BiteSMS was a jailbreak app that acted as an outright replacement for the stock Messages app. It was extremely popular due to the bevy of different features that it brought to the table. One such feature was the ability to quickly switch between sending messages as iMessages or standard SMS messages.

Sadly, BiteSMS has been defunct for some time now, and with it, many of the features that made it so great. But a new jailbreak tweak called SwitchService brings back the ability to toggle between iMessage and SMS messages, and as you’ll see, it works very well.


Once SwitchService is installed, simply open the stock Messages app, open a message thread, and long-press on the Send button to toggle between SMS and iMessage messages.

As you long-press on the Send button, you’ll see the color of the button change to display the protocol that will be used to send the message. A green Send button = an SMS message, while a blue Send button = an iMessage.

SwitchService includes a preference panel located in the stock Settings app for disabling the tweak, and changing the touch hold time. A shorter touch hold time equals a shorter long-press, which translates into a faster protocol switch.


If you’re looking for a tweak to replace this particular BiteSMS function, then SwitchService is up for the task. Just add developer collective Creatix’s repo (repo.ioscreatix.com) to your list of Cydia sources to install it on your jailbroken device.

What do you think about SwitchService?

  • Blip dude

    Okay, Jailbreaking is slowly grabbing my attention again. Still, I am gladly getting by on iOS 9.2 and patiently waiting for a new Jailbreak.

    • Gregg

      Questions: did you upgrade or your device came with 9.2? That is, was that a choice you made? What makes 9.2 so good that you don’t miss the jailbreak?

      • Blip dude

        Unfortunately, due to hardware issues with the 6S plus, my only choices were: deal with the s***ty Touch ID issues that almost got me into a few car accidents (yes, I know) or take it to Apple. So I got rid of the Jailbreak, took it to Apple and got it replaced. While I thought that the replacement I would get would come with 9.0.2, to my surprise it came with 9.1 so I decided to play with iOS 9.2 seeing as I am stuck on stock.

        Nothing makes 9.2 better, but I also had so many issues with the Jailbreak and tweaks not getting updated (Forecast, Auxo, Asphaleia, etc.) that besides a few themes, there was nothing interesting for me to keep the Jailbreak while dealing with Hardware issues.

        My iPad Air 2 is currently Jailbroken. But I also have a Hardware Issue with this as well. Everytime the screen is black, like when it boots for example, you can see red tints splat on the device. While I cannot see it while using it, it is annoying to know there is an issue with my $829+ device. However, because it is only noticeable while booting up, or booting a game, I can live with it, for now. But even on the iPad Air 2, I’ve yet to update any tweaks.

  • Jayy

    Just serious, if you hate iPhones what brings you to this site

    • Uncle Bob

      Self hate.

      • iPhoneWINS


    • tariq

      I like keeping up with tweaks and news about Apple in general, I like the themes of the week and macbook news since I have macbook. And I like the promotions idb provides (:
      And tbh I just don’t like iPhone 6and 6s. Big fan of every iPhone before those lol

  • Manuel Molina

    This is actually super old and been around for a few months now.

    • Jailbreak Guru

      This tweak was just made this week. It is brand new. I am one of the designers from the Creatix team.

      • iPhoneWINS

        damn wha was that guy thinking…lol

      • Manuel Molina

        I’ve seen something similar to it in the past; my apologized.

  • J™

    U are one weird dude…
    U hate iPhones but u surf this site…
    U think jailbreaking and getting tweaks are being cool?
    U wish iPhone can be expandable when u know its probably never gonna happen

    Lastly….. just go and buy the Xperia.

    • tariq

      I can read blogs if I want, there’s no rule against reading about things you don’t have. And I like Apple, just not the iPhone 6s. And I’m weird, time to time. Thanks.

      • iPhoneWINS

        In banning you from reading blogs bro

      • tariq

        B/c me reading a few iPhone blogs totally screws your life up? I also read political blogs, going to block me from those too? Lol

  • Mads Teland

    This is that I should wish it was on iOS devices because it takes much longer time to get iMessage if they don’t have longer iMessage activated.

  • mickey

    More and more android phones are ditching the SD slot. Obviously it’s very nice to add extra storage very cheaply & have the removable function, but that doesn’t seem like it is a deal breaker anymore. Not when you have little choice in the manner. Go with the os you prefer and be happy.

    • tariq

      Ik, I just like SD cuz they aren’t really hackable and my photos men a lot to me. But after some research, I came to conclusion icloud will be safer to use rather than Google photos. So I might start saving up for iPhone next (: