Infuse 4 for tvOS Apple TV screenshot 002

It cracks me up that a jailbreak was needed to let Apple TV user enjoy their own media libraries directly on the device—and yet here we are today as FireCore, the same developer behind the aTV Flash(Black), unveils an Apple-sanctioned media player app for the new Apple TV.

As I wrote in my preview a few days ago, Infuse 4 for Apple TV (releasing later today in the App Store) is an awesome app that turns Apple’s fourth-generation set-top box into a powerful, easy-to-use media center.

No longer do you have to worry about video formats, file conversion and subtitles—Infuse 4 for Apple TV takes care of all that jazz, and then some more. The app can stream your media from a Mac or Windows PC, NAS or Wi-Fi drives and even through a server app like Plex, Kodi or Servo.

It automatically fetches movie details and artwork, integrates with for keeping watched progress in sync on multiple devices, retrieves subtitles from and more.

Most importantly, its powerful decoder renders any “foreign” video format directly on the Apple TV hardware, no conversion needed, in silky smooth sixty frames per second.

What more can you ask for?

Easy setup

On first launch, you must point Infuse to some media sources. I went in Settings and chose Shares, which presented me with a list of available computers and wireless drives connected to my local network.

After typing in the administrator user name and password for my MacBook Air and 3TB Time Capsule, I could browse my folders on the Apple TV. I then added a few folders to Infuse’s Favorites section by pressing and holding the Touch surface on the Siri Remote, and selecting Add to Favorites from a pop-up menu.

Infuse 4 for tvOS Apple TV screenshot 003

Folders marked as favorites are directly accessible from Infuse’s main menu. The app saves your connected network shares and automatically scans the files in them to retrieve and cache poster artwork, description, cast and more.

You end up with a beautiful view of your library with crisp movie posters and informative meta data and descriptions—almost as if browsing iTunes movies on the Apple TV. If you later on save a movie to your network share, Infuse will detect the new file after a minute or two and add the item to your main view.

You can flush cached data in Infuse’s Settings (Clear All Metadata), turn on and off Metadata Fetching, tell Infuse to Show Filenames or sort your files by date and more.

Infuse 4 for tvOS Apple TV screenshot 001

I also logged in to in Settings, which required entering an authorization code displayed on the Apple TV into a webpage via a computer. This lets me  scrobble watched movies and TV shows and keeps watched progress in sync on multiple devices.

As mentioned,  the app, like its iOS counterpart, streams media from wherever you may happen to have it stored, be it a Mac, PC, NAS, Wi-Fi drive or UPnP/DLNA server apps such as Plex, WMC, Kodi (XBMC) or Servo, no syncing required.

Infuse 4 for tvOS Apple TV screenshot 004

Streaming without transcoding

Unlike most other iOS media player applications, Infuse doesn’t require a helper Mac app as media transcoding into an iOS-friendly format happens on-the-fly, directly on your Apple TV, which tremendously simplifies the whole experience.

The app supports a total of 14 different ill formats, from standard MP4, M4V and MOV to MKV, AVI, WMV, MTS, FLV, OGM, OGV, ASF, 3GP, DVR-MS, WebM and WTV. Thanks to the Apple TV’s fast A8 processor and Infuse’s powerful rendering engine, you’ll enjoy silky smooth 1080p video playback without missing a frame.

Infuse for tvOS Apple TV screenshot 003

It’s especially convenient that Infuse includes fully certified Dolby Digital Plus (AC3/E-AC3), DTS and DTS-HD audio. As the Apple TV supports Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 via HDMI (Apple has nixed the outdated optical audio port), those with a compatible receiver can enjoy full surround sound through their home theater system.

Just select Dolby/DTS over HDMI in Infuse’s settings and you’re good to go.


Featuring one of the most robust implementation of subtitles on iOS, Infuse lets you override system default settings and adjust subtitle typeface, size, color, outline and other parameters. Just swipe down on the Touch surface while the movie is playing, select Subtitles and make your changes there.

Infuse for tvOS Apple TV screenshot 006

Infuse automatically downloads the correct subtitle file for the movie being played via, based on your preferred subtitle language selected in Settings (you can also choose default language for audio and metadata).

