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Mobile photography service Instagram is testing a new feature with a subset of its users that was designed to permit users to seamlessly manage multiple accounts and switch between them, without having to sign out of their current account, AndroidPolice said two days ago.

The feature is now being tested with some users who are enrolled in the company’s official Android beta testing program, and should come to the iOS app soon.

The feature is live for some, but not all beta testers who are using Instagram 7.12.0 for Android. Instagram’s iOS app is currently at version 7.11.0 so it’s fairly safe to assume that an update for the iPhone with multiple account support is imminent.

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After adding another Instagram account using the app’s new Add Account feature in the settings, just below the Clear Search History option, a selector appears next to the account nickname on the top of your profile page.

To switch between both accounts, you just tap your username in the navigation bar, and choose a desired account in a drop-down list.

Instagram multiple accounts AndroidPolice screenshot 001

“In the settings, you’ll be able to log out of these new accounts individually or of all accounts altogether,” as per AndroidPolice.

This should be a great addition for people who use Instagram for both work and play and those who have multiple Instagram accounts.

Source: AndroidPolice

  • iBanks

    Here comes all the “it should have been an feature from the beginning” posts…. Wait…. This is the first one. Oops!

  • I wish Twitter would get on-board with this. It’s a real pain managing two business accounts and a personal one.

    • Norbi Whitney


    • Jacob

      Twitter does have this.

    • Lucus Bendzsa

      Wow. Twitter has had this like forever now. You are funny.

  • elec45

    Awesome. I have 8 Instagram accounts and now finally it’s easier to switch between them!

  • Norbi Whitney

    Slices, and now instabetter, have been my best friends, but nice to know it’ll be an option even when jailbreak-free

  • Lance Baker

    Maybe now they could update that old icon?

    • Jerry


  • Even Instagram… iPad, you’re outta time.

  • Zach

    Twitter owns TweetDeck, they bought it a few years back