Now that sideloading is a possibility on both iOS and tvOS, it’s a good time to search for open source apps that are available to sideload. We’ve already showed you how to get apps like Provenance, MAME, Auntie Player, and others, but what about finding sideloadable apps on your own? In this post, I’ll show you how GitHub can be a valuable resource for finding open source apps for your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.

GitHub tvOS Provenance

I’ve created a handy bookmark link for finding new GitHub tvOS apps. I created this link by simply searching for ‘tvOS’ via GitHub’s search box, and sorting the results by Recently Updated. What results is a link that will show all of the recently updated repository results containing tvOS apps. It’s a good way to quickly view what’s new in the world of open source tvOS apps. I’ve also created a similar link for iOS.

Once you find a tvOS app that catches your eye, you can use our sideloading tutorial to sideload the app on your device.

GitHub bookmark links for sideloading apps

Of course, you can also change the sort order to show the most popular submissions, and also change the search parameters if you’re looking for a particular app.

As you might imagine, GitHub is an absolute goldmine for open source apps for iOS and tvOS. Ever since Apple opened up iOS with Xcode 7, it’s been a daily routine for me to check GitHub for new stuff. That’s how I’m able to find new apps like the aforementioned Provenance emulator or the Auntie Player BBC iPlayer app.

  • David

    Is there any chance to be able to install an app twice on iOS 9 on an iPhone 6s without jailbreaking? There used to be a way to.

  • Freemz

    Is there a way to sideload with windows to apple tv? Or does it only work with a mac?

    • Kyle

      only mac.

      • Lillian Ford

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    • nonchalont

      Hopefully one day through jailbreaking we’ll be able to install sideloaded apps.

  • Xee

    What about Kodi? I want to see that side loaded and working…

    • Martynet

      There must be a way. I have KODI on my iPhone and it’s not jailbroken. I’m sure someone will create an apple tv 4 version very soon.

  • we need kodi for apple tv, the only matter of xcode is only for mac and the windows users?

    • The Realist

      I agree on Kodi, but the new Plex server version and the Plex TVos client are pretty sweet. it looks incredibly polished the extra touch of playing a shows theme music while browsing that shows episodes, very cool.
      and no need for a plea pass makes it all the better.

      • Ok but u know we must have a server from The pc thanks The matter. And with kodi no

      • The Realist

        I’m using flex for NAS. I have a thecus N5550.
        I haven’t noticed a negatives yet but the Nas is mainly used for media and I don’t have it serving multiple streams

      • With plex we can use The server of others peoples?

    • Blacklight: Retribution

      We Windows users need Xcode.