To load more subtitles, select Get More in the Subtitles menu. Needless to say, you can bring your own subtitles and Infuse will automatically load them provided they’re in the same folder as your movies.

Infuse for tvOS Apple TV screenshot 007

On the movie page, selecting Edit lets you change the file name or update metadata by choosing a similar movie in the list. Clicking Rate brings up a gorgeous “hearts” interface to submit ratings to (Infuse for iOS additional supports posting comments to


I can’t think of any major pain points with Infuse.

Yes, you cannot store videos in Infuse due to Apple-imposed restrictions prohibiting persistent storage for tvOS apps, but that’s beyond the point as Infuse is about streaming content scattered across your computers and network shares, and it does that perfectly.

Infuse for tvOS Apple TV screenshot 005

I also wish the app included additional subtitle sources beyond or, ideally, an option to add my own subtitle source. Other than that, I’ve found Infuse to be the best media player on both iOS and the Apple TV.

And with its super-clean way to enjoy a wide array of videos types from wherever you may happen to have them stored, without wasting time converting them, Infuse is—in my personal opinion—the best media center solution for your box.

To learn more about Infuse, check out the official website. To check out my interview with Infuse developer James Abeler, read this article.

Infuse 4 for tvOS Apple TV screenshot 005


Infuse 4 for Apple TV, launching in the App Store later today, is a free upgrade for all current users of Infuse 3 for iOS, itself a freemium download from the App Store.

The app is localized in English, Arabic, Bokmål, Norwegian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese and Turkish.

Advanced Infuse features that require a $9.99 In-App Purchase include support for additional video formats and Dolby Digital Plus (AC3/E-AC3), DTS and DTS-HD mobile surround sound, streaming a wider variety of video types over AirPlay and Google Cast, two-way sync of your watched history and playback, and background playback while your iOS device is locked.

  • Jose Antonio Gomez

    99% of the reason why I Bought the AppleTV 4, the other 1% was for Apple Music.

  • Me

    Aaaand off to Best Buy I go..

  • cschug

    That last screenshot looks an AWFUL lot like Plex. Wonder if the ATV limits what you can do for media players.

  • Joaquim N.

    Please explain what’s the difference between this and streaming from my Mac using AirPlay?

    I seriously don’t understand. Can someone please explain?

    • cschug

      It’s a convenience thing. To Airplay, you have to be at the computer, have it on, and choose to airplay. With this or another app like Plex, you can use the remote on your ATV and stream from the couch. It also allows you to have all your media on a NAS rather than have a computer running all the time.

      If you have your laptop on your couch anyway while you watch stuff, then this isn’t really something you’d use and you could keep using Airplay.

      • Joaquim N.

        But how can I stream if not using my macbook? I mean, where are the files stored since it can’t be stored inside the Apple TV.

      • cschug

        That’s why you can probably keep using Airplay. In my situation, the files are stored on a server, or other computer that is always on. For example, I have a HTPC in my basement that has my entire movie and TV collection on it. It can play those files when I’m in the basement, but it can also stream those files when I’m in other rooms.

        If you keep all your media on your Macbook, and have that Macbook with you at all times, Airplay is your simplest solution.

      • Joaquim N.

        Thank you very much!

      • Jay Phillips

        Not everyone lives in a Mac world. If you’ve got all Macs and have AirPlay something like this probably isn’t necessary. My network is not Mac. I have MacBooks but they belong to my job so I can’t put whatever I want on them. All of my videos are stored on a WDTV Live network drive and can stream to any device that can connect by NAS / UPnP / or other network protocol. This app allows me to watch those videos on the Apple TV. And it has a really nice interface that indexes and shows movie / TV art and synopsis for all the videos it recognizes.

      • Joaquim N.

        I’m aware not everyone lives in a Mac world, that’s why I asked the difference between this and streaming from my Mac using AirPlay. Meaning, as a Mac user I already have a solution, which is easier for me and I was trying to understand the use of this new app so I could judge if would be better for me or not.
        I never said AirPlay is better or the only solution, I truly asked regarding my experience, if I should use it or not and why.

        Anyway… thank you for your infos!

