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A growing number of iPhone and iPad users are taking to Apple’s Support Communities forums to complain about slow or unreliable Touch ID performance after applying Apple’s iOS 9.1 software update to their devices.

In addition to slow response times and unreliable performance, other issues plaguing an unknown number of users include Touch ID stopping working altogether on their iOS 9.1 devices.

According to some posters, performing a hard reset of their affected devices helps alleviate the issue. Others, however, insist that the problems persists even after performing a factory reset and then setting up their device as new in iTunes.

“Rebooting the phone fixes the problem temporarily, but Touch ID stopped working in a day or so,” said a poster. “Haven’t found a permanent fix yet.”

Another user who said Touch ID was working normally before installing iOS 9.1 claims that Touch ID stops working after the device enters low power mode.

“I’m using an iPhone 6S 64GB and upgraded to iOS 9.1 a few days ago,” yet another user wrote on Apple’s support forums. “My Touch ID has become very slow or either doesn’t work after several attempts, and I need to input my passcode.”

Making matter worse, the affected customers are unable to roll back to a previous version of iOS because Apple has stopped signing iOS 9.0.2.

Are you experiencing Touch ID woes on your iPhone and iPad?

Source: Apple Support Communities via CNET

  • Jeiivy

    Me to. There’s times after 2 attempts it ask for the Password. Sucks Because I be cleaning the home button in case is dirty but it shouldn’t be the case.

  • tunutsaigon

    Mine is worse since upgrading from 8.4 to 9.0.2, iPhone 6 Plus jailbroken…

    • Carlos Medina

      Same here if your jailbroken some have said activator also messes around with the touch id. In order for me to get it to unlock and read correctly is by pressing the home button while pressing my finger against it.

      • iPhoneWINS

        i can’t get activator too work at all..

      • DeAdLY

        same here.

  • White Michael Jackson

    This is the same on 9.0.2. Sometimes i need to click the home button in order for the touch id option to show up. Other than that it says Enter Passcode

    • Carlos Medina

      Same goes for me which is extremely annoying in some cases.

    • igobythisname

      I found that the need to press the home button was due to early versions of the Virtual Home 8 n 9, but since, there have been many updates and this is no longer an issue..

  • Alexander Figueroa

    I got the same problem.

  • Guy

    Apple needs to stop with all the iOS betas and focus more on quality iOS releases. Clearly the feedback there getting is more complaining than actual bug reporting or good feedback.

    • iPhoneWINS

      they won’t… they love the constant updates they use int like a marketing strategy

  • same here: 5s, ios 9.2

  • Chris Wagers

    No issue here with any betas and Touch ID

  • iPhoneWINS

    here we go time for 9.1.1 next week..lol no jailbreak

  • Bradley Hines

    I’ve been fortunate enough to not have any of these issues, I have a 6 plus running 9.1 and Touch ID has worked fine for me on every iOS update.

  • besrate hogsa

    I am on ios 9.1
    I don.t have this issue on my iphone 6 plus

    • Milo

      I suppose the problem applies more to older devices such as the 5S. the 6S is expectedly fast.

  • Can you setup Apple TV without a phone with ios9 installed?


    I don’t know if its because of 9.1 but when I get calls I can barely hear anybody on the other end.. I’ve restored and all that other good stuff and nothing still.. same issue..

  • Dan


  • George

    Apple has lost it’s touch on user experience. Look at the siri remote for example… Did they expect normal people to use that thing? Best buy is selling open box apple tvs for $30 off because of all the returns.

    • Blip dude

      I’ve misread your post. For a second there, I was about to drive to Best Buy thinking I was going to get a 4th Gen Apple TV for $30. Gotta wait another few weeks I guess.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    Insurance for jailbreakers. Nothing new.

  • I m facing massive issue with my touch id on iphone 6

  • Onaje RnbCelebrity

    iPhone 6 Plus 9.0.2 I’m having a issue with this a lot. Most of the time I have to actually press the home button to activate Touch ID

  • Blip dude

    Slow responding Touch ID on the iPhone 6S Plus is a problem I’d like to have. Who asked for faster Touch ID response anyways?? I can’t even see my notifications on the lockscreen anymore, and suddenly changing songs while driving has become an issue.

    • George

      I still can’t believe they did that shit, who even wakes their iPhone with the power button?

  • Alex

    I thought it was just me not putting my thumb in the right place.
    Good to know it’s not my error, and hopefully Apple fix it soon.

  • kespiritu

    It seems like Touch ID isn’t as responsive and quick as it was on iOS 8 :/

  • whatnc

    Mine is still frequently unresponsive with OS 9.3.2 on a 6s. I think I’ve found that it is worse when plugged in. Note that the plug goes right under the touch id sensor. It operated great when new, but has been going down hill.