iPad could be black when attempting to capture video
  • Addressing an issue that could cause instability in the Activity app when viewing the day of Daylight Savings Time transition
  • Fixing an issue that could prevent data from appearing in Health
  • Fixing an issue that could prevent Wallet updates and Lock screen alerts from displaying
  • Addressing an issue where updating iOS could prevent an alarm from going off
  • Fixing an issue where some users were unable to login to Find my iPhone
  • Fixing an issue that prevented some manual iCloud Backups from completing
  • Addressing an issue where using the iPad keyboard could unintentionally trigger text selection mode
  • Improved keyboard responsiveness when using Quick Reply
  • Improved punctuation input on the 10-key Chinese (Pinyin & Stroke) keyboards with new expanded view of punctuation symbols and better predictions
  • Fixing an issue on Cyrillic keyboards where caps lock would be enabled when typing in URL or email fields

Accessibility improvements

  • Fixing issues with VoiceOver when using Camera face detection
  • Adding support for VoiceOver to wake up the screen
  • Adding support for VoiceOver to invoke app switcher with 3D Touch gesture
  • Fixing an issue with Guided Access when trying to end phone calls
  • Improved functionality for Switch Control users when using 3D Touch
  • Fixing an issue with speech rate of Speak Screen
  • Siri support for Arabic (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates)

iOS 9.2 build 13C75 download links:

  • iPad 2 (Wi-Fi) (iPad2,1) — Download
  • iPad 2 (GSM) (iPad2,2) — Download
  • iPad 2 (CDMA) (iPad2,3) — Download
  • iPhone 4s (iPhone4,1) — Download
  • iPad 2 (Wi-Fi, 2012) (iPad2,4) — Download
  • iPad 3 (Wi-Fi) (iPad3,1) — Download
  • iPad 3 (CDMA) (iPad3,2) — Download
  • iPad 3 (GSM) (iPad3,3) — Download
  • iPhone 5 (GSM) (iPhone5,1) — Download
  • iPhone 5 (CDMA) (iPhone5,2) — Download
  • iPod touch 5G (iPod5,1) — Download
  • iPad mini (Wi-Fi) (iPad2,5) — Download
  • iPad mini (GSM) (iPad2,6) — Download
  • iPad mini (CDMA) (iPad2,7) — Download
  • iPad 4 (Wi-Fi) (iPad3,4) — Download
  • iPad 4 (GSM) (iPad3,5) — Download
  • iPad 4 (CDMA) (iPad3,6) — Download
  • iPad Air (Wi-Fi) (iPad4,1) — Download
  • iPad Air (Cellular) (iPad4,2) — Download
  • iPad Air (China) (iPad4,3) — Download
  • iPad mini 2 (Wi-Fi) (iPad4,4) — Download
  • iPad mini 2 (Cellular) (iPad4,5) — Download
  • iPad mini 2 (China) (iPad4,6) — Download
  • iPad mini 3 (Wi-Fi) (iPad4,7) — Download
  • iPad mini 3 (Cellular) (iPad4,8) — Download
  • iPad mini 3 (China) (iPad4,9) — Download
  • iPad mini 4 (Wi-Fi) (iPad5,1) — Download
  • iPad mini 4 (Cellular) (iPad5,2) — Download
  • iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi) (iPad5,3) — Download
  • iPad Air 2 (Cellular) (iPad5,4) — Download
  • iPhone 5c (GSM) (iPhone5,3) — Download
  • iPhone 5c (CDMA) (iPhone5,4) — Download
  • iPhone 5s (GSM) (iPhone6,1) — Download
  • iPhone 5s (CDMA) (iPhone6,2) — Download
  • iPhone 6 Plus (iPhone7,1) — Download
  • iPhone 6 (iPhone7,2) — Download
  • iPhone 6s (iPhone8,1) — Download
  • iPhone 6s Plus (iPhone8,2) — Download
  • iPod touch 6G (iPod7,1) — Download
  • iPad Pro (iPad6,7) — Download
  • iPad Pro (Cellular) (iPad6,8) — Download

As you can see, there are lots of new fixes for Apple Music, Accessibility, and other areas of iOS 9. The biggest change, for me at least, is the ability to create a new playlist on the fly when trying to add music to a playlist. That was such an obvious flaw in the previous version of Apple Music, and I’m glad to see that it has been fixed.

As we learned from the previous iOS 9.2 beta, there are some significant updates for Safari View Controller, such as the ability to use Safari View Controller web pages with more extensions, and the ability to reload the page without content blockers and request the desktop version of a site.

  • XZavier

    Now it’s time to see if any of those rumors about a jailbreak are true.

    • Cristian B

      God I hope so

    • Jackson Grong

      I hope so, there need to be jailbreak tweak so I can listen to music and use the camera app to take pictures. Apple still didn’t fix that -.-

      • Mohammed Khaled

        Not a bug. Present since iOS 4

      • Brandon

        no its definitely not. It turns off music now because of Live Photos.