    • Streaming via AirPlay from a Mac requires a Mac. And if you’re streaming non-iOS media formats in Mac apps like VLC, you won’t get subtitles over AirPlay and might experience choppy performance. Infuse doesn’t require another device: all processing, media transcoding, overlaying subtitles and rendering the video happens directly on the Apple TV hardware. So if you have a wireless drive connected to the same local network as your Apple TV, Infuse can stream your media directly off it, bypassing the computer.

      • Joaquim N.

        I stream non-IOS media formats and subtitles from my Macbook using VLC over AirPlay all the time and I never get choppy performance. Also, AirPlay will just mirror my Macbook’s screen so how couldn’t it load the subtitles? I don’t understand the reference.

        And even if you don’t want to stream from your computer, you still have to upload the files you downloaded/converted to your wireless drive connected to the same local network. So in my opinion, regarding my daily use, it’s easier to just stream directly from the source, which is my Macbook, to the AppleTV.

        Thank you anyway for the infos!

      • The benefit of an app like Infuse is that you don’t have to mirror your entire screen. You can set up a shared folder (Preferences -> Sharing) and then Infuse can access this folder so you don’t have to mirror your screen and if your Mac is in another room you don’t have to get up, walk over to it, unlock it, find the video, open it, turn on AirPlay, enable Do Not Disturb, Close Adobe Flash because it has an update and wants to install right now even though all you care about is watching a video right now… You cut out so many steps with an app like Infuse.

      • Joaquim N.

        Yet, you need your computer and all the troubles that comes with it to prepare your media so infuse can use it, right?
        I agree infuse has its benefits but it’s not necessary the best solution, that depends of each user’s set up.

        Also, your “Shared Folder” need to be created somewhere else, not on ATV. So in my opinion it’s more trouble because you have to use your computer to get the media and then transfer it to the particular “Shared Folder”, outside your computer, and only then Infuse can see it.

      • Nads

        No none of this is required, if you have the correct setup then Infuse is the best and easiest thing to use out there.

        For example, its my own personal netflix and works a hundred times better and also has every single media i need and not just the rubbish ones netflix provides me with.

        I have a NAS running for many years now, i use both Kodi and Infuse to stream from this. My NAS is great as it has been setup in a way such that all i need to do is put the name of the tvshow or movie i want and in which quality and it will automatically find it for me!

        So much better and easier, no messing around with renamings, finding files, worrying about having a macbook or device for airplay etc…

      • Mattia Halter

        😀 I like your Adobe Flash comment. Every fu** time!

    • VonMagnum

      Airplay doesn’t support all those formats including DTS-HD Master Audio (i.e. LOSSLESS 24-bit audio from Blu-Ray transfers with up to 7.1 sound). For people with serious home theater setups, this is a MUST. Who wants 5.1 when you can have 7.1?

      Who wants compressed when you can have uncompressed? Who wants to load Blu-Ray discs when you can store them on an NAS and not even have to have a computer server turned on? (i.e. why Plex is inferior let alone iTunes based AppleTV that won’t let you use external storage without leaving your Mac/PC running.

  • James G

    Compare to Plex please. Not sure if I should switch?

    • cschug

      What’s your setup? I have a number of different clients I use throughout the house, so I use Plex as it can stream to anything. If you only use your ATV to watch your media, Infuse is worth a shot. I have the iOS app and it’s pretty and all, but it doesn’t do what Plex does for me.

      • James G

        I already have a workflow where videos I have get processed by iFlicks, then automatically transferred to an external HD connected via USB to my iMac which Plex watches and updates my library automatically that I access from multiple Apple TV 4’s and from multiple iPhones. Looking into it a little more, the Infuse Subtitle feature seems to be the only benefit for me.

        If I had a NAS I used for storage then Infuse might be a better solution, but currently iFlicks re-encodes and appends metadata to all my video content automatically so client-side encoding on the Apple TV isn’t something I need.

      • Andrieux Querido

        I use Subtitles on Plex just fine on ATV

      • If you’re using Plex you don’t need to re-encode everything unless you’re doing so to compress the videos and save space. Plex will handle transcoding / encoding on-the-fly for you.

    • Yadav Hemmady

      In my case, I have Synology NAS with movies stored in it. Most NAS do not have any transcoding ability in them as the processors are not capable of transcoding. Plex is based mainly on the concept of Plex server with transcoding ability. Though Plex can transcode with the client device, it is best when it happens on the server device . With Plex server installed on the PC or Mac, it streams to devices like Apple TV. Infuse does not require any server side software to be installed and does the transcoding with the client device, such as Apple TV. Plus it is also easy to setup and plays most of the formats with ease. I have been using Infuse on my iPhone 5, iPad3, iPad Air and ATV 2 (jailbroken) and have had no problems at all. I have also used Plex but I prefer Infuse any day. I have also been one of the fortunate beta testers of Infuse on Apple TV 4 and I must say it works like a charm with my Synology NAS. I love it very much.

      • DOOManiac

        My Synology can’t handle Plex either; can you tell Plex NOT to transcode but to let the client take care of it? If so I may check out Plex again because I do think it has a superior UI to Infuse or Kodi/XBMC/MrMC

      • cschug

        Plex does have a direct stream option, but I don’t know which clients are able to use it. For example, I can direct stream stuff to my Roku stick, but it chokes on higher bitrates, so I let my HTPC transcode.

      • IlIl

        It sounds like Roku stick choke issue is more of an network issue than stream/transcode option.

      • tpk

        Yes you can. Enable dlna on plex on your synology and select plex dlna server in infuse. Works perfectly on my Apple TV and my synology doesn’t need to transcode as the Apple TV does all the heavy lifting

      • IlIl

        Plex will only transcode if it needs to. Meaning, if your media can be played natively with client device in question, it will not transcode.

    • Mike

      Plex kills this app! Just downloaded Infuse and connected to my plex server and direct connect to share. Interface is not even close to plex and does not allow the ability to download from Plex server to ipad etc.

  • Blip dude

    Don’t think I got my question answered but I will ask again before I take a step forward with this. If I were to decide to buy a Wireless Seagate Hard Drive, for example, and put all my non-iTunes/Ultraviolet movies into said hard drive, would I be able to stream those movies to my ATV from said Hard Drive?? Or does it require more than that??

    • TechnoBuff

      As long as the wireless drive are on the same network that your ATV is connected to, then it should work.
      The key component is the network, all the devices must be seen or recognized on one network.

      • Blip dude

        Cool!! Thank you for the heads up.

    • ready1take1

      yes you just tell infuse to mount it essentially. it works really well

    • IlIl

      Aren’t Ultraviolet movies DRMed?

      • Blip dude

        Hence why I said my NON-iTunes/Ultraviolet. . . Meaning only the movies I ripped from older DVDs and Anime Movies I owned. I’m still waiting on Vudu to release a tvOS app.

  • TechnoBuff

    For those undecided on ATV4, This is the best reason to purchase.

    Plex has been struggling to play media from my low powered NAS due to several issues including trans-coding. This looks like it beats Plex hands down.
    ATV4 has a bright future ahead indeed! 🙂

    Time to ditch my Dune media player……….

  • DOOManiac

    Does anyone know if this (or any) app can update it’s library while in the background? Or does it have to scan your folders each and every time you go into them?

    For Infuse on iOS the latter is the case, due to Apple API restrictions on background tasks. Not sure what the restrictions are for Apple TV though, since battery life is no longer an issue…

    • OneOfOne

      kodi can. but I dont know if it runs on atv. I know it does on my nvidia shield

    • IlIl

      This is the limiting factor on Infuse’s part. Since it has no ‘server’, it will have to perform the scan each time. On the other hand, something like Plex can simply get the data from the server which will periodically scan media folders.

  • madmaxmedia

    This is WOW. Does it/will it have Siri support? That would be the icing on the cake. Also- do MKV’s with H.264 have to be transcoded, or is Infuse smart enough to deal with the MKV wrapper in the most efficient way possible?

    • ZeRoLiMiT

      INFUSE does everything yes

  • ZeRoLiMiT

    Will this work on remote servers?

  • chuckisbusy

    is there any way to us Subscene instead of OpenSubtitles?

    • ZeRoLiMiT


  • Terrence Martineau

    Just use Plex… does all this and more!

    • ZeRoLiMiT

      but uses the server to convert the movie!

    • Jack Wong

      Infuse can play directly from NAS without a computer running the service.

