Tweaks of the week: AppBox, ReDock, and Appendix

By , Nov 22, 2015

Tweaks of the week pangu

Yet another solid week for the jailbreak community with about two dozen new tweaks released on Cydia, and of course, the update of a crowd favorite, Springtomize 3. We’re still waiting for the tweak of the year, but we won’t complain. There are still several weeks left!

AndroLock: a Lock screen inspired by Android ($1.49)

AppBox 9: powerful Lock screen launching options ($1.50 – review)

Appendix: allows you to use 3D Touch on folders to launch apps (free – review)

CCClockOpenToAlarm 8+: opens the alarm section of Clock app instead of the timer in Control Center (free)

ColorPredictive: changes the color of Predictive text in your keyboard (free)

ColorSwitches: changes the color of switches (free)

EarphoneStatusBar: shows a Status Bar icon when headphones are plugged in (free)

EmojiFavoritesEnabler: expanded emoji set in the Twitter app (free)

Ethos: keeps background audio always on (free)

Nightmode 9: system-wide nightmode for your device ($0.99)

NotificationCards: displays notifications in a card-like style ($2.99)

Ophelia: removes icons from notification banners (free)

PwnTunes for iOS 9: a great piece of software that lets you bypass iTunes for music management ($9.99)

ReDock: a different way to access your favorite apps ($1.49)

SafariFix: fixes a problem in Safari you probably never experienced (free)

Safe Alarm 2 Lite: a bunch of tweaks to manage alarms (free)

Search Widget 2015: lets you search from your Home screen and use Google Now ($1.50)

SpeakerStatusBar: shows a Status Bar icon when audio is muted (free)

Spotit: brings the hottest Reddit posts to Spotlight (free)

Spotit+: a premier version of the free tweak mentioned above ($1.49)

Tatton: makes your device faster by removing blurs throughout the UI (free)

WristAssist: Pebble dictation as input for Siri ($2.99)

Xaris: unlimited tabs in Safari (free)

My picks of the week are SpeakerStatusBar, ReDock, and Appendix. What are yours?

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  • lookHOWMADheis

    Nightmode 9: system-wide nightmare for your device ($0.99) *** typo

    • That damn OS X autocorrect

      • lookHOWMADheis

        Well since I was the first to catch it, think you can review my application on the appstore, I’m a inspiring, self-taught, developer: My app is called HOOD RUN by Darnel Braxton I would greatly appreciate it !

    • Best typo ever!!! 🙂

    • h4nd0fg0d

      I want to like Nightmode and Eclipse but they’re just too wonky for me, tho they do continue to attempt seemless integration.

  • h4nd0fg0d

    I’ll stick with Jellylock lock screen launcher now that the beta works iOS 9. Also, Infinidock is working on 9 as well. Nice to have the entirety of my phone in 3 five icon docks. An ease of use plus on the 6s+.

    • Antzboogie

      Infinidock is truly one of my favorite tweaks without a doubt!!

  • h4nd0fg0d

    Cannot say enough good things about PwnItunes. Great tweak, must have for me.

    • Tyler Smith

      Hella expensive though