  • Matt Chainuck

    Why are these single digit “major” releases to the updates lately, have no redeeming new features in them like they used to do? Every .1 or .2 would come with new features. Why isnt this just a 9.1.1?

    • Difference between a minor version and a patch version usually is meant for developers. A patch version should be exactly the same in a developer’s perspective.

      As iOS 9.2 is in sync with Swift 2.2 which introduced some breaking changes, a minor version is bumped.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    Alright you public beta testers. Time to test this one out! Sound off your overheating, lag, and glitch issues here!

  • Hussain Alsanona

    Why there isn’t watchOS update ? Hmm

    • XZavier

      There is.

  • Wow looks from the list like they fixed a bunch of issues I was having. Updating now!

    • Jackson Grong

      Don’t! The animation in the multitasking is broken!!

      • Interesting, I didn’t notice that all after updating. Did you do a complete shutdown and startup once you updated? I always do that, maybe something is hung up on your end? Or it’s really broken? Like I said, I’ve not noticed this issue but its possible for sure.

      • Jackson Grong

        If I don’t do micro swipes the animation just flys instantly to the last app, or home screen. I’m I the only one? I have an iPhone 6S.

      • VITICO

        i have a 6s and thats not happening to me..not yet

      • Jackson Grong

        You updated to iOS 9.2 right?

      • VITICO


      • VITICO

        when u swipe it definitely is slow.. very slow

      • Gotcha, yes I see what you are saying now. I too have that issue on my 6s Plus. That’s a coding issue for sure.

      • Jackson Grong

        Yea, it’s obvious on the iOS 9.2 betas on the iPad, but I didn’t think Apple would rerelease something so bugged to the public, so I assumed it was fixed. This makes me very angry, scrolling the multitasking was like a mantra to me.

      • Well that stinks if it was in the beta and it wasn’t fixed in the final release. I myself am hoping the watch update fixed an icloud error i continue to have. Just gets super annoying every morning when i turn it back on.

      • Jackson Grong

        I get you, iOS 9 is filled with little bugs everywhere. Like the keyboard shortcuts, my friend added one as a joke and I have to keep deleting it every 2nd day since I got the 6S.

      • I’ve had to do that for a few iOS versions. I have my address, phone number etc saved as shortcuts and each time I change them, they magically reappear, even between devices. People online have been having the same problem but the only fix that seems to exist is a full restore as new device

      • Brandon

        i dont have this issue on mine?

      • theapple99

        I beta tested ios9.2 beta 4 and it ran great

      • Je

        I have this same issue, with the reduce motion setting switched on. With reduced motion switched off it seems to work normally.

  • Gabriel Anaya

    Your turn now Pangu/TaiG

    • SIMON

      Please, let it be TaiG…

  • Equivalent to iOS 9.2 beta 4, even the code number is same 13C75.

    Pretty much no so stable!

    • justme

      yeah, I notice that. I have a public 9.2 beta4 and I don’t have any update notification yet…

      • You wont simply see that.

      • Ezio Auditore

        Do you know a solution to update from beta 4 to final version of ios 9.2??

      • Beta 4 is GM version. However, you can backup and fresh restore to the same firmware if you want to use as a fresh.

  • Blip dude

    The second I saw the OS X update, I figured this would be released. Will update phone at work, will update Jailbroken iPad when I get home. Time for the iPad to get its long overdue repairs. I know a Jailbreak is imminent.

  • Also going to the about section brought up a prompt to update carrier settings. I’m on At&t by the way. This was after I did the 9.2 update.

    • VITICO

      yea me too..

  • Tim

    And the app still crashed when I try to offline download a smart playlist of 715 songs. 🙂 I bought a 64GB iPhone for a reason Apple.

  • Newgunnerr


  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    On 9.0.2 awaiting the 9.2 jailbreak…

    and also didnt they already have Mail drop?

  • Fevostone

    I’m on iOS 9.2 beta 4 and there is no update..? Is the beta 4 the final release anyone.

    • Yup, same here.

      • Jackson Grong

        Same too, no update unlike iOS 9.1.
        Maybe it’s the same release?

      • Cole Mahoney

        Same here, just noticed that it is the same build number as public

      • It’s same by nature too, you can match Beta string with GM; 13C75.

  • Devin

    Not sure if this is new for iOS 9.2 but when Reduce Motion is Enabled, swiping through the App Switcher cards is completely different. Can anyone confirm if this also happened on 9.1?

    • Sleaka J

      No. It’s new for 9.2

  • Someone tell me, are there any performance improvements on the older devices?? (iPhone 5s to be precise).

  • Elias Chao

    Seems like the lag when invoking spotlight is gone for good. Invoking multitasking still a little bit laggy though.

  • iPhoneWINS

    eh.. pass

  • AMB_07

    iPad Mini 2 feels snappier with that update, is Apple finally caring?

  • Farid Ahmed

    hows the battery life on this?