      • IlIl

        Plex also has servers for NAS. If transcoding isn’t required, Plex can offer few more things on NAS.

      • Jack Wong

        Does it work with Sinology? As I know, no…

      • IlIl

        Yup. It does. Transcoding may not work as Synology doesn’t have enough CPU power to do so, but direct stream should work fine.

      • Jack Wong

        I see, if I have to get a good cpu for a nas… it costs as much as a laptop… never mind.

      • IlIl

        I think you misunderstood. You DON’T have to transcode with Plex. Meaning you can simply direct stream using Plex and not so powerful Synology.

      • Jack Wong

        Can I please have the website of that so I can give a try, thanks.

      • mrgerbik

        IMO I would never buy a NAS – If you are willing to learn some linux commands, you can build a server box and run ubuntu, mint or even freenas… it is endlessly configurable and is always updated.
        My server has been running xubuntu for over 6 years with no issues whatsoever. Solid as rock.

        plus ITS CHEAP

      • Jack Wong

        I have been using laptop only since I was in high school because I don’t like tower, it collects dust… take up space… many wires… but thanks for sharing~ ^_^

      • mrgerbik

        That works too! Just make sure to clean it every 6 months (or more if in dusty place)

        But im sure you know this… :p

  • chuckisbusy

    just downloaded it.. looks like a nice app on atv.. but all my movies are in MKV and DTS. Bummer I can’t test it out before paying $9.99.

  • chuckisbusy

    it looks like a nice app on the atv.. But all my movies are in MKV and DTS. Bummer i can’t test it out without paying $9.99. I still want to see what VLC brings to the table..

    • OneOfOne

      are you really that cheap [stupid]?

    • Niclas

      It supports mkv and dts. You have nothing to worry about.

    • Buy it and if the app doesn’t work or you don’t like it you can get a refund.

      • chuckisbusy

        i already bought it… and its freaking awesome

      • Mariano Martinez

        i download the infuse app in my appletv 4 but i cant try any movie i have in my server pc in mkv ac3 format. I dont get it, is the infuse app free to try or do you must pay?

      • chuckisbusy

        It depends on the format and container. Free version can’t play .mkv, what extension of media are you trying to play?

      • Mariano Martinez


      • Mariano Martinez

        So free version is for other formats? is it worht buying it? is it better than plex?

  • TechnoBuff

    Corrrect me if i am wrong. Nasitfy does not have the ability to add artwork and the relevant metadata, which makes it quite unattractive.
    I think the 9.99 is worth it for Infuse 3

    • Terrence Martineau

      Plex is free and it does that… adds related movies, cast, click on cast or director to see other movies you have that they’ve done… even trailers! …search/filter by anything… yr, rot. tomato rating, genre, resolution.. custom filters… pay for parental controls, users… it’s insane the features it has…

      • TechnoBuff

        I am aware of what Plex does, was asking him about Nastify.
        Infuse plays all formats without transcoding which plex does not especially when playing from a NAS which i does. Plex only transcode on higher CPU NAS, while infuse does it natively on the ATV4.
        Any app that plays all formats like Infuse trumps Plex which does not in my situation.

      • Micke på taket

        Correct , NAStify has no art work and meta.. But for me i does the job ., i dont need to setup servers n shii on other units,,

      • Niclas

        Infuse doesn’t need anything else either.

        Nastify doesn’t have support for DTS or DD, all subtitels and a lot of other things. Including a lot of bugs.
        It might be useful in a few months or more but as of now, there’s no competition.

      • Micke på taket

        Well for me IT does the job on Playing all fileformats i use .. Tried infuse ( free player) and IT didnt work .. Will try again today, i might Done something wrong acc settings, infuse found My nas but couldnt play anyrhing i clicked on…

      • Micke på taket

        Ok i worked now , had to add folders to favorites…

  • Jack Wong

    If I buy the iOS Infuse Pro, do I have to pay again to get the Pro version from Apple TV OS?

    • No

      • Jack Wong

        Then I will just buy the ATV version, because the Nplayer works good on my iOS devices.

  • I use the free version and it’s not picking up anything at all in the shares menu.

    • TechnoBuff

      Was contemplating buying the pro version but the free version suits my needs for now, it picked up and played all my movie files including MKVs
      Make sure its SMB or FTP

      • Mariano Martinez

        in the free version of apple tv 4 i cant play my mkv ac3 movies that are in my pc server. How did you manage that?

    • Could be a firewall issue. Try temporarily disabling your firewall and see if it picks up anything. If it does then you just need to add an appropriate entry to your firewall to allow the network share to work.

  • Mark S

    You asked.

    “What more can you ask for?”

    A program that will let me not stream but play videos from my external hard drive via the USB jack/similar jack. I don’t want to stream anything. I don’t like tying up my network like this.

    • Niclas

      Tying up your network? lol

  • Martynet

    Hey guys, I really like the app. I always did on all my ios devices. DTS and opensubtitle support are killer features for me. But I miss one more… AFP support.
    I have a shared USB drive connected to apple time capsule and I can see the files over AFP no problem. But infuse doesn’t support afp. And when I switch smb sharing on time capsules, the hard drive shows as empty. Anyone has any idea how to solve this?

  • ready1take1

    GOOD. GOD. This thing is what I wanted in 2007.

    “It cracks me up that a jailbreak was needed to let Apple TV user enjoy their own media libraries directly on the device”

    Had to do what you had to do I guess, but here we are…finally!

  • Jay Phillips

    I just bought the Apple TV today and the first thing I looked for in the App Store was for an app that would do exactly what this app does. I tried and paid for at least five, three of which where horrible and completely useless, one was ok and the other very good. But then I saw this app mentioned here. It blows the others out of the water. This app makes your TV and movie collection look like your watching it in Netflix. Once you point it to your network folders, when you go into a folder it analyzes your file names and most of the time recognizes what it is and shows you the movie poster for it. If it’s a TV series and you have them organized by seasons, going into a season folder it automatically aggragates them into one listing with screen shots of each episode shown at the bottom. Scroll across and select an episode and it tells you a synopsis of that episode. Even for shows that just came out yesterday. Now once in a while it can’t recognize a show or movie. Then it will show you a frame from the video instead. And once in a great while a video just doesn’t show up at all. I’m assuming there is some kind of format error in the video so it just can’t open it. But other than that it’s amazing. All of the TVs in my house use WDTV boxes to stream videos off the master WDTV Live 1TB drive but I’m thinking of replacing them all with Apple TVs. The interface is so much better. And unlike Plex I don’t have to have a dedicated PC to convert and stream the videos. It plays all formats. I tried the free version and went ahead and paid the $10 to get the full version that supports AC3 audio. That codec is not free unfortunately. Now I have the perfect multimedia system.

    • OneOfOne

      nvidia shield and kodi does the same thing and kodi is free

      • Niclas

        They are great but have quite a few bugs.
        Infuse and Atv is better optimized.

      • Jay Phillips

        That’s nice but you still need a dedicated PC to run the streaming service from. This app requires nothing. It streams from whatever network drive you have.

      • Kodi can use network drives too. I have it running on my Amazon Fire TV stick and it’s a little slow but does the job nicely.

  • OneOfOne

    or you could just get an nvidia shield…

  • Miagi

    ” its powerful decoder renders any “foreign” video format directly on the Apple TV hardware, no conversion needed, in silky smooth sixty frames per second”

    I second that! – in my setup i get a serious “stuttering” when playing back 24p source matrial… if i playback the same file using PLEX (directplay – no transcode), it´s silkysmooth.. but that is using Apple TVOS native player.

    So i think the infuse player needs some serious tuning, before you can call it “silky smooth” or even au-pair with the native Apple player in the ATV4.

    • Niclas

      Infuses renderer is on a whole different level, the inbuilt renderer has nothing on it.
      Contact the devs and they will fix that bug.

  • Rook HD

    Plex is free. This is $10. One of the features Plex misses is the subs download.

    • IlIl

      Plex already does sub downloads as part of agent. It will search and download relevant subs upon the media being added to the server. (So it isn’t exactly on demand download)

      • TechnoBuff

        Infuse trumps Plex by being able to play any media files.
        Plex is good but quite the ability to play only certain files is a bummer for me, i do not mind paying the $9.99

      • IlIl

        They are good at different things. If your primary concern is playability without the aid of a server, price aside, Infuse is a better deal.

        I was simply replying about the subtitle downloads though.

      • TechnoBuff

        I agree that they have different strengths, nonetheless
        All my movies are stored on my Qnap NAS which has a low powered ARM processor, With Plex my MKVs do not play at all, moreso the metadata requires actually labeling the files in a certain way. Playing most files require that you trans-code which requires a higher powered NAS which is not cheap.

        With Infuse, it plays all my files directly and labeling is quite different, as it fetches the metadata without adding the year to the labels quite easily, with the option to also download subs in different languages.

        I am still putting Infuse through its pace but it has been impressive thus far.

  • Brandon Walter

    I’ve got a Mac Pro 2,1 server running 10.10.5 sharing MKV files. if I play a 28 GB MKV movie such as Baraka, it takes about 20 seconds before actually starting the program. Any scrubbing the movie will require another 20 seconds wait. It’s faster to connect to the wireless AC to stream movies than being connected via ethernet since the port is only 10/100. Apple really dropped the ball here. The original AppleTV has gigabit and using Kodi on an ATV1 streams an MKV file faster, about 13 to 15 seconds.

    Infuse is pretty promising software. It works really well. I just want to be able to load and scrub the movie quickly. ( it’s not a problem for MP4 files. They stream quickly.) Too bad Apple won’t allow the app to cache the movie on the Apple TV. That would really help things.

    What I really want the software to be able to do is to emulate DVD playback. I have a lot of DVD rips which play perfectly fine in Kodi. So looks like I have to keep that old AppleTV around or transcode the DVDs.

  • TechnoBuff

    As much as Infuse and Plex virtually does the same thing. Infuse is way better due to the ability to play any files.. Plex does not which is quite limiting.
    i connected my NAS and within a few seconds i was streaming my large MKVs, Plex struggles to play some files and the ability to download the kind of subs i want makes it better too.

  • Bizz Rock

    OMG i am trying to set up infuse pro with kodi and apple tv gen 4 and it finds my macbook says kodie but no movies i am so lost can some one please help me ???

  • Angelo

    Just installed infuse 4 Pro, nice app, but does a poor job with gathering META… if you have movies is specific folders and in the same folder there is a extra folders for artwork and etc. infuse doesn’t read the movie correctly, it only does the job correctly if there is only the mkv file in the folder…. al my files are like this because of how kodi works with it gathering meta and saving it in the same folder. hope firecore fixes this quick, because its kinda annoying for something I paid 10 bucks for…

  • Yassin

    Anyone that know what SRT languages it supports? For me I’m interested in Swedish and Arabic.

  • czarczarczar

    Christian, how much memory do you get with the free version ? I want to know how many movies I can fit in there

  • Tim

    Keeps saying my login credentials are incorrect whilst I’m pretty sure they are not. But hey, luckely I tried the free version before buying the 9,99 paid one. 😀

  • Brad Parsons

    Can someone please help me. I currently have atv2 jail broken running infuse. Streaming from a time capsule, works great. I just bought atv4 and downloaded infuse pro. I’m am seeing my shared folders but when I select it says error or empty folders. Again the same folders are accessed by the atv2 no problem….. Thanks in advance can’t find any support anywhere

  • Kevin Zhu


  • Marechal Golfinho

    I will get a AppleTV 4 just because of Infuse.. Best player ever…. It is just incredible… I love it on my iPad

  • Josh

    Just wanted to make sure this would work with Infuse as it didn’t with Plex.

    I want to put a HD on my AirPort Extreme, essentially turning it into a Time Capsule. I’ll store a ton of movies on it and Infuse can connect to that HD directly without any computer on, correct? I want to eliminate the need for a computer in the process (like the Plex server needs).

    Any big benefits to Pro? I’ll be ripping my DVD collection through Handbrake.


  • Don Draper

    I just stored some movies on my aTV4 with the dedicated feature of VLC, now how can I open them with Infuse instead of VLC (that doesn’t read the audio codec)?

  • Viking

    Will it work with Music libraries as well (Read ID3 tags and all)?
    Or serve as a control point and DLNA player?

  • beautiful app, I love VLC on Apple tv 4 but this looks